Thursday, October 6, 2011


Incident Date:
Wednesday, October 5TH, 2011


10:50pm   Sunnydale/Persia        Suspended License
Officers Padilla and Seavey were on patrol when they observed a vehicle with expired registration. The officers stopped the car and discovered that the driver was operating the car with a suspended or revoked license. The driver had no identification and was placed under arrest. The car was towed and the driver was booked on the traffic violations and cited at the scene and released. Report number

Other incidents:        

2:10am      Randall/Chenery        Battery
Officers McMilton, Morse and Sgt. Danielle responded to a battery incident. The victim told the officers that he was walking up the street when an unknown suspect came up behind him and asked him what time it was in Spanish. When the victim turned around, the suspect punched the victim in the neck. The victim started to hurry towards his home as the suspect followed him and attempted to throw another punch. The victim blocked the punch and continued to walk towards his home. The suspect continued to pursue the victim and another fight broke out. Officer Hom had arrived at the scene and the two parties dispersed. Officer Morse asked the victim if the suspect said anything to him during the fight. The victim said no words were exchanged but the victim had been had been drinking and was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident. The victim made a written statement about the incident.
            The Officers did not see any visible marks on the victim and the victim said he had no pain at the time of the interview. When the Officers asked if the victim wanted medical attention just to be sure everything was ok, the victim said no.
            While Officer Hom advised two parties go their separate ways, he got another call and left the scene. Officer McMilton booked all evidence at Ingleside Station. Report 110805124

8:00am      500 blk Laidley            Burglary
Officer Archilla responded to investigate a burglary report. The victim stated she was missing jewelry, money and a camera. The victim also stated she had been noticing items missing from her apartment for the last few months but failed to report until today. The victim told Officer Archilla she may know who the suspect is but she is not 100% sure. Officer Archilla looked around the bedroom for any type of fingerprints but came up blank. The Officer was also unable to determine the point of entry. Officer Archilla gave the victim a follow up form and notified Sgt. Smith of the incident. Due to the lack of evidence, CSI was not notified. Report 110804320

1:00pm      2400 blk Alemany        Theft
Officer Miller responded to investigate a theft case. The Officer arrived and met with the victim, who stated a lockbox which contained a key to the house was stolen from the property. When the victim arrived at the home, he realized the lockbox was stolen and the front door was unlocked and open. The victim walked around the house and found nothing missing. There are no suspects. Report 110803388

3:00pm      Girard/Mansell            Theft
Officers Sullivan and Officer Padilla responded to a report of theft incident. The Officers spoke with the victim who stated his mailbox was missing, and he believed it was empty. The officers provided the victim with a follow-up form and a case number. Report 110803322

7:00pm      4300 blk Mission         Theft
Officer Lee and CPSA Navarro responded to call of theft. The victim owns a car dealership and stated that overnight one of the cars had been stripped. The victim stated he was the last to leave the lot, and upon returning the next day he discovered a tailgate had been stolen from one of the cars. The victim also stated there have been numerous incidents of stolen license plates and stripped vehicles from the dealership. Report 110802863

7:11pm      200 blk Andover          Theft
Officers Chang and Park responded to a report of burglary call. The officers met with the victim who stated a known suspect had stolen her television. When the officers asked the victim to describe the television, the victim said it was a laptop. The victim was unable to provide the make, model size or color of the laptop, but valued it at $500. Report 110804364

2:50pm      1700 blk Sunnydale     Burglary
Officers Peregoy and Trail responded to a report of burglary call. The Officers met with the victim who stated he was the last to leave his residence and upon returning he found a broken window and noticed the back door was unsecured. The victim also stated that rings and several food items were missing from his home. Officer Peregoy determined the point of entry was the broken window and the point of exit was the unsecured back door. CSI was not notified due to the lack of physical evidence and will not be responding. Officer Trail took photographs of the inside of the residence, and booked them at Ingleside Station. Report 110803554                       


  2:00 am        Unit blk Theresa                   Recovered Auto
  4:00 am        200 blk Arleta                        Traffic Collision
  7:44 am        Unit blk Theresa                   Recovered Auto
  9:05 am        400 blk Justin                        Recovered Auto
  9:30 am        3300 blk Folsom                   Recovered Auto
10:00 am       4300 blk Mission                   Recovered License Plate
  3:25 pm        2000 blk Alemany                Recovered Auto
  5:04 pm        Unit blk Park                         Recovered Auto
  7:40 pm        3500 blk Mission                  Recovered Auto
  8:00 pm        Naples/Rolph                        Hit and Run