Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Incident Date:
Sunday, October 9th , 2011


2:45pm       500 Blk Miramar              Hit and Run/DUI Arrest
Officers Walsh and Altamirano were dispatched to a family dispute wherein the family stated a woman who resides in the home was possibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  The woman had left in a silver vehicle and while en route to the home, Officer Altamirano located a vehicle matching the description a few blocks away.  Officer Hurwitz was in the area and detained a woman matching the description dispatch had broadcasted.  Officer Morgante responded and stayed with the possible suspect vehicle pending the investigation.  Dispatch then advised that a hit and run collision had occurred with the suspect vehicle matching the description of the vehicle the female had fled in.  Officers Walsh and Altamirano responded to the area and located two vehicles that had been damaged.  Several witnesses approached the officers and stated they observed the collision and could possibly identify the driver and the suspect vehicle.  The witnesses were transported to the scene where they positively identified the vehicle as the one which had hit the parked vehicles.  They also identified the woman who the officers had detained as the one who was driving the suspect vehicle.  The woman was transported to Ingleside station for further investigation.  At the station Officer Hurwitz performed a DUI investigation and formed the opinion that the woman was under the influence of a stimulant.  The female was transported to the county jail where a blood draw was taken and the woman was booked into custody at the instruction of Sgt. Miller.  The vehicle was towed to Auto Return.  Because of the fast response and actions of ingleside officers a dangerous drug intoxicated hit and run driver is now behind bars. Report Number 110815004 this is *****Best Arrest of the Day*****

Other incidents:  

3:57pm       1100 Blk Sunnydale     Warrant Arrest
Officers Gonzalez and Yuen were on patrol when they observed an individual who they knew from prior knowledge had an outstanding warrant for his arrest.  They detained and individual and confirmed his identify.  An additional check with the warrant bureau revealed the warrant remained outstanding and the suspect was taken into custody without incident.  Report Number 110639882

5:00pm       200 Blk Lowell              Burglary
Officers Morse and McMilton responded to investigate a burglary case.  They met with the victim who told them that she had placed her purse near an open window in one of the bedrooms and left the room for a few hours.  When she returned she found the purse was missing and she could find any sign of forced entry. The officers evaluated the scene and could find no sign of forced entry.  They determined the purse had been taken from the bedroom window which had an accessible stairway and placed the window within someone’s reach.  Report Number 110815850


12:01am          500 Blk Naples                       Stolen Vehicle
  2:30pm          Joost/Foerster                         Traffic Collision
  2:50pm          Miramar/Southwood               Traffic Collision
  4:57pm          Seville/Naples                         Traffic Collision
  5:00pm          300 Blk 30th St.                      Stolen Truck
  7:59pm          Rio Verde/Velasco                 H&R
11:00pm          Amazon/Naples                      H&R