Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Incident Date:
Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

No incidents to report.

Other incidents:  

1:41 am      3200 blk Mission          Battery
Officers Ferronato and Anderson were sent to SF General Hospital to investigate a battery case that occurred in the Ingleside. The victim told the officers from his gurney in the emergency room that he was at a night club dancing. The victim told the officers that all he remembered was that he was drinking alcohol then he woke up in an ambulance. The officers observed that the victim had lacerations on his face. The victim cannot recall how he was injured. The victims injuries are not life threatening. Report number 110823415  

9:55am       4800 blk Mission          Battery
Officers Pai and Araujo were flagged down by a male telling them that he had been assaulted. The victim was bleeding from the nose and intoxicated. The victim told the officers that he was standing at the corner when the suspect came up to him and punched him on the nose for no reason. The suspect then left. The victim told the officers that he can identify the suspect from the area. The victims injuries are not life threatening. The victim was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Report number 110 819147

 10:00am    Mission/30th St              Aggravated Assault
Officer Chew was sent to investigate an assault case. The officer located the victim who told him that she had been assaulted by an unknown suspect. The victim explained that she was on the bus and when she got off she left a bottle of a beverage she had finished drinking on the bus. The victim told the officer that the suspect yelled at her saying that she had forgotten her garbage and threw it at her. The victim got back on the bus to confront the suspect and was punched in the face. During the assault the victim reached for her phone to call police and discovered it had fallen to the ground. The suspect picked up the phone and handed it to her. The suspect asked the victim if she wanted to keep fighting or leave. The victim told the suspect that she was calling the police. The area was searched for the suspect but the search was negative. The victims injuries are not life threatening. Report number 110819175

6:15pm       300 blk Cortland          Theft/Building    
Police Services Aide Ciardi prepared a report at Mission station of an incident that took place in the Ingleside.  The victim told the PSA that she was washing her cloths at the laundromat. The victim put her cloths in the dryer and left the laundromat only to discover her cloths missing when she returned. The victim gave a description of a person that was there at the time, but did not see anyone take her property. Report number 110794436

7:09pm       100 blk Britton             Battery
Officers Abucay and Chang were sent to investigate a battery case that had just occurred.  The victim told the officers that the incident started earlier with her sister and that the other party involved returned.  The victim told the officers that a big fight broke out with about 15 people and that everyone was fighting everyone. The victim received a laceration to the eye and sprayed with pepper spray. Report number 110820752


  8:26am                      Folsom/Eugenia          Traffic Accident
11:17am                      100 blk Theresa          Recovered Auto
11:30am                      Unit blk Pasadena       Stolen Tabs
12:33pm                      1000 blk Munich         Recovered Auto
  3:45pm                      600 blk Edinburgh       Recovered Auto
  4:00pm                      400 blk Castro            Stolen Auto
  4:00pm                      Mission/Amazon          Traffic Accident
  5:00pm                      500 blk Madrid           Stolen Auto
  7:00pm                      Brazil/London              Traffic Accident