Friday, September 9, 2011

September 8, 2011

Incident Date:
Thursday, September 8th, 2011


12:40pm   330Blk 26th   Narcotics Possession
Officers Almaguer and Housecarriague conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle driving through the area. They recognized the driver to be a subject that they were familiar with.  Previous contact had discovered that the driver did not have a valid license and was currently suspended.  Upon making contact with the passenger of the vehicle a computer query discovered two active warrants for his arrest.  Both subjects were removed from the vehicle and taken into custody without incident. While removing the two males from within the vehicle, officers on scene could see narcotics in plain view between the seats.  The narcotics were seized as evidence and both suspects transported back to Ingleside Station for booking.   Report Number 110723736    

10:11pm   2000 Blk Alemany   Firearm/Narcotics
Officers Chan and Abucay were on patrol when they noticed a black Nissan driving in the area failing to display license plates.  They effected a traffic stop on the vehicle and made contact with the driver.  The driver explained to the officers that he was driving his girlfriend’s vehicle and that the license plates were in the trunk.  While talking with the driver, the officer was able to detect the unmistakable odor of marijuana emanating from within the vehicle.  The driver admitted to having marijuana within the car, handing over a plastic container with buds of marijuana as well as an expired cannabis club card.  The driver of the vehicle was removed from the car along with the male passenger.  A search of the vehicle’s interior located a loaded firearm secreted behind the rear center console.   Officers on scene immediately went to take the two suspects into custody.  The driver was placed into handcuffs, however the passenger immediately fled on foot.  A lengthy foot pursuit took place in which the fleeing suspect began hopping backyards and even broke into a residence in his efforts to elude the police.  Numerous units responded to assist, however the suspect was able to escape all efforts to catch him.  The suspect left several items of evidence within the vehicle and left items of clothing along the path of the foot pursuit.  The driver was transported back to the station where further investigation was conducted.  A computer query of the firearm discovered that it was stolen property taken from a restaurant burglarized several years ago.  The driver was booked into the county jail on numerous felony charges.  Further investigation regarding the wanted suspect to be conducted. Report Number 110723463     ********** Best Arrest of the Day!*************

Other incidents:        

8:55am   Unit Blk Leese       Theft              
Officer Marino responded to this location regarding a stolen bicycle.  The victim reported that she had leaned her bicycle along the entrance to her residence while sweeping out her landing.  She heard some noise and went outside in time to see a male riding her bicycle away from the area.  She had run to her vehicle and unsuccessfully attempted to stay with the thief as he rode away on her bike.  He was lost in the area of Crescent and Leese.  The bicycle was very small framed and she noted that the extremely heavy male had great difficulty riding the bike.  Officer Marino made an unsuccessful effort to locate the bike in the area.  Report Number 110721326

10:30am   Mission/30th      Robbery
Officer Marino responded to the area regarding a strong arm robbery.  The victim reported standing at the bus stop when two unknown males suddenly ran up to her.  They grabbed her tote bag from behind and yanked it out of her grip.  She was unable to hang on to the bag and the two suspects fled on foot.  The only item within the bag had been her prescription medication.  She had minimal suspect information to give to Officer Marino.   Report Number 110722368

12:26pm  50 Phelan  Suspicious Occurrence
San Francisco Community College Police responded to the area of the Rosenberg Library regarding a suspicious occurrence.  They located two victims that had been pepper-sprayed by a male suspect.  One of the victims had gotten into a heated verbal altercation with the known suspect and then attempted to walk away. The suspect pulled out his pepper spray and sprayed both the victim as well as a third party that had attempted to intervene.  The victims responded to the student health center and further investigation to be conducted regarding the incident.  Report Number 110718931

2:30pm  Unit Blk Desmond  Embezzlement  
Officers Almaguer and Housecarriague met with the victim at Ingleside Station regarding an attack that occurred at his residence.  He reported that an individual who had moved into his residence had physically attacked him, causing him to seek medical treatment.  The resident had a child that he helps care for and he is concerned that the suspect could harm him again as well as the child.  Officers took photographs of the victim’s injuries and then responded to the residence.  The involved suspect had packed all belongings and fled from the area.  Further investigation to be conducted.   Report Number 110723021

7:03pm   Unit Blk Allison     Fraud
The victim responded to Ingleside Station regarding a fraud. The victim received a bill from her Kohl’s Credit Card with several large purchases reflected that were not made by her.  She realized that her account had been fraudulently accessed and alerted Kohl’s fraud division.  She was further informed that the unknown suspect had made the purchases using her social security number.  They closed her account and told her to contact the police regarding the incident.  A copy of the receipt was turned over as evidence and booked in at the station.  Report Number 110722534


7:23am         600 Blk Italy              Recovered Stolen Vehicle
2:19pm         100 Blk Chilton         Recovered Stolen Vehicle
4:46pm         Unit Block Morse      Recovered Stolen Vehicle