Thursday, October 6, 2011


Incident Date:
Tuesday, October 4TH, 2011


6:59am      300 blk Seneca          Aggravated Assault
Officers Araujo and Pai were sent to investigate a call where the 911 operator heard a male voice in the background yelling "I’m going to kill you!" the officers expedited their response and when they arrived they saw a male subject bleeding from the mouth sitting on the steps and a female at the door. The officers established that the bleeding male was the victim and the woman the 911caller.  
            The victim told the officers that he came out of his room and said "how are you feeling today " to another resident in the house. The victim told the officers that he was met with a punch to the face that was so hard; it knocked him to the ground. The suspect then jumped on his chest and began to punch the victim on the face with his fist. The suspect then yelled at the victim that he was going to kill him.
            At this exact moment to suspect walked out of the house. The suspect came out demanding the officers star number and yelling at them. The suspect was un-cooperative and when the officers attempted to handcuff him it took them a couple of tries. The suspect was placed in the patrol vehicle while the investigation continued.  To officers were told by the victim that when the suspect told him that he was going to kill him, he began to fight for his life and was able to get up off the ground.  The suspect angered, looked at the victim and asked him if he was going to leave now? The victim replied that he was and went for help. The female from downstairs told the victim that she had called the police.
            The officers asked the victim to continue telling them what had happened while he was being tended by medics. The victim told the officers that the suspect told him that the reason he was going to kill him was because of his sexual preference. The officers asked the 911 caller witness if she had seen anything. The witness told the officers that she only heard but did not know who said what.
            The officers asked the suspect if he wanted to give his side of the story, he refused. The inspector was notified and took over the case. The suspect was booked on aggravated assault, and hate crime. Both felonies! The victim refused to go to the hospital and his injuries were not life threatening. Report number 110799298. This is, the ***** "BEST ARREST of the DAY" *****

4:28pm      Mission/Geneva              Robbery Arrest
Officers Wilson and Gomez responded to a robbery that had just occurred. The victim told the officers that she had just been held up by four suspects. The victim gave the officers the description and in turn the officers broadcast the description for other Ingleside officers searching for the suspects. The officers began to gather information from the victim and learned that her IPod Touch had been forcibly taken from her, when ingleside officers advised they had detained subject matching the description of the suspects.
            The officers responded to the area to see if the victim could identify the suspects. The victim positively identified two of the suspects and both were arrested for strong arm robbery. The IPod Touch was not recovered. Because of the fast response and quick broadcast of the suspects there are two less robbery suspects in the Ingleside. Report number 110801122. This is also, the ***** "BEST ARREST of the DAY" *****

6:08pm      100 blk Bosworth         Battery
Officers Dilag and Abucay were sent to investigate a call of two subjects holding down a third person. The officers separated all parties and were told the following information. Two of the subject work for a company and were making a delivery at that location. According to the two subjects they observed a single subject taking pictures of them because they were double parked.  The two subjects told the officers that the subject walked over to the driver side of the truck and for no reason punched the driver. The passenger came to his aide and both subjects subdued the person to the ground. The lone subject told the officers that he was taking pictures of the double parked truck because they were causing a traffic hazard and he planned to send the pictures to the employer. This is where the stories change. Both parties alleged that the other started the fight first. All parties signed complaints against each other and were arrested and then cited at the scene with a court date for the Judge to determine the fate of this case. Report number 110801360
Other incidents:        

8:47am      1100 blk Geneva        Suspicious Device
Officer Rand was sent to investigate a call regarding someone finding a handgun and what looked like a grenade. Sgt Escobar was at the scene and seized the gun and some ammunition. The EOD unit (Bomb Squad) was called for the Grenade. The 1100 block of Geneva was evacuated and the device was removed to be safely neutralized. The SFPD bomb dog was sent in to search for additional devices and found none. Report number 110799464

12:00pm   300 blk Seneca          Threats
Police Services Aide Zabarte prepared a report regarding a threats incident. The victim responded to Ingleside Station and told the PSA that she allowed a known subject to use a storage unit and that since, he has been using it as a pot smoking spot. When the victim asked the suspect to stop doing this he told her that if she went to the Police he would get back at her. The victim took this as a serious threat and made this report. Report number 110800334

2:00pm      100 blk Shawnee       Dog Bite
Officers Tillan land Ng prepared a report regarding a dog bite incident. The victim told the officers that he was on the 100 blk of Shawnee when he saw three Chihuahuas running towards him. The victim said that one of the dogs then bit him on the leg. The officers were able to locate the owner of the dogs and ACC was called and responded. The owner of the dog was cited. The injury was not life threatening. Report number 110801025

6:15pm      1500 blk Geneva        Battery
Officer Coles prepared a report regarding a battery that had occurred. An APS counselor told the officer that a representative was at the home of this 72 year old when a call came for the relative of the 72 year old.  The relative refused to talk on the phone and grabbed the victim by the arm causing pain. The case is being reviewed by APS and has been assigned to an inspector. Report number 110799743

8:46pm      3700 blk Mission        Battery
Officers Abucay and Dilag were sent to investigate a battery incident. The victim told the officers that he was working behind the counter when two suspects walked into his store and asked to use the bathroom. The victim told the officers that they do not have public restrooms. When he told the suspects that there was none the suspect got mad and punched the victim then left the store. The victim refused medical attention. Report number 110801809

9:20pm      Gennessee/Staples   Robbery
Officers Padilla and Seavey were sent to investigate a robbery case. The victim told the officers that he had left City College and was on his way to his car. The victim saw two male suspects walking towards him. When the suspects reached him one of them produced a gun and demanded him to give the suspect everything he had. The suspects took his wallet, keys and computer bag and fled on foot. The victim was not injured in the robbery. The suspects had the victim’s car keys so the officers walked to the 600 blk of Hearst to ensure the car was still there. Report number 110801837

11:00pm   300 blk Russia           Vandalism
Officer Archilla was sent to investigate a vandalism incident. The victim told the officer that he parked his car un-harmed vehicle. When the victim returned he discovered that someone had broken the side door mirror. Report number 110801699


  3:00 am        Delta/Raymond                   Recovered Auto
  7:30 am        200 blk Vienna                    Recovered Auto
  8:42 am        Silver/Gambier                    Traffic Accident
  8:50 am        Alemany/Putnam                Traffic Accident
10:00 am       700 blk London                    Recovered Auto
  3:09 pm        Phelan/Judson                    Traffic Accident
  3:45 pm        Zircon/29th St                       Traffic Accident
  4:08 pm        52 Phelan                             Traffic Accident
  5:30 pm        Unit blk St Mary’s                Recovered Auto