Sunday, October 9, 2011


Incident Date:
Friday, October 7TH, 2011


10:30am             400 Blk 27th St                      Probation
Officers Martinez and Morgante responded to the report of a deceased person.  The officers made contact with the reporting party.  A records check revealed that he had a stay away order from the deceased, who had passed in his home.  He was booked on violating his probation and the stay away order.  Report 110808946

9:55pm               3500 Blk Mission St              Battery
Officers Habib and Castillo were dispatched to a report of a victim being robbed.  The officers made contact with the victim who told her that she was not robbed.  The victim was riding on her skateboard and saw the suspect and a second man walking on the sidewalk towards her.  The suspect held his arm out horizontally so that it struck the victim in the chest.  The victim wanted to press charges.  The officers located the suspect and cited him for battery.  Report 110810430

Other incidents:        

1:41am               4500 Blk Mission St              Graffiti
Officers Baldovino and Gabriel were dispatched to a report of a suspect drawing graffiti on a wall.  The officers detained two possible suspects, one who had fresh ink on his hands.  The witness refused to cooperate with the officers or identify the suspects.  The detained suspects were identified and released from the scene.  Report 110810800

6:35am               San Jose & Niagara             Theft
Officers Johnson and Bernard were dispatched to a report of theft from a vehicle.  The victim’s vehicle had the window smashed by an unknown suspect, and items were stolen from inside.  Three other vehicles in the area were also broken into.  Report 110808156

8:15am               700 Blk Portola Dr                Battery
Officer Ocreto responded to a report of a battery.  The suspect was on the bus when she was approached by the suspect.  The victim and the suspect have an ongoing problem with each other.  The victim and suspect go off of the bus and the suspect attacked the victim by pulling her hair and punching her.  The victim punched back and the two fell to the ground.  The victim and suspect were pulled apart by witnesses.  The two went their separate ways but the victim wanted to report the incident.  Report 1108080742

9:19am               1800 Blk Alemany Blvd        Burglary
Officer Hom responded to a report of a burglary.  The victim had surveillance footage of the incident.  The officer viewed the footage and saw a vehicle approach and park outside of the business.  The suspect exited the driver side of the vehicle and entered the business.  The suspect appeared to be examining several of the wash machines.  The suspect then exited the business and went back to his vehicle where he retrieved a tool.  The suspect returned to the inside of the business and used the tool to try to pry open one of the wash machine.  The suspect returned to his vehicle several times to retrieve different tools, and again tried prying the machines open.  The suspect finally pries one of the machines open and takes out the coin box.  The suspect flees the business.  Report 110810151

9:30am               300 Blk Argonaut Ave           Burglary
Officers LaRocca and Muro were dispatched to a report of a hot prowl burglary.  The victim had been at work when a neighbor called him to tell him he had seen two suspects in his backyard.  The victim called his residence to talk to a second victim who had been asleep in the home.  The second victim went downstairs and realized that suspects had entered the premise while he was asleep, and had taken several items.  The suspects had fled.  Report 110808601

9:35am               Randall & San Jose Ave      Battery
Officer Frisk responded to a report of a battery.  The two suspects had been involved in a road rage incident.  Each suspect told the officer that the other had started the incident and claimed the other was the aggressor in the fight.  There were no independent witnesses to the incident so no charges were files.  Report 110808548

2:30pm               200 Blk Evelyn Way              Burglary
Sgt. Miller responded to a report of a burglary.  The victim had two bicycles stored in the entranceway of his residence, behind a locked gate.  A suspect had managed to slip the lock on the gate and enter the entranceway.  The two bicycles were stolen.  Report 110809029

4:00pm               1000 Blk Cayuga Ave           Theft
PSA Flynn took a report regarding theft.  The victim left her bag unattended while she changed in the locker room at her school.  Her cell phone was in her bag.  The victim went to retrieve her bag and realized her cell phone was gone.  Report 110810355

5:06pm               San Jose & Mt. Vernon         Robbery
Officers Archilla and Pereira were dispatched to a report of a robbery.  The victim was on the train with his laptop on his lap, surfing the internet.  Two suspects approached him, and one put a silver handgun to his head, telling him “just let it go”, referring to the laptop.  The victim handed over his laptop.  Both suspects fled the train.  Report 110809938

11:31pm             Badger & Cayuga St             Vandalism
Officers Gabriel and Baldovino responded to a report of vandalism.  A witness saw the suspect peering into the window of the victim’s vehicle.  The suspect suddenly fled, with a second suspect running behind him.  The vehicle’s window was smashed, but the victim could not confirm if anything was missing from inside.  Report 110810559


  7:05am                    900 Blk Naples                     Recovered vehicle
10:30am                    500 Blk Los Palmos            Recovered vehicle
11:00pm                    500 Blk Rolph                      Stolen vehicle