Sunday, October 23, 2011

October 21, 2011

Incident Date:
Friday, October 21st, 2011


3:15am                800 Blk Geneva Ave              Resisting
Sgt. Daniels was assisting in an investigation regarding a batter.  A highly intoxicated man walked into the scene of the investigation.  The suspect was advised to leave the scene after he urinated right in front of the officers into a planter.  The suspect began walking in and out of traffic, and then back into the investigation scene.  The Sgt. assisted the suspect away from the area and again advised him to stay out of the street and away from their investigation.  The suspect quickly turned towards the Sgt. with his hands up, taking a fighting stance.  The suspect subsequently fell and hit his head.  An ambulance was called.  The suspect again took a fighting stance towards the Sgt., clenching his fists.  The suspect was placed in handcuffs while they waited for the ambulance to arrive.  The suspect was transported to the hospital for treatment, and arrested for interfering with a police investigation.  Report 110852238

Other incidents:  

1:57am                Mission & Geneva Ave          Battery
Officers Lozano and McCall responded to a report of a battery.  The victim was heavily intoxicated and had several abrasions on his face.  He stated that he was on the sidewalk when several suspects approached him, yelling profanities.  The suspects then began to hit him.  The victim told the officers he wanted to press charges against the suspects and that he would be able to identify them.  The officers detained several suspects and the victim positively identified them as the suspects that beat him up.  However, a witness later approached the officers with a video of the incident, clearly showing the suspects.  None of the suspects being detained were involved in the incident, and they were released. Report 110852200

8:00am                200 Blk Red Rock Way         Burglary
CPSA’s Lee and Navarro were dispatched to a report of a burglary.  The victim had parked her vehicle in the garage her apartment complex.  She returned home and discovered that the rear window of the vehicle had been smashed and several items taken from inside.  Report 110849263

8:47am                Unit Blk Phelan Ave              Theft
SFCCPD Officer Zhadi took a report regarding theft.  A suspect was caught on tape leaving the building. The suspect was wearing a backpack that was open, clearly showing the contents inside.  The victim was able to identify her backpack as being stuffed inside the suspect’s backpack.  Report 110846560

11:45am              900 Blk Rolph St                    Theft
CPSA Lee took a report regarding theft.  The victim said that he last saw his young son playing with his iPad inside their home.  Soon after, other relatives stayed overnight.  When the victim searched for the iPad, he could not find it, and determined that one of his relatives must have stolen it from his residence.  Report 110849821

2:00pm                Unit Blk Roscoe St                 Fraud
CPSA Callaghan took a report regarding fraud.  The victim received a phone call from AT&T regarding an outstanding balance of over $700.  The victim had never authorized an AT&T account, and the charges were not made by her.  Report 110850254

2:30pm                Unit Blk Cielito Dr                Burglary
CPSA’s Navarro and Lee responded to a report of a burglary.  The victim returned home and realized that her personal belongings had been disturbed.  She checked a drawer where she kept cash and discovered it had been taken.  There was no evidence of forced entry into the residence.  Report 110849586

3:30pm                Unit Blk Phelan Ave              Theft
SFCCPD Officer Chang took a report regarding theft.  The victim placed some of his personal items into a locker and secured it with a lock.  When the victim returned to the locker, he noticed his items were moved around and his wallet had been taken out of the pocket of his pants.  He noticed later when he attempted to purchase some items that cash was taken from the wallet.  Report 110839872

8:24pm                Unit Blk Ocean Ave               Mischief
Officer Carrasco responded to a report of a fight.  The victim stated that the suspect was intoxicated and had been screaming at her.  The suspect picked up a vase and threw it against the floor causing it to shatter.  The suspect fled the scene upon arrival of the police.  The victim was not hurt.  Report 110851503


  5:55am          100 Blk Paris St                      Recovered vehicle
  7:25am          Bayshore & Arleta St              Vehicle accident  
10:00am          300 Blk Day St                       Stolen vehicle
10:00am          2900 Blk Bryant St                 Recovered vehicle
10:02am          300 Blk Italy St                       Recovered vehicle
11:00am          Unit Blk Surrey St                   Stolen vehicle
  1:12pm          200 Blk Avalon St                  Recovered vehicle
  2:20pm          300 Blk Allison St                  Vehicle accident (H&R)
  4:42pm          Unit Blk Ney St                      Recovered vehicle