Friday, October 14, 2011


Incident Date:
Wednesday, October 12th, 2011


12:24pm     400 blk Raymond                  Assault Arrest
Officer Ocreto was advised by the victim of an assault that he was present. The officer responded to the area the suspect was supposed to be at and immediately located him. The suspect was identified and placed under arrest and then cited. There were no serious injuries. Report number 110822949

3:45pm       200 blk Oneida             Assault Arrest
Sgt Bailey of the Ingleside SIT team was notified by officer Marino. Officer Marino had a suspect detained that had been threatening people with a knife. The sergeants’ investigation led to the booking of the suspect on felony charges. Report number 110796874

6:05pm       Benton/Justin                Burglary Arrest
Officers Archilla and Pereira were dispatched to an auto burglary that had just occurred of a vehicle. Numerous ingleside units responded to assist with the officers beginning a search since dispatch had broadcast the description. The officers searched in an area known as a shortcut to freedom. Officer Archilla observed a possible suspect where two witnesses were pointing to and saw him being detained by two other Ingleside officers. It soon became apparent that this could be the suspect when they found an emergency roadside kit on him. A search of the area yielded all the items taken from the car and the witnesses positively identified the suspect. The suspect was arrested and booked for a felony charge of auto burglary. Report number110823687

6:40pm       Mission/30th St.             Theft/Bicycle
Officers Yuen, Hurwitz, Rueca, Gonzalez and Antonian were following up on a rash of bicycle theft in the area. The officers conducted a surveillance of the area and observed a subject walk up to a bike rack and placed his bike. The subject went into the store. A short time later another subject walked to the rack and looked at the bike, then pulled out and road it away. The officers immediately went into action. A description of the subject and the bike were broadcast and a dragnet was spread out to stop the subject. He was stopped and it was verified that the bike did not belong to him. The subject was arrested and booked for the theft. Report number 110823706

6:49pm       Mission/Niagara           No License/Loaded Gun
Officers Nibungco and Chan were on patrol when they observed a car driving with its headlights off during darkness hours. The officers followed the car and stopped it only to discover the driver was unlicensed. The officers asked the other occupants in the car if they had identification but that was negative. While conducting a search officer Chan discovered a loaded gun in the car. The owner of the bag the gun was in was subsequently identified and arrested. Report number 110823790 

7:29pm       Farmers Market Lot     Possession of Gun
Officer Hom and Cassinelli were on patrol when they drove into the Alemany farmer’s market parking lot. They saw a car parked in the dark and since this is a city owned lot and is closed at night they approached the car. When the officers made contact with the occupants they could smell Marijuana. The occupants were removed and another ingleside unit responded.  Once the other ingleside unit arrived the officers conducted a search and located a loaded gun in the car that belongs to an x-felon. Report number 110823875

Other incidents:  

12:01am     200 blk Lisbon              Theft from Auto
Officer Araujo prepared a report regarding a theft from an auto. The victim told the officer that he parked and locked his car only to discover that an unknown suspect had damaged a window then removed all the property that was left in the vehicle. There were no suspects observed in this crime. Report number 110821590

5:09am       4500 blk Mission          Commercial Burglary
Officer Navarro Civilian Police Services Aide Callaghan responded to investigate a burglary of a jewelry store. The CPSA bean the preliminary investigation and was able to collect some physical evidence. Because of the amount of evidence left at the scene CSI was contacted and will respond to process the scene. Report number 11082578

9:45am       50 Phelan                      Theft/Building
CCSFPD Officer Zhadi prepared a report regarding a theft case. The victim told the officer that he left his laptops in a booth unattended in the library and went to the bathroom. When the victim returned he discovered that both laptops were missing. This time there is video of the theft. Report number 110822128

10:00am     200 blk Fairmont                   Theft/Trick
Officer Lee prepared a report regarding a theft by trick. The victim was contacted by phone and told that the caller was a representative of her bank. The caller told her that they were watching two employees that were stealing money out of her account. She was asked to come down to the bank and withdraw $6000 for her account that had been set up with bank money so she would be withdrawing bank money. The callers insisted she come down to the bank and take the money and go to her car where a bank employee would retrieve the $6000 from her. This was done two days in a row for a total of $11000. The case is still under investigation. Report number 110822974 ****SPECIAL ATTENTION****

11:00am     Unit blk Phelan            Theft
Officer Burlyga was sent to investigate a report of theft. The victim stated he placed his belongings in a locker. The victim stated he stepped away for about an hour and upon returning realized his phone was missing. Two individuals standing nearby told the victim they saw a suspect open the victims locker and remove an object. The victim stated he had a tracking app and tracked his phone. Officer Chang was sent to search the area, but came up negative. Report number 110819802

12:00pm     400 blk Monterey                   Burglary
Officers Jones and Benavidez were sent to investigate a burglary case. The victim stated he was away from his residence for a few days and let his sibling reside for the weekend. The victim said when he returned home, he realized the front door was pried open and many clothing items were stolen. Due to the lack of physical evidence CSI was not called. Officer Benavidez took photos of the door and booked all evidence to Ingleside Station. Report number 110821142

1:20pm       Amazon/Madrid           Attempted Robbery
Officers Fung and Suguitan were sent to investigate a call of attempted robbery. Upon the Officers arrival they met with the victim. The victim stated she was with a couple of friends walking down the street. The victim said they were behind a group of individuals who seemed to block the victim from passing. The victim muttered under her breath as she passed the suspect. The victim and suspect got into an altercation. The victims’ tried to walk away from the scene, but the suspect and the group continued to follow them. The suspect pulled out a knife and told the victim to hand over her phone or she will be stabbed. The victim stared to reach towards her phone, when a Good Samaritan passing in a car saw the suspicious activity and pulled over. The suspect ran off, and the victim was not injured nor robbed. The Officers walked the victims’ home, and numerous units searched the area for the suspect but came up negative. Report number 110822736

 1:30pm      Unit blk Leland            Theft
Officers Ng and Tillan were called to investigate a report of theft. The victim told the Officers that a known suspect came into the victims’ grocery store and stole batteries and radios. The victim had surveillance of the incident, and told the Officers he would figure out how to save the video. The Officers proceeded to search the area, but were unable to find the suspect. Report 110822946

4:00pm       Unit blk Cortland                  Theft
Officers Padilla and Sullivan were sent to a report of theft. The victim stated he lives in a residence with a number of individuals, and his laptop was stolen from his bedroom. The victim also stated that his room is always unlocked as well as the other rooms in the house. The victim did not have any clues as to who took his property. Report 110823734

4:30pm       Geneva/Mission            Fraud
Officer Flynn spoke with the victim, who walked into Ingleside Station. The victim stated he loaned the suspect money last year and the two signed a written agreement stating the loan would be paid off February 2011. The victim and the suspect have met several times since, but the suspect continually fails to repay the money. The victim brought photocopies of the bank statements, the promissory notes and copies of the checks that were written to the suspect. All evidence was booked to Ingleside Station and Financial Crimes were contacted. Report number 110823336

5:00pm       200 blk Rey                            Vandalism
Police Service Aides Lee and Der responded to a call regarding a broken door. The PSAs met with the victim who stated he was the maintenance supervisor. The victim stated that when he left the building the night before everything was in place, but upon returning the next day he noticed the back door had been broken open. The victim looked around building but could not find any other damage nor was anything stolen. PSA Der took photographs of the door and booked the evidence at Ingleside Station. Report number 110821954

9:00pm       100 blk Pope                 Battery
Police Service Aide Flynn was on duty at Ingleside Station when a victim came in and reported an incident of assault. Officer Barcena spoke with victim who stated he got into a physical altercation with a known suspect at his place of residence. The victim also stated he received a phone call earlier in the day stating he was no longer able to stay at his place of residence. The victim told Officer Barcena the suspect had an active restraining order, but a record check came up negative. PSA Flynn sent the victim home to grab his personals and contacted a unit for citizen standby. Report number 110822883

11:00pm     3400 blk Mission          Theft
Police Service Aide Der was on duty at Ingleside Station when a victim came in and made a report of theft. The victim stated he had placed his wallet down on a counter while he was getting all his personals together. When the victim looked back for his wallet it was missing. The victim also let the PSA know he had been receiving past due notices from creditor, and the suspect opened fraudulent accounts with the victim’s social security number; which was also in his wallet. The victim made a statement and the evidence was booked at Ingleside Station. Report 110820213 


12:00am          200 blk Edna                           Recovered Auto
12:30am          2200 blk San Jose                   Recovered Auto
  7:30am          400 blk Pioche                        Recovered Auto
  8:15am          Bayshore/Leland                     Traffic Accident
  8:20am          100 blk Dwight                       Recovered Auto
11:01am          Cesar Chavez/Folsom             Traffic Accident
12:30pm          Cayuga/Still                            Recovered Auto