Thursday, September 8, 2011


Incident Date:
Wednesday, September 7th, 2011


8:55 am           Ocean/Persia         Crosswalk Sting
Officer Villaruel was participating in a pedestrian crosswalk sting. The officer observed the decoy officer Jones enter the crosswalk. The suspect vehicle was making a right turn and did not yield the right of way to the officer that was in the marked crosswalk "Jones". When officer Villaruel stopped the car, the driver’s first words were "she was not in the crosswalk!" The driver was cited for the violation. The driver told the officer that he would see him in court, but he will also see Officer Jones. Surprise, surprise! Report number 110718210

9:20 pm            50 Phelan                Battery
SFCCPD Officer McGlaston was sent to investigate a battery that had just occurred. The officer spoke to the victim who told him that he was involved in a heated argument with a classmate. The victim told the officer that the professor intervened and broke up the argument. The suspect was not happy with the results so he followed the victim out to the hallway and punched him in the face. The officer interviewed the suspect who admitted punching the victim in the face. The victim signed a citizen’s arrest. The suspect was arrested and then cited for the violation. Report number 110717256  

8:00 pm       Unit blk Maynard      Court order Violation
Officer Dilag was sent to investigate a court order violation case. When the officer arrived he interviewed the victim that told him the known suspect had a court order in place. The victim told the officer that the order was for the suspect to stay away from the area. The suspect had violated the order by showing up at the location.  Officer Duncan and Hart detained the suspect and officers Dilag arrested him and booked him at Ingleside Station. report number 110720287

10:38 pm        Otsego/Oneida         Warrant Arrest
Officers Chang and Park were dispatched to investigate a possible burglary in progress at Balboa High School. The caller told the officers that he watched as two suspects went under the fence onto school property. The officers were able to locate one of the suspects that told them his dog was lost and that he was looking for him. The officers conducted a computer check for warrants land discovered that the suspect had an outstanding warrant for drugs. The suspect was arrested and booked a t Ingleside Station. Report number 110720538

10:46 pm        4700 blk Mission        Warrant Arrest
Officers Hurwitz and Daggett were on their way to investigate a complaint received by a citizen through the station. On their way, the officer saw a suspect that they knew had an outstanding warrant. The officers stopped and were able to take the suspect into custody for the drug warrant without incident. The suspect was booked accordingly. Report number 110720572  

Other incidents:        

12:30 am          Unit blk Crescent       Robbery
Officers Contreras and Jones were sent to investigate a robbery incident that had just occurred. The officer met and interviewed the victim. The victim told the officers that he had just gotten off the bus and started to walk towards home. The victim told the officers that he saw the suspect standing along the way but did not think anything of it until he saw the suspect pull a gun opt. The suspect grabbed the victim by the shirt and a second suspect appeared. The suspect held the gun to the victims’ temple and demanded money. The victim did not have any and told the suspect that he did not have any. The suspect took his wallet and demanded the cell phone. The victim complied and both suspect fled the scene. The officer searched the area for the suspects with negative results. The victim was not injured. Report number 110720889

6:46 am         400 blk Avalon        Residential Burglary
Officers Lee and Lim were on patrol when they were sent to investigate a burglary case. The victim told the officers that he went to work only to discover that someone had gained entry and ransacked his home. The victim told that officer that he suffers from high blood pressure and that the suspect(s) had stolen his blood pressure monitor along with several electronic appliances. The suspect did not leave any physical evidence therefore CSI was not notified.  Report number 110720011

7:30 pm           100 blk Tiffany            Theft/Building
Officers Hauscarriague and Almaguer were dispatched to a grand theft case. The victim told the offer that her landlord allowed an unknown person into her apartment and that her laptop was now missing. The victim told the officer that she paid $400 for the laptop and that there was nothing else missing. CSI was not notified. Report number 110720754

10:05 am         200 blk Harvard     Hot Prowl Burglary
Officers Callaghan and Morgante were sent to investigate a hot prowl burglary with other Ingleside Unit. The victim told the officers that when she went to visit her elderly mother she discovered that the people that live upstairs were not home. While dictating her mother she heard loud noise from the front gate area. The victim went to investigate and discoverer a suspect standing at the door way. The suspect fled upon seeing the victim. The officers canvassed the area and were unable to come up with the suspects of other witnesses. CSI was not notified. Report number 110718630


12:15 am                   100 blk Sears                       Recovered Auto      
  3:10 am                    3100 blk Harrison                Stolen Auto
  8:25 am                   O’Shaughnessey/Portola    Traffic Accident
  9:00 am                    300 blk Madison                  Lost License Plate
  9:35 am                    Mission/Sickles                    Traffic Accident
  9:43 am                    200 blk Argonaut                 Recovered Auto
11:28 am                   Mission/Ocean                      Traffic Accident
12:29 pm                   Craut/Trumbull                      Recovered Auto
  2:49 pm                    Precita/Shotwell                   Traffic Accident
  5:50 pm                    Cesar Chavez/Folsom         Traffic Accident
  7:00 pm                    5700 blk Diamond Hgts      Stolen Auto
  9:52 pm                    100 blk Morse                       Recovered Auto
11:29 pm                   Geneva/Mission                    Traffic Accident