Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 12, 2011

Incident Date:
Monday September 12th, 2011


1:55am   4800Blk Mission     Battery
Officers Benavidez and Hermosura responded to the area regarding a fight.  As they approached the scene one of the witnesses pointed to a male that was quickly attempting to walk away, stating that he was the person that hit her boyfriend.  The suspect was immediately detained.  The witness and her boyfriend had been walking down Mission Street, heading to a restaurant for food.  The suspect along with two other unknown males suddenly began to follow them and taunt her boyfriend.  They continued to make hate crime oriented comments, while following and then surrounding him.  As they reached the restaurant, the primary suspect stepped in front of her boyfriend and punched him in the head.  After punching the victim, all of the involved suspects separated and walked off in different directions.  A cold show was conducted and the primary suspect positively identified by both witnesses and victim.  A search of the area was unsuccessful in locating the other two suspects.  The primary suspect was taken into custody and booked in on felony charges.  Paramedics arrived on scene and transported the victim to SFGH due to the extent of the injury.    Report Number 110732668 

11:35am  50 Phelan  Disabled Placard Violation     
Community College Police Officer Edwards noticed a female student park her vehicle within a handicapped parking space.  The able bodied student exited her vehicle, leaving a placard displayed on the rear-view mirror.  Officer Edwards made contact with her and discovered that the placard did not belong to the student and was being used illegally.  A computer query of her personal information discovered that her driver’s license was currently suspended.  The handicapped placard was seized and returned to its rightful owner and the female driver issued a citation for all of the vehicle code violations.  Report Number 110733741

1:28pm   Unit Blk Stoneyford    Battery
Officer Goldsborough responded to this location regarding a physical altercation.  The reporting party said that her ex-roommate was hitting her.  The victim told officers that the suspect had come over to her house to speak with her and the two had gotten into a heated disagreement over an upcoming vacation.  She insisted that she was then assaulted.  Officers conducted further investigation and the other party vehemently denied striking the victim.  The suspect was taken into custody and transported back to the station.  Report Number 110734103

5:48pm   4900 Blk Mission   Shoplifting
Officer Gomez responded to this store regarding a petty theft.  He met with store security upon arrival and was directed to a female suspect that had been detained.  Security had seen the suspect enter the store and place a bottle of vodka into a black hand-basket.  She then began to grab several other items and move around the store. She suddenly exited the store, walking past all of the cash registers, making no effort to pay for the items in her basket.  She was detained without incident and taken into custody after further investigation revealed a history of theft charges.  She was booked in at the county jail.  Report Number 110735082

Other incidents:        

8:40am    Geneva/Santos      Robbery                 
Officers Larocca and Muro were dispatched to a residence regarding a robbery.  The victim reported that she had been on a Muni Bus traveling inbound to a doctor’s appointment.  She was seated in the back of the bus with her purse on her lap. Two unknown males suddenly walked up to her and forcibly grabbed her purse from her lap. There was a brief struggle while she tried to hang on, however they were able to rip the purse from her hands.  Both suspects ran off the bus, the victim giving chase.  She saw the suspects head into the Sunnydale Housing area before she fell and lost sight of them.  She scraped her knee when falling, but sustained no other injuries.  She did not know either suspect.  Further investigation to be conducted.  Report Number 110733155

1:13am   400 Blk Diamond    Robbery
Officer Preston responded to the area regarding a robbery aboard a Muni Coach.  The victim had told dispatch that she had been assaulted by three females that had followed her onto the bus.  She explained to officers that she had first noticed the suspects along with a male, while waiting at the Forest Hill Station.  The three females began to stare at her and make intimidating comments about just getting out of jail and wanting to stab someone.  They followed the victim onto the bus and sat down in the area where she sat down.  The victim changed her seat, now feeling terrorized.  When the bus reached the Diamond Street location, the three suspects suddenly grabbed her hair from behind. She was then dragged by her hair off of the bus. The victim was then brutally attacked and her purse stolen.  All suspects ran off from the area.  The victim refused any medical treatment.  A statement was obtained from witnesses still on scene and further investigation will be conducted.   Report Number 110730474

2:00pm  800 Blk Ellsworth       Vandalism
Officers Morse and McMilton responded to the area regarding a broken window. The victim reported having locked and left her residence that morning.  When she returned, she discovered her front window had been broken out.  No entry had been made due to the metal bars behind the glass.  She had no suspect information.  Report Number 110732743

3:30pm  3200 Blk Mission       Theft
CPSAs Lee and Reynolds were dispatched to the area regarding a petty theft. The victim reported that he left his laptop in his bedroom, where he shares a residence with numerous individuals.  Upon returning to his room, he discovered the laptop missing.  He had no suspect information and had no idea which resident stole the computer.     Report Number 110734391

5:26pm  Kern/Diamond      Auto Boost     
Officers Castillo and Hom responded to a parking lot in this area regarding a theft from a vehicle.  The victims reported having locked and left their car, leaving some personal items within the car.  As they were returning to the area, they noticed a white vehicle leaving at a rapid rate of speed.  As they reached their car, they discovered that the rear window had been shattered and several items stolen. A witness that had been in the area told officers that he’d seen a white sedan back in next to the victim’s vehicle.  A male jumped out of the sedan, broke the rear window and grabbed items out of the victim’s car.  Suspect information was obtained and further investigation to be conducted by the Station Investigative Unit.   Report Number 110735032

6:55pm   Excelsior/Madrid    Battery
Officer Phillips responded regarding a physical altercation.  The victim reported having been involved in a fight at the Excelsior Playground.  The victim’s roommate contacted police when she returned home and realized the extent of injury the victim sustained.  The victim had a deep head laceration and was dizzy. The victim did not want any further police involvement. Medical assistance was called to the residence. The victim provided little information regarding the actual incident.  Report Number 110735383

8:30pm  200 Blk Virginia      Bike Theft
The victim responded to Ingleside Station to report the theft of her bike.  The bike had been left locked to the front fence of her residence.  When she returned to the bike, the chain had been cut and the bike stolen.  She had no suspect information.  Report Number 110721451


  8:24am         50 Phelan                          Traffic Collision
11:17am        100 Blk Lippard                  Recovered Stolen Vehicle
  2:15pm         Miguel/Chenery                 Traffic Collision
  4:15pm         100 Blk Blythdale              Recovered Stolen Vehicle
  5:00pm         1500 Blk Noe                     Stolen Vehicle
  7:17pm         300 Blk Seneca                 Recovered Stolen Vehicle
  9:10pm         Unit Blk Ervine                   Recovered Stolen Vehicle