Friday, September 16, 2011


Incident Date:
Thursday, September 15th, 2011


4:50 pm     Unit blk Castillo                   Robbery Arrest
Officers Cassinelli and Hom were sent to investigate a robbery that had just occurred. The officers located the victim that told the officers that she was walking Hom after getting off the bus. The victim told the officers that she noticed two males walking towards her on the opposite side of the street. The victim told the officers that she noticed that both suspects looked at her and crossed the street. When the suspects got close to her, one of the suspects grabbed her arms so as to immobilize her, while the other suspect said "Give me your bag". The suspect then took her purse and the other suspect threw the victim to the ground. The victim began to scream while both suspects ran away with the purse. The officers broadcast the description for other Ingleside units responding and started to canvas the area for possible witnesses. They were flagged down by the original 911 caller. The witness told the officers that while he was preparing for a party in his garage he had noticed two male suspects that kept looking into his garage the witness continued setting up but remained aware of the suspects. The suspects eventually walked past the witnesses’ garage and disappeared from his view. The witness told the officers that within a few minutes he heard a woman screaming and seconds later he saw the same two suspects running past him, only this time one of them was carrying a black purse.
            While Officers Hom and Cassinelli were interviewing the witness Officers Barajas, Duffin, Hart and Johnson were searching the area where the suspects were last seen. Luck would have it, the officers saw two subjects that matched the description and decided to detain them. Once the two subjects saw the officers one of them threw something to the ground and tried to conceal it unsuccessfully. The officers stopped the two, when one of the suspects decided to flee. The officers were able to grab the other suspect and detain him. The officers were also able to locate the victims purse a few feet away from where the suspect was detained.
            The information of the possible suspect was broadcast to the reporting officers so that a cold show could be conducted with the victim. The victim was taken to identify the suspect upon seeing the suspect told the officers "He’s the one!" positively identifying the suspect as the one who took her purse. The witness was next to attempt to identify the suspect. The witness was shown the purse first which he told the officers that it was the one he saw one of the suspects carrying. Next the witness was given an opportunity in identifying the suspect which as soon as he saw the suspect said "Yeah, it’s him".
            The suspect was arrested and booked for robbery. The second suspect may think he got away, but officers Hart, Barajas, Duffin and Johnson know this suspect from prior arrest! The victim received minor, non life threatening injuries to her knees and her purse recovered.
Fast response and witness participation netted a robbery suspect in jail and a second one soon to follow!  Report number 110743875. This is the *****Best Arrest of the Day*****

Other incidents:        

10:15 am   100 blk Chavez           Residential Burglary
Officer Frisk was sent to investigate a burglary case. The officer spoke with the victim who said she had entered her home through the garage. Once the victim was inside she noticed a rug was bunched up by the front door and the door had been pried open. She also went on to tell the officer when she was walking through the house she noticed there was a package of new tee shirts on her living room floor, when they were originally on the top shelf of her closet.  Once the victim entered her bedroom she realized her wedding ring, engagement ring, a laundry basket and some sheets had been stolen.
            Officer Frisk initiated her investigation and observed all the windows and doors were secure with only damage to the front door. Officer Frisk had seen there was a television close to the front door and its wires had been cut.
            Officer Frisk notified CSI to respond, and reserve Officer Martinez quickly responded to assist. Officer Martinez took photos of all the damage and the scene, while the victim drew a picture of her engagement ring. CSI will respond to process the scene and officer Martinez booked all the evidence at Ingleside Station. Report number 110743110

11:20am    1600 blk Sunnydale            Vandalism
Officers Barajas, Duncan, Hart and Johnson were sent to investigate a vandalism incident. The officers located the victim who told them that a known suspect to her was visiting and they began to argue. The victim went on to tell the officers that the suspect became angry and grabbed a metal poll that was on the ground. As the victim got into her car and started her engine to drive away the suspect swung the poll and cracked the front windshield.
            The Officers administered a case number and a follow up form. Officer Duncan took pictures of the damage and booked the evidence to Ingleside Station. Report number 110743568

1:34 pm     200 blk Ellsworth               Vandalism
Civilian Police Service Aides Lee and Reynolds and Navarro responded to a vandalism incident that had just occurred. The victim reported to the officers that she was at her home and heard the sound of glass breaking. When she went to see where the noise had come from, she became aware that someone had broke the glass to her front door window. The victim quickly searched for any suspects or witnesses, but she could not find either. The victim did however inform the officers of two suspects who she had been alert of for a few weeks.
            The victim informed the officers that her son has been having issues with two individuals recently. CPSA Lee questioned the victims’ son about the suspects but only received minimal information. The victims’ son informed the CPSA he had witnessed the suspects driving around the neighborhood recently. Unfortunately, the victims’ son became uncooperative and all other questions were ignored.
            This was not the first time an officer was called for this type of incident. Two days prior, two officers responded to a vandalism report regarding a broken window at the same address. The victim believes the two individuals who have had altercations with her son, are the same individuals who have broken her windows in both occurrences.
            CPSA Lee gave the victim a follow up form, and advised her to inform her neighbors of the situation. CPSA Navarro took pictures of the damage to the victims’ window and CPSA Reynolds booked the photos to Ingleside Station. Report number 110743217

2:11pm      5500 blk Mission               Theft
Civilian Police Service Aide Reynolds and Lee responded to a theft that had just occurred. The officers located the victim, who informed them that while he was making a delivery he placed the company computer on top of some boxes, and when he returned the computer had vanished. The victim informed the officers that he quickly spoke with the cashier on duty and the two reviewed the surveillance tapes. As the victim reviewed the tapes he witnessed one suspect placing a computer under his jacket.  The victim reported to the officers that the computer the suspect had hid under his shirt was the same computer he had reported missing. The manager of the store where this had all occurred informed the officers that the suspect is a "regular customer", and believes he may live in the area.
            CPSA Lee took photographs of the video screen in order to capture the suspect for any identification purposes. Officer Reynolds gave the victim a follow up form, and mailed him an additional loss form and asked the victim to provide the serial number of the computer. A copy of the photo CD was booked at Ingleside Station. Report number 110743790

5:30 pm     Ingleside Station                Theft
Police Services Aide Heckenberg-Tognozzi prepared a report regarding a theft incident. The victim told the PSA that when he got home from work today he checked his bank account on line. The Vitim noticed that someone had made an illegal transaction. The victim did not give anyone permission to do this and wanted to make a report. There are no known suspects to the victim.  The case is still under investigation.  Report number 110739711

6:45 pm     200 blk Ellsworth              Vandalism
Officer Almaguer was dispatched to investigate a vandalism case. The victim told the officer that while sitting at home he heard a loud crash from another room. When he went to investigate he saw his former neighbor running away. The victim told the officer that he watched as the suspect got into his car and fled the scene. The victim also told the officer that this is the third time that he does. The victim gave the officer the needed information for the report.  The information was forwarded to the inspector. Report number 110744384


  8:19 am        100 blk Chenery                  Recovered/Unfounded
  8:20 am        50 John F Shelly                 Recovered Auto
  9:00 am        1800 blk Ocean                    Hit & Run Accident
  9:40 am        2700 blk Alemany                Recovered Auto
10:00 am       Alemany/San Jose               Injury Accident
  3:00 pm        900 blk Brussels                  Recovered Auto
  5:00 pm        Unit blk Avalon                     Recovered Auto
  7:00 pm        Cortland/Mission                  Stolen Auto
  7:00 pm        Unit blk San Juan                Stolen Auto
  9:25 [pm       900 blk Brussels                  Recovered License Plate