Friday, October 14, 2011


Incident Date:
Thursday, October 13th, 2011


No arrest to report

Other incidents:  

4:06pm       400 blk Laidley             Burglary
 Civilian Police services Aide Callaghan prepared a report regarding a burglary. The victim told that CPSA that an unknown suspect had gained entry and removed property from the premise.  Because there is video this case is still under investigation. Report number 110824908

7:30am                   50 Phelan                      Theft/Building
CCSFPD Officer Chang prepared a report regarding a theft case. The victim told the officer that he put his property in a locker and went to swim. When the victim returned from his swim, he discovered that his lock was missing and along with cash, phone and other items. Report number 110818939

8:20am       Goettingen/Harkness    Robbery
Officers LaRocca and Muro were sent to investigate a robbery incident. The victim was visiting a friend and there were two other persons that he did not know. The victim told the officers that an argument started between the men. At one point the victim told the officers that he was tazered and his property removed by the suspects. The officers made an attempt to speak to the friend but because of conflicting stories were not able to determine what really happened.  Report number 110821879

9:45am       50 Phelan                      Theft/Building
CCSFPD Officer Zhadi prepared a report regarding a theft case. The victim told the officer that he stepped away from the two laptops and when he returned he discovered that both were missing. The video for the area has been retained and booked for evidence. Report number 110822128

10:00am     1000 blk Huron            Theft/Building
Officer Nibungco prepared a report regarding a theft from a building. The victim told the officer that a city worker she employed removed a ring from her room without permission. The victim did not see the suspect do this, but believes that that was the only person who could do this. Report number 110826443

11:35am     400 blk Athens              Theft
Officer Aslam was sent to investigate the theft of a cell phone. The victim told the officer that while conducting a meeting he left his cell phone in the meeting area only to discover that someone had taken the phone from where it was. No one was seen removing the phone. Report number 110826001

6:00pm       Crocker Amazon Park Theft/Person
Police Services Aide Flynn prepared a report regarding a theft incident. The victim told the PSA that he was playing baseball at the field and that he had placed his bag near the dugout. When the practice was over, the bag was gone. Report number 110827059

8:00pm       1800 blk Sunnydale     Theft
Officer Barajas prepared a report of a theft. The victim told the officer that she had guest at her home and had placed her purse in a separate bedroom. Later during the evening she went to get her purse and it was gone. She did not see who took her purse. Report number 110825122


10:21am          400 blk Avalon                       Recovered Auto
12:40pm          Amazon/Vienna                      Recovered Auto
  4:00pm          Unit blk Admiral                     Recovered Auto
  4:47pm          Unit blk Ney                           Recovered Plate
  5:14pm          Unit blk Milton                        Recovered Auto
  8:45pm          Peru/Naples                            Recovered Auto
10:00pm          1000 blk Eugenia                    Recovered Auto
10:58pm          900 blk Rutland                      Recovered Auto