Sunday, October 2, 2011


Incident Date:
Friday, September 30th, 2011


11:45am             3200 Folsom St                    Trespassing
Officers Thompson and Altamirano responded to a report of a possible burglary.  A witness saw a suspect climbing a fence into a backyard.  The victim believed it might be a relative who did not have permission to be on his property or in his home.  Officers located a suspect hiding in the residence, and the victim confirmed the suspect’s identity as the relative.  The victim signed a citizen’s arrest for the suspect for trespassing.  A records check revealed that the suspect also had several outstanding warrants.  The suspect was arrested.  Report 110788451

Other incidents:        

2:59am               500 Blk Portola Ave             Trespassing
Officer Liddicoet responded with her canine partner to a call of a burglar alarm.  The dog located and bit a suspect that was trespassing on the premise.  The suspect admitted to knowingly trespassing and sleeping on the premise.  Further investigation revealed that the suspect was known and a security guard on the premise had given him permission to sleep on the premise.  The suspect was treated for the dog bite and admonished for trespassing.  Report 110791153

8:00am                Unit Blk Gold Mine Dr         Vandalism
Officer Turner was approached by a victim regarding vandalism.  The victim manages a building where four windows were smashed.  The damage was consistent with being hit with a rock.  Report 110787986

10:00am             1600 Blk Dolores St             Mischief
Sgt. Miller responded to a report of damage to a window.  The owner of the business showed the Sgt. two windows that had damaged consistent with being shot at with a BB gun.  Report 110788467

6:22pm               1100 Visitacion Ave             Assault
Officers Dilag and Khan were dispatched to a report of an assault.  The victim got into a heated argument with the suspect. The suspect punched the victim several times in the face and then pushed her to the floor.  The suspect then walked over to the victim’s vehicle and kicked it twice, causing large dents.  The suspect calmly walked away with a friend who had witnessed the entire incident.  Report 110789722


  7:55am                   4200 Folsom St                   Stolen/recovered vehicle
  9:19am                   700 Blk Excelsior                 Recovered stolen vehicle
  9:50am                   1600 Blk Florida St              Recovered stolen vehicle
10:00am                   1900 Blk Sunnydale            Recovered stolen vehicle
11:34pm                   3100 Folsom St                   Recovered stolen vehicle