Saturday, October 8, 2011


Incident Date:
Thursday, October 6TH, 2011


8:12am               2400 Blk San Bruno            Threats
Officers Aslam and Marino responded to an address hoping to locate a suspect in a threats incident.  The suspect had threatened the victim over the internet. The suspect was present at the residence and admitted to the officers that she had contacted the victim.  The suspect was arrested.  Report 110801122

11:50am             400 Blk Raymond Ave         Assault
Officer Ocreto responded to a report of a noise complaint.  Upon further investigation, the officer located a victim who had been assaulted by a suspect.  The suspect punched the victim several times.  The officer contacted the suspect who refused to talk to the officer about the incident.  The victim wanted to press charges and the suspect was arrested.  Report 110805958

12:15pm             1200 Blk Sunnydale Ave     Warrant
Sgt. McDevitt and Officer Obot were on patrol when they received notice of a suspect with an outstanding warrant.  The Sgt. and officer saw the suspect and made contact with him.  They confirmed his identity and arrested him for his warrant.  Report 110805922

12:43pm             3300 Blk Mission St            Warrant
Officers Murphy and Pedersen were on police bicycles patrolling on their regular bicycle beat.  The officers saw a vehicle commit a traffic violation by crossing over double yellow solid lines in the roadway.  The officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and contacted the driver.  The driver’s license was suspended, and he had expired insurance.  The driver also had an outstanding warrant for driving without a license.  The driver was arrested.  Report 110806003

5:38pm               600 Blk San Jose Ave         Warrant
Officers Obot and Hom were dispatched to check on the well being of a subject.  The officers made contact with the subject, who appeared to be fine.  A records check revealed that the subject had an outstanding warrant and he was arrested.  Report 110860928

7:39pm               200 Blk Russia Ave             Warrant
Officers Habib and Archilla were dispatched to a report of a fight.  The officers made contact with one suspect.  A records check revealed he had an outstanding warrant and he was subsequently arrested.  Report 110807324

Other incidents:        

2:30 am              Unit blk Eugenia        Malicious Mischief
Officer Otaguro responded to a call regarding a broken window. The victim told the Officer that she was asleep and was suddenly awoken by the shatter of glass. When the victim searched her home, she noticed her curtain was moving and one of her windows had been broken with a bottle.  Officer Otaguro took pictures of the damage and booked the evidence to Ingleside Station. Report 110808015

8:57 am              1400 blk Ocean                    Battery
Officers Araujo and Pai quickly responded to a call regarding a fight in the street. Upon their arrival they met with the victim who stated the known suspect was upset about some dirty shoes and grabbed the victim’s neck. The victim broke free and told the suspect he was going to call the police. With that the suspect left the scene. Officers LaRocca and Muro were called to search for the suspect but failed to find anyone. The victim did not want to press any charges. Report 110805469

1:00 pm              100 blk San Felipe              Personation
Police Service Aide Heckenberg-Tognozzi was called to investigate a report of fraud. The victim stated that he had opened a letter from a bank that said he had been approved for two cards that would be coming in the mail soon. The victim also told the PSA that a week prior; the post office had sent him a confirmation of change of address. The victim stated he never applied for any credit cards nor did he request a change of address. Report 110805685

4:49 pm              Unit blk Rudden                   Graffiti
Officer Tam quickly responded to a call that a citizen was holding a juvenile suspect. Numerous other units also responded to the call. Upon arrival Officer Tam spoke with the victim who stated she was in her home and smelled what seemed to be spray paint. When the victim stepped outside her home she saw several juvenile suspects watching a single juvenile suspect spray painting on the side of her house. The victim startled the suspects and chased them in her car for a few blocks. The victim managed to catch one suspect and was aided by two good Samaritans, who held the suspect down until the police arrived. Officers questioned the suspect, but the only information the suspect gave was the other people he was with were friends. No names were given and the suspects’ parents were called. Pictures were taken of the graffiti and all evidence was booked to Ingleside Station. Report 110806796

7:15 pm               100 blk O’Farrell                 Theft
Officers Otaguro and Baldovino were called to investigate a report of theft. The officers spoke with the victim who stated she was shopping and left her bag sitting in a chair while she stepped away to look at some items. When the victim returned she realized her purse was stolen. Report 110807625

9:30 pm              1300 blk Sanchez                Battery
Officers Dominguez and Benavidez quickly responded to a call of sexual assault. Officers spoke with the victim who stated she was walking home an unknown suspect touched her inappropriately. The victim said she quickly ran away and called the police. The Officers did a search for the suspect but were unable to find anyone. Report 110807540

  6:00 am       1500 blk Sanchez                Stolen Auto
12:05 pm        400 blk Munich                     Recovered Auto
  2:55 pm        900 blk Prague                     Recovered Auto