Sunday, October 2, 2011


Incident Date:
Saturday, October 1st, 2011


7:00am               300 Blk Silver Ave               Vandalism
Officers Hui and Trujillo were dispatched regarding vandalism of a vehicle.  A witness saw a male and a female arguing.  The witness saw the suspect punch the window of a vehicle, causing it to shatter.  The suspect was detained and admitted to punching several cars because he was angry.  The suspect was arrested.  Report 110791385

11:18pm             800 Blk Visitacion Ave        Narcotics
Officer Hauscarriague and several other officers contacted a suspect who was on active parole.  The suspect was in possession of suspected narcotics and shaved keys commonly used to enter vehicles and steal items.  The officers searched the suspect’s residence and located narcotics paraphernalia. The suspect was arrested.  ***BEST ARREST OF THE DAY!!***

Other incidents:        

2:15am               800 Blk Athens St               Disturbance
Officer Lee took a report regarding disturbing the peace.  The victim said that during the night, loud music was being played and he could hear stomping coming from the unit above him.  The victim said he has had ongoing issues with the suspect.  Report 110792123

3:24am               3300 Blk Mission St            Battery
Officers Baldovino and Otaguro were dispatched to a report of a possible battery.   The officers located a victim who had several injuries to his face.  The victim was heavily intoxicated and was put in an ambulance to be transported to the hospital for treatment.  A witness told the officers that a suspect had approached the victim and punched him in the face.  The victim fell to the ground and the suspect kicked him several times.  The suspect fled in a vehicle with two other suspects.  The officers were then alerted that the victim had gotten out of the ambulance several blocks down and refused to go to the hospital.  The officers located the victim who refused to go the hospital.  The victim told the officers that a suspect had punched him in the face and he fell to the ground. The victim said he then fell asleep but woke up when the suspect kicked him.  The officers detained two possible suspects but the victim was too intoxicated to positively identify either of them.  The suspects were identified and released from the scene.  The victim went home with a relative.  Report 110791313

5:30am               700 Blk Madrid St                Burglary
Officers Hermosura and Jones were dispatched to a burglary.  The two victims were asleep when they heard their garage door closing.  One victim looked outside and saw a suspect riding his bicycle away from the residence.  The victims exited their residence and discovered that their vehicle had been broken into.  The suspect had stolen the garage door opener from inside the vehicle and gained access to the garage.  The only item missing from the garage was the bicycle.  Report.110793858

9:00am               200 Blk Bennington            Theft
Officers Chew and Lim responded to a report of a theft.  The victim left her bicycle in the backyard, where she normally stores it.  The victim realized it had been stolen several days prior to contacting police but never made a report.  Report 110786132

12:20pm             Unit Blk Leland Ave            Theft
Officer Khan took a report regarding theft.  The victim went to the Post Office and placed her wallet on the counter.  The victim finished her transaction and left the building and suddenly realized she left her wallet on the counter.  The victim went back into the building and her wallet was gone.  No one turned her wallet into the clerk.  Report 110792480

12:45pm             Unit Blk Phelan Ave            Theft
SFCCPD Officer Edwards responded to a report of theft.  The victim placed his cell phone in a cubby and covered it with his jacket.  The victim went to work out.  Upon his return, the victim discovered someone had taken his cell phone from the cubby.  Report 110788564

5:15pm               Unit Blk Phelan Ave            Theft
SFCCPD Officer Edais took a report regarding theft.  The victim placed her cell phone on the counter by the sink while using the restroom.  The victim exited the restroom and realized she had left her cell phone.  The victim returned to the restroom and found that her cell phone was gone.  Report 110786609

5:23pm               900 Blk Naples St                Personation
Officer Navarro took a report regarding false personation. The victim received a letter regarding an open credit account in her name for the Kohl’s department store.  The victim had not authorized an account for Kohl’s under her name.  Purchases had been made to the account.  The victim then received a notice regarding another credit account at a different department store.  Both accounts were opened fraudulently. Report 110792195

8:00pm               Unit Blk Phelan Ave            Theft
SFCCPD Officer McGlaston was dispatched to a report of theft.  The victim had secured his items in a locker.  Upon his return to the locker, the victim saw that his lock was missing and his items taken from the locker.  Report 110786944

11:30pm             1900 Blk San Jose Ave      Threats
Officers Chew and Sugitan were dispatched to a report of threats.  The suspect had accused the victim of dating his girlfriend.  The suspect entered the victim’s residence searching for his girlfriend.  When the suspect didn’t find the girlfriend inside the residence, he threatened to kill the victim.  The suspect returned a second day and again threatened to kill the victim.  Report 110792117


11:30am                    100  Blk Cayuga                  Stolen vehicle
11:29pm                    800 Blk Visitacion                Recovered vehicle