Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Incident Date:
Monday, October 10th, 2011


1:34 pm      500 blk Chenery           Resisting Arrest
Officer Hornstein was sent to check on a male subject that was seen staggering and falling down. When Officer Hornstein arrived the subject was already detained by other Ingleside Units. The officer noticed that the subject had injuries that looked fresh and smelled like he had been drinking, so he called for an ambulance. It was at that point the subject decided to leave so he got up and began to run home. The chase was on! Officer Hornstein was hot on the heels of the suspect when he saw the suspect slip on the rain wet street and land right on his face. The officer tried to take control of the suspect and was now facing a resistor. Officers Morgante and Turner were assisting Officer Hornstein. The suspect locked his arms under himself and kept trying to hit the officers. Subsequently the Officer Hornstein distracted to suspect with a strike to the suspect. The arms came free and he was cuffed. The suspect was transported to SF General for treatment. The suspect was arrested and then cited to appear in court. Report number 110817210

Other incidents:  

 11:35am    Curtis/Morse                 Dog Bite
Officer Giannini was sent to investigate a dog bite incident. The officer located the victim being treated by medics that were already on scene. The victim told the officer that he was walking by and that all of the sudden he was being chased by the dog. The dog cornered the victim and bit him on the calf. The owner of the dog was present. The owner was cited and the dog quarantined and Animal Care and Control was notified. report number   

12:00 pm    Unit blk Molimo           Fraud
Police Services Aide Cato prepared a fraud report. The victim told the PSA that while checking his bank account he discovered two transactions that were not authorized. One of the transactions was with another business that has records. This case is still under investigation. Report number 110817414

12:00pm     Unit blk Gold Mine      Burglary
Officer Leong was dispatched to investigate a residential burglary case. The victim told the officer that she left her home to go on vacation. When she returned she did not notice any broken windows of doors that had been forced. What she did notice was that a necklace that she left hanging of the mirror was not there. The victim told the officer that she searched but did not find it. The victim did not know how it could have disappeared. There was no physical evidence so the CSI was not called. Report number 110817840

1:20pm       Geneva/Mission            Theft
Police Services Aide Zabarte prepared a report regarding a theft incident. The victim came to the station and told the PSA that while waiting for the bus he placed his bag on a bench at the bus stop. The victim told the PSA that he turned away “for a second” and that when he turned back his bag was gone. The victim did not see who took his bag. Report number 110817157

4:30pm       100 blk Evelyn              Fraud
Officer Altamirano prepared a report regarding a fraud incident. The victim came to the station to report that he has been receiving request for payment from businesses that he has not dealt with at all. The victim told the officer that a bank representative contacted him regarding yet another claim. The victim told the officer that all of the requests are from Nashville, TN. Report number 110816961


12:16am          3300 blk Mission                     Recovered Auto
  7:40am          Theresa/Mission                      Traffic Accident
  7:45am          100 blk College                       Traffic Accident
11:00pm          100 blk College                       Recovered Auto