Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 11, 2011

Incident Date:
Sunday September 11th, 2011


12:30am  3400Blk Mission     Battery
Sgt. Hutchings met with a battery victim at Ingleside Station.  The victim had major bruising and swelling to the right side of her face and complained of pain.  The victim had been within a bar at this location when she noticed a male that she was familiar with, swinging his fists wildly and punching everyone around him.  As she watched him, she noticed that he was suddenly walking towards her.  The male punched her in the face two times, causing her to fall to the floor and lose consciousness.  The victim was able to provide the suspect’s name and then ultimately positively identified him.  The suspect’s family was contacted and within days, turned himself in to police.  He was taken into custody and booked in on the battery charges.   Report Number 110729499  

2:43am  200 Blk Onondaga   Battery/Threats
Officers McMilton and Morse responded to this location regarding a fight in progress.  The victims were on scene and reported that they had been outside in the front area of their residence.  They suddenly noticed a female lying on the sidewalk that appeared to be crying and in distress.  A male that was across the street, near the woman on the ground, suddenly began walking towards them in a menacing manner.  He began to scream at them and ask what they were looking at.  The victims did not respond, which made the suspect even more angry and aggressive.  The female that had been on the sidewalk now got up and began to also aggressively approach the couple.  She grabbed the female victim and pushed her against a car.  The victim’s boyfriend stepped in to protect her, but was unable to stop the male suspect from punching his girlfriend. The physical altercation continued until the female victim was able to run inside and call for the police. As soon as officers arrived on scene, paramedics were requested.  A full statement was obtained from both victims.  Both involved suspects were taken into custody after further investigation and booked into the county jail.   Report Number 110729778     ********** Best Arrest of the Day!*************

Other incidents:        

12:00am   700 Blk Brazil   Auto Boost             
CPSA Derr and CPSA Callaghan responded to a report of a vandalized vehicle.  The victim reported that she locked and left her vehicle in the driveway and went into her residence.  Upon returning to the car, she found the front window shattered and several items missing from the rear cargo area.  She had  no suspect information and video surveillance from a nearby camera was of very poor quality.  No usable evidence was found on scene.  Further investigation to be conducted.  Report Number 110729994

1:51am  200 Blk Putnam  Discharge a Firearm
Officers Habib and Ma responded to this location regarding shots fired.  Upon arrival they found two CHP Officers already on scene.  The CHP Officers were in the area when they heard the gunshots.  They located two bullet casings and waited for Ingleside Units to respond.  A canvass of the area failed to locate any victims, potential suspects nor witnesses.  The casings were seized as evidence and the incident documented.   Report Number 110729659

8:53am  2800 Blk Diamond    Battery
Sgt. Miller, Officer Walsh and Officer Trujillo responded to the area regarding a physical fight in progress.  The altercation was related to a traffic collision.  Upon arrival, officers did not find a fight in progress but did meet with two individuals that had been separated and kept apart.  A female subject explained to officers that she had come out of the coffee shop towards her vehicle when she noticed a male parking an extremely large pickup truck directly behind her car.  The driver appeared to tap the rear bumper of her small car and she approached him.  They got into a heated verbal altercation that escalated into her throwing her cup of coffee on to his face and side. The male then threw his coffee at her face, reciprocating the gesture.  A minor physical tussle then occurred that bystanders broke up before police arrived on scene.  No injuries were sustained by either party and no further police action was desired.  It should be noted that upon further inspection, the bump to the rear of the vehicle had caused no damage.  Report Number 110730082

9:20am  1100 Blk Peralta     Battery
Officer Giannini along with other Ingleside units responded to the flea market regarding a subject who had been hit.  The victim reported that the male suspect had been in a verbal altercation with one of the vendors. When asked to leave the market, the suspect pushed the victim with both hands in his chest. As he began to walk from the area, he told the victim he had a gun in his possession.  Police were able to detain the involved suspect; however the victim decided he wanted no further police action taken.  He asked that the suspect be escorted from the area. No firearm was found in the suspect’s possession.     Report Number 110730167

12:00pm  2200 Blk Castro      Fraud  
The victim came to Ingleside Station to report that she was the victim of fraud.  She explained that she had put an ad on Craig’s List in order to sell her couch.  She received an email from an unknown female that said she was interested in purchasing the couch.  The suspect mailed the victim a check in an amount much greater than the cost of the couch and asked that she deposit the check. The victim was told to complete a money transfer that wired back the difference.  The victim deducted the amount she had been asking for the couch and completed the bank transaction.  She was contacted by her bank and informed that the initial check had not cleared. The victim had no suspect information other than the address where the funds were transferred as well as the email account used.  Further investigation to be conducted.    Report Number 110730424


4:17pm         Cayuga/Santa Rosa          Traffic Collision
4:58pm         Devonshire/Warren           Hit & Run Collision