Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 10, 2011

Incident Date:
Saturday September 10th, 2011


12:00pm  3300 Blk Mission      Shoplifting
Officers Pederson and Murphy were dispatched to the business regarding someone being detained by store security.  Upon arrival it was explained to them that a female had entered the store and began secreting items within her purse. She began by taking packs of gum and then began to take larger items.  She walked past the cashiers, making no effort to pay for the concealed items. She was detained as soon as she exited out the front doors. Further investigation discovered that the suspect had a lengthy history of theft arrests out of San Mateo County. She was taken into custody and booked in at the county jail.   Report Number 110728178    

11:06pm  Sunnydale/Hahn      Auto Theft
Officers Seavey and Padilla were in a marked patrol car in the area when they noticed a vehicle that was driving a bit erratically.  A computer query of the license plate discovered that the vehicle was a stolen vehicle from Walnut Creek.  Officer Padilla was able to clearly see both occupants within the vehicle just prior to attempting a traffic stop.  The driver of the Honda failed to stop for a posted stop sign and the officers immediately turned on their emergency lights and siren and attempted to pull the vehicle over.  The driver refused to stop and began to make dangerous moves of evasion on the roadway.  The officers discontinued the attempt to pull the vehicle over but put out a full description to other officers in the area.  A short while later, they again saw the vehicle and noted it turning into a specific location.  They then saw the two males from within the Honda running down Mission Street.  Both suspects were ultimately detained.  After being transported back to Ingleside Station and interviewed, a full confession was obtained from one of the suspects. The driver was booked in at the county jail on numerous felony charges.  Excellent teamwork by all!     Report Number 110729358     ********** Best Arrest of the Day!*************

Other incidents:  
8:00am   200 Blk Richland       Theft         
Officer Coles was contacted at the station by a theft victim.  He told the officer that he had recently begun dating someone who he invited back to his residence for the first time.  At one point, he left the male suspect in the living room area alone and went into another area of the residence.  They later went down to Mission Street and began window shopping around the area.  The suspect very abruptly told the victim that he had a family emergency and needed to leave.  The victim thought this behavior to be highly unusual.  As he headed home, he realized that his cellular phone was missing.  Upon returning to his residence, his roommate told him that her computer was missing from her bedroom along with some checks.  A living room window that was never left open was found unlocked and open.  Further investigation by the victim discovered that the suspect had given him a false name and phone number.  Further investigation to be conducted.  Report Number 110730258

11:35am  300 Blk Cortland      Theft
Officers Murphy and Pederson responded to this area regarding a stolen wallet.  The victim told the officers that she had been at the laundromat and left her purse unattended when going out to plug the parking meter.  When she returned, she saw a young male removing her wallet from the purse. The male then fled onto Cortland Street.  She was unable to keep up with the suspect once he began to run from her.  She gave the officers a full description of the suspect.  Further investigation to be conducted by the Station Investigative Unit.   Report Number 110727794

7:00pm  100 Blk Bronte      Vandalism
CPSA Derr took a report regarding a vandalism to a vehicle.  She met with the victim at this location and immediately noted a Nissan SUV with two flat tires, parked in the middle of the street.  The victim explained that the vehicle was locked and left the night before.  When pulling the vehicle out today, she realized that two tires had been flattened.  There was no physical damage to the tires or vehicle and she had no suspect information.  Report Number 110729966

8:00pm Santos/Blythdale   Aggravated Assault
Officers Hom and Cassinelli responded to a possible shooting victim.  Numerous Ingleside units responded to the area after several calls to dispatch were received.  The victim was located at a corner store where he had fled after being injured.  The victim had a visible head laceration and an apparent gunshot wound to the back.  Medical attention was immediately requested to the scene while officers rendered aid.  Officers were told that the victim and his friends had gone to the Sunnydale Housing area in order to retrieve some money for his grandmother.  As they began to walk from their vehicle, they noticed several males begin to watch them.  The males then began to walk towards them and ultimately approached and attacked them.  The males confronted the victims and demanded they turn over every item they had in their possession.  They also told the victims that they would shoot them if they did not comply.  The first victim turned over his cellular phone and was then pistol whipped.  All the victims then began to run from the suspects, back towards their car.  Several shots were fired and the victim felt a sharp pain to his back.  Fearing for his life, he kept running.  A full description of the suspects was obtained, but a search of the area was unsuccessful in locating the involved suspects.  While at the hospital with the first victim, officers discovered that another victim had been shot during the melee.  A woman residing in the area had gone out the front of her residence to get her laundry and was hit by an errant bullet.  CSI units responded to the scene as well as Sergeant Hutchings of the Station Investigative Unit.   Report Number 110729007

11:00pm  1600 Blk Alemany     Theft
CPSA Derr and CPSA Navarro responded to this location regarding an auto boost.  The victim explained that he had locked and left his vehicle the night before.  He was contacted by one of his neighbors who had noticed his window shattered and damages to the interior of the car.  Several personal items had been stolen.  Neighbors reported that the car alarm was set off at approximately 1:30 am the night before, however the victim stated that he had not heard the alarm.  There was no suspect information.    Report Number 110727534

11:00pm  100  Blk Precita        Burglary
Officers Bernard and Johnson responded to this residence regarding a burglary.  The victim told officers that she had had gone to the locked basement area in order to take her dog out for a walk.  Upon reaching the garage, she discovered that the rear door was not secured and the lights had been turned on.  A search of the garage area found that her laptop computer and bicycle had been stolen.  A second tenant from the building arrived on scene and told officers that her laptop was also missing.  The building had no security footage and the victims had no suspect information.

11:00pm   Mission/Richland   Assault
Officers Kneuker and Tam responded to SFGH regarding an assault victim.  The victim explained to them that he had been walking home down Mission Street when he was approached by two unknown males.  One of the suspects was holding a piece of wood which he suddenly used to strike the victim in the head.  The victim fell to the ground and lost consciousness.  He did not know the two suspects and had no idea why he was attacked.  Further investigation to be conducted.  Report Number 728946


  6:45am         700 Blk Head           Hit & Run Collision
10:50am         800 Blk Italy             Recovered Stolen Vehicle
11:00pm         4000 Blk Mission     Recovered Stolen Vehicle