Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 13, 2011

Incident Date:
Tuesday September 13th, 2011


12:01am    300Blk Rolph    Narcotics Offense
Officers Habib and Pereira were on patrol in the area when they noticed a male illegally riding his bicycle on the sidewalk.  The suspect was contacted and the officers explained why he was being detained.  A search was ultimately conducted and narcotics paraphernalia discovered within a front pocket.  The suspect had shown objective symptoms of being under the influence and admitted to ingesting methamphetamine.  A small amount of narcotics was located in two separate baggies within his clothing pockets and he was taken into custody without incident.  The narcotics were seized as evidence and the suspect transported back to the station for booking. Great pro-active police work!   Report Number 110738832   ************ Best Arrest of the Day  ************

4:14pm  Mission/Silver    Warrant Arrest
Officer Preston noticed an individual that was in the middle of the street committing a Municipal Code Violation. He made contact with the man.  A computer query of the subject’s personal information discovered an active warrant out for his arrest out of Santa Barbara County.  He was taken into custody and booked in at the county jail.  Report Number 110737721

5:30pm Unit Blk Harrington  Probation Violation
Officers Apodaca and Gabriel responded to this residence regarding a battery that had occurred.  Upon arrival they met with the victim.  She explained that a younger male staying within her house had attacked her after she had yelled at him. The victim had a visible injury to her knee but did not want paramedics called to the house.  According to the victim, the male had appeared to be under the influence and had behaving erratically.  The suspect initially fled from the residence prior to police arrival on scene. Prior to leaving the residence, he made verbal threats to kill the victim. The Officers continued with their investigation and ultimately located the suspect within the garage area of the residence.  He was taken into custody and booked on the assault charges, as well as violating his probation.  Report Number 110738638

5:44pm   200 Blk Bocana  D.U.I./Collision
Officers Hom and Castillo responded to the area regarding a vehicle accident.  Upon arrival, Officers found a silver Mazda mini-van that had flipped over after striking a parked car.  SFFD and Paramedics were already on scene rendering aid to the driver and sole occupant.  The driver had made spontaneous statements to Paramedics indicating that he had been drinking prior to the collision.  Officers escorted the driver to the hospital and could quickly detect the strong odor of alcohol emanating from his breath and person.  Due to the severity of the injuries sustained, he was unable to complete any field sobriety tests.  A blood draw was completed and he was issued a citation for driving under the influence.  Report Number 110737997
Other incidents:        

2:30am   200 Blk Delano      Vandalism             
Officers Otaguro and Baldovino were flagged down by a subject who told them that his car had been vandalized.  He reported locking and leaving his vehicle in front of his residence.  Upon returning to the car, he discovered that unknown suspect had keyed the car from the driver’s side door around to the passenger side.  Report Number 110738848

2:10am   1800 Blk Sunnydale    Burglary
Officer Dominguez and Officer Morse responded to an apartment at this location regarding some stolen property.  The reporting party explained to officers that she had fallen asleep on the couch and was woken up by a loud noise.  She opened her eyes and saw someone who was familiar to her standing in her living room.  The suspect unplugged her laptop computer and ran out the front door.  At that point, she realized that two other unfamiliar males were also within the apartment. Both of the men fled from the apartment. It appeared that the victim’s roommate had gone out and left the front door unlocked.  The suspects had been able to enter into the apartment.  The victim feared for her safety and wished no further police action.    Report Number 110738967

6:47am  Unit Blk Milan    Robbery with Force
Officer Curry was dispatched to this location regarding a robbery. Dispatch informed responding officers that the suspects had fled the scene in a silver four door sedan.  The victim was contacted at the residence and had visible wounds from the attack.  The victim’s face had been bloodied and blood was oozing from one of his ears. He also had swelling to his forehead.  The victim was dizzy and an ambulance was immediately called to respond.  He explained to officers that he had been walking across the street that morning to go to his car.  Out of the corner of his eye, he saw two males hanging out on a stairwell at the end of the street.  As he got closer to his vehicle, one of the males pulled a mask over his face and approached him.  The suspect demanded that he hand over his cellular phone, which he refused to do.  The suspect than began to brutally physically assault him.  The suspect was able to get his phone out of his pants pocket and hand it over to suspect #2.  Both suspects ran off and the victim gave chase.  Suspect #1 turned around, grabbed the victim and shoved him down to the ground.  Both suspects then entered a silver four door sedan and fled from the area.  The victim managed to tear off some pieces of clothing from the suspect during the robbery.  Those items were retained as evidence.  Further investigation to be conducted by the Station Investigative Unit.  Report Number 110736369

12:00pm  300 Blk Alemany       Theft
Officers Bernard and Johnson responded to this location regarding a theft.  The victim reported that he left his jacket at his place of employment when he stepped out to get some lunch.  A customer was seen going through his jacket and when he checked his pockets, he realized that his wallet was missing.  There was no further suspect information and the customer was no longer on the premises.     Report Number 110734222

2:00pm   50 Phelan       Theft     
Community College Police Officer Green responded to one of the buildings regarding a stolen cell phone.  The victim was contacted and reported that her phone had been stolen from her classroom.  She had gone to her nutrition class and plugged her phone into the wall at the back of the room to charge.  When she went to retrieve her phone at the end of the class, both the phone and charger were gone.  She had no suspect information.    Report Number 110737414

2:45pm   50 Phelan        Theft
Community College Police Officer Wong was contacted at their headquarters by the victim. The victim wished to file a report regarding a cell phone that was stolen from her backpack.  She explained that she had been told to place her backpack in an area near the bike rack while using the wellness center. The facility does not provide enough lockers and while track team members work out, they are told to place their personal items near the bike rack area.  A faculty member was to be watching the student’s personal items.  Apparently, the faculty member momentarily left the area and the phone was stolen from the backpack at that time.  Further investigation is being conducted regarding the incident.  Report Number 110737583

4:20pm  50 Phelan      Theft
Community College Police Officer Burlyga responded to the Wellness Center regarding a theft.  The victim explained that he had placed all of his personal items into a locker and had placed a combination lock on it. Upon returning to his locker, he found that the lock had been removed and all of his items stolen.  He had no suspect information.    Report Number 110734799

6:00pm  200 Blk Ellsworth    Vandalism
Officer Tam responded to this residence regarding a vandalism.  The victim was within his residence when he heard the sound of shattering glass.  As he walked to the front of the house, he could see a large hole in the front window.  He looked out the front window and saw a subject he was familiar with outside the front of the residence, getting into a red vehicle.  The vehicle then sped off from the area.  The victim felt that this must be the person who vandalized his window because he was the only person in the area at the time.  Photographs of the damage were taken and booked into evidence.  Further investigation to be conducted.  Report Number 110738064


  8:25am         Alemany/Seneca                 Traffic Collision
10:22am         200 Blk Surrey                     Recovered Stolen Vehicle
  1:15pm         700 Blk San Jose                Recovered Stolen Vehicle
  5:44pm         Bocana/Cortland                 Traffic Collision