Saturday, September 10, 2011

September 9, 2011

Incident Date:
Friday, September 9th, 2011


1:01am               Amazon & Madrid St         Warrant
Officers Padilla and Seavey were on patrol when they saw a vehicle travel through a stop sign, without making any attempt to stop.  The officers affected a traffic stop on the vehicle and contacted the driver.  The driver had an outstanding warrant and was arrested.  Report 110727045

3:55pm               Geneva & Alemany            Drunk Driving
Officers Jones and Benavidez were on patrol when they noticed a vehicle stopped at a stop light.  It appeared as if the driver was slumped forward in his seat.  A passenger in the vehicle appeared to be asleep.  The officers pulled alongside the vehicle.  The light turned from red to green, and back to red again, and the vehicle did not move.  The officers contacted the driver and passenger.  After further investigation, the driver was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.  Report 110723902

11:53pm             Mission & Silver Ave          Warrant
Officers Tam and Abucay were on patrol when they saw a vehicle that had several large necklaces hanging from the rearview mirror, obstructing the driver’s view.  The officers pulled the vehicle over and made contact with the driver and passenger.  The passenger had an outstanding warrant and was arrested.  Report 110726940  ***BEST ARREST OF THE DAY!!!***

Other incidents:        

6:25am               4800 Blk Mission St           Burglary
CPSA Callaghan and Officer Trujillo responded to a report of a burglary.  A witness saw a suspect leaving the business carrying an item under his arm.  The suspect got into a vehicle, which fled.  Several items were taken.  Report 1100721257

10:00am             700 Blk Lisbon St               Theft
CPSA Callaghan took a report regarding a theft from a vehicle.  The victim locked her vehicle. Upon returning to the vehicle, she discovered that there were items taken from inside the vehicle but there was no evidence of how the suspect had entered.  Report 110724869

10:55am             300 Blk La Grande Ave      Arson
Officer Aslam was dispatched to a report of a fire.  An unknown suspect had set fire to newspaper inside of a trash can.  No one was injured.  Report 110724568

11:12am             Geneva & San Jose Ave    Shooting
Officer Rand and several officers responded to a report of a shooting.  The victim suffered from gunshot wounds and was taken to the hospital.  Report 110721702

4:00pm               Unit Blk Regent St              Personation
CPSA Callaghan took a report regarding false personation.  The victim applied for a job online.  Several days later, she received two money orders in the mail.  The victim was suspicious of the money orders so she did not cash them.  Report 110724950

:00pm               500 Blk Paris St                  Theft
PSA Flynn took a report regarding a theft from a vehicle. The victim parker her vehicle, but she could not remember if she parked it or not.  The victim returned to her vehicle and discovered that some paperwork was missing from inside.  There was no damage to the vehicle.  Report 110725851


12:00am                    800 Blk Rutland Ave            Stolen vehicle   
  5:30am                     300 Blk Alemany Blvd         Stolen vehicle
  6:00am                     100 Blk Amber Dr                Stolen vehicle
  7:30am                     100 Blk Amber Dr                Recovered stolen vehicle
  8:30am                     Vienna & Italy St                  Stolen vehicle
  9:26pm                     Unit  Blk Cambridge St        Recovered stolen vehicle