Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011

Incident Date:
Monday, October 3rd, 2011


7:00pm               Unit Blk Watchman   Warrant Arrest
Officers Trail, Peregoy and Obot were on patrol in the Sunnydale Housing development when they were informed that a known suspect had an outstanding warrant.  The officers had had numerous contacts with the subject in the past.  They responded to the address with various other police units and set up surveillance.  They knocked on the door of the home where they believed the suspect was residing and the suspect answered the door.  He was taken into custody without incident.  Report 110798632

Other incidents:        

1:02am               Nahua/Ortega             Robbery
Officers Ferronato and Anderson responded to the call of a robbery. The victim told them that he was walking on San Jose Avenue when he saw a silver vehicle driving in the same direction.  The vehicle continued to drive alongside him and finally stopped in front of him.  A male exited the vehicle, pointed a silver handgun at him and told him to, “shut up.”  The victim said he was in fear for his life as the suspect began taking things from his person.  A second suspect entered the van and began taking things from his as well.  The two suspects then boarded the van and drove off toward Delano Avenue.  The victim said he does not know the suspects but believes he could identify the first suspect if he saw him again.  With the victim’s assistance the phone was tracked to Fulton Street.  Various officers from Park station searched the area for the van but were unsuccessful in locating it. 
Report 110796244

5:58pm               4900 Blk Mission       Att. Robbery
Officers Hui and Trujillo responded to the call of a shoplifter.  They met with reportee who advised that he observed a male enter the store, place several items in his pockets and walk past the registers without making any attempt to pay for them.  The reportee detained the individual who began to struggle with him and another employee.  The items were retrieved by the employees and the suspect ran out of the store.  The officers obtained a description of the suspect and various Ingleside officers searched the area unsuccessfully for him.  Report 110796432

3:00pm               3200 Blk San Bruno  Theft
Officers Sugitan and Fung were dispatched to investigate a theft.  They spoke with victim who advised that she hired an employee from an agency to assist her for the day.  The victim noticed that the woman entered the bedroom various times for no apparent reason.  After the employee left the victim noticed various items were missing from her bedroom.  She stated that the employee was the only one with her in the home that day and no one else resides in the home with her.  She wanted the incident documented to advise the agency of her loss.  Report.110798074

4:47pm               4000 Blk Mission       Battery
Officers Chang and Park responded to a dispute between a male and a female.  The female advised that she was arguing with the male regarding his living situation and attempted to take his cellular phone away.  During the struggle the female said she was hit in the face.  The officers made contact with the male who denied hitting the female and said he was just trying to retrieve his cellular phone.  Neither party requested further police involvement and both stated they were not injured.  The officers provided them with follow up information and the cellular phone was returned to the male.

A few minutes later the officers advised that the woman had responded to Ingleside station to make a report.  The officers responded to the station and the woman said she had changed her mind and wanted to press charges.  The officers took a report and responded back to the Mission Street address to attempt to arrest the male but he was no longer at the residence.  Report 110798422

6:20pm               200 Blk Precita           Assault
Sgt. Inocencio was dispatched to an assault.  He met with the victim who said he walking on Precita to go home when a vehicle drove up the street at a high rate of speed.  He said the driver of the vehicle was honking his horn and the victim raised his hands and said, “what?”  The driver of the vehicle then slammed on his brakes and stopped next to him.  The victim asked him why he was driving so fast and the driver said something rude to him.  The driver’s window was open and the driver raised his right hand, pointed pepper spray at the victim and sprayed it at his face.  The driver then drove off down Precita.  The victim stated he was wearing glasses and was able to provide the officer with a license plate and a description of the vehicle.  The victim refused medical assistance and told the officer he washed his eyes and face before the officer arrived.  Various other officers searched the area for the vehicle but were unable to locate it.  Report 110798676


 3:29am                      Alemany/Sickles                  Traffic Collision
12:19pm                    400 Blk Monterey                 Recovered Vehicle
1:11pm                       100 Blk Blythdale                 Recovered Vehicle
 2:05pm                      200 Blk Harvard                   Recovered Vehicle
 3:15pm                      Avalon/Vienna                      Traffic Collision
 4:00pm                      100 Blk Park                         Stolen License Plate
 4:09pm                      400 Blk Alemany                  Recovered Vehicle
 6:00pm                      Unit Blk Phelan                     Stolen Vehicle
 6:39pm                      Mission/Acton                       Traffic Collision
 7:30pm                      400 Blk Vienna                     Stolen Vehicle
11:20pm                    300 Blk Cordova                    Stolen Vehicle