Friday, September 16, 2011


Incident Date:
Wednesday, September 14th, 2011


11:17 am   3300 blk Mission        Theft from Person
Officers Morgante and Reserve Officer Martinez were sent to investigate a theft case. The officers spoke to the victim that told them that on September 8th her bike was stolen and that she had just seen the suspect who stole it. The officers broadcast the information and numerous Ingleside units responded to assist. The victim then led the officers to the location where she had seen her bike and the suspect. The officers quickly located the suspect and detained him. The officers asked the suspect if the bike was his which he replied "yes, I bought it four months ago at the San Jose Flee market". The officers had an ace up their sleeves! The victim saw the suspect that stole the bike and could identify him as well. The officers conducted a "Cold Show" where the victim identified the suspect 100%! The victim was armed with photos of her bike and the serial number too. To make things worse for the suspect, forgot to change his clothing! The suspect should have done his laundry this week! He was wearing the same clothes on the day of the theft. Because of an attentive victim (and prepared), and fast response from the police, this suspect was arrested. Report number 110721326. This is the *****BEST ARREST of the DAY*****

6:50 pm     600 blk Alemany        Warrant Arrest
Officers Barajas and Hart were on patrol in the SF Housing complex. As the officers drove by a group of people, one of them looked at the officers and suddenly turned and started to walk away. The officers stopped to speak with the subject, but the subject wanted nothing to do with them. The now suspect began to run away from the officers ignoring their lawful orders to stop. The suspect continued to run with officer Hart and Barajas on his heels. The suspect was not going to outrun these officers, so he ducked into a wash house and locked the door. By this time numerous Ingleside units had arrived and were assisting. The suspect was now locked in a wash house that was surrounded. The suspect did the smart thing, after a couple of minutes he realized that he was not going to escape. The suspect opened the door and gave up. No wonder he took off so fast! He was wanted on drug and gun charges and now also evading and delaying Police. The suspect was arrested and booked for the warrants and charges. Another suspect in custody in the Ingleside! Report number 110741352. This is, also the *****BEST ARREST of the DAY*****

Other incidents:        

1:51 am     3000 blk Mission          Aggravated Assault
Officers Baldovino and Otaguro were sent to investigate an assault incident. the officers located and spoke to a witness to the assault. The witness told the officers that he was stopped in traffic when he observed an argument in the street. He told the officers that there were three male subjects in the street the appeared to be arguing. The witness went on to say that he observed of the men hit another with a closed fist causing them to fall to the ground. The witness went on to say that the suspect then kicked him in the head several times. The witness told the officers that the suspects fled the scene when they heard cars honking their horns. The witness told the officers that at the same time there was another altercation taking place a few feet away from the first one. The witness told the officers that he observed on male hitting another who also fell to the ground and was kicked by on the head too. That suspect took off at the same time as the other. The officers interviewed one of the victims and learned that the argument started because one of the suspects bumped into his cousin. The victim told the officers that when the fight broke out he protected himself, but saw his cousin get knocked down and dropped to the ground and draped himself over his cousin to protect him from the kicking from the suspects. The victim told the officers that the suspects kicked him in the face but he suffered only a bloody nose. The officers then responded to SF General Hospital to interview the second victim that had been transported by ambulance. Other Ingleside Officers at the scene searched for possible suspects. Officers Baldovino and Otaguro attempted to interview the second victim but were told by the attending doctor that the victim was unresponsive because of a combination of the beating he received and intoxication. The second victim suffered head, chest and shoulder injuries. The victim is in stable condition at SFGH. Report number 110742087

3:10 am     100 blk Oxford            Residential Burglary
Officers Ferronato and Anderson were sent to investigate a burglary case. The officers arrived and began their preliminary investigation by interviewing the victim. The victim told the officer that an unknown suspect had stolen AT&T cordless phone from his backyard. The officers discovered that the backyard doors hinges had been bent. The officers’ investigation reviled no physical evidence therefore CSI was not notified. Report number 110742203

8:00 am     50 Phelan                     Theft /Building
SFCCPD officer Hakes interviewed the victim that told her that he placed his property in an open and unsecured cubby space. The victim then used the treadmill for 10 minutes. The victim told the officer that when he came to get his property he discovered it missing. The officer returned to prepare the report when she noticed that property matching the description of the victim had been turned in. The officer called the victim and he was able to positively identify the property and told the officer that he only thing missing was his MUNI clipper card. The victim was reunited with his property. No suspect description was given. Report number 110739749  

1:00 pm     Velasco/Santos            Theft/Person
Officers Sugitan and Fung were sent to investigate a possible theft case. The officers arrived and located a victim that told them the following in Cantonese. Officer Fung is a certified SFPD translator. The victim said that she was sitting near the rear exit doors of the bus. The victim told the officer that when the bus stopped the suspect grabbed the cell phone from her hands and exited. The victim told officer Fung that it happened so fast she was in shock and did not react. The victim was not able to get a description of the suspect.  The officers have requested the surveillance tape from MUNI. There were no injuries. Report number 110740172

6:00 pm     Rutland/Teddy             Vandalism
Civilian Police Services Aide (CPSA) Reynolds and Lee were sent to investigate a vandalism incident. The victim showed the CPSA’s the damage that she had noticed on her car. The CPSA’s took photos and booked them for evidence. Report number 110739620


  8:30 am        Visitation/Bayshore             Hit & Run Accident
  1:00 pm        Randall/Chenery                 Stolen Auto
  5:45 pm        300 blk Plymouth                 Hit & run Accident
10:00 pm       Farragut/Mission                  Stolen Auto
11:30 pm       300 blk Allison                      Stolen Auto