Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September 6, 2011

Incident Date:
Tuesday, September 6th, 2011


1:20pm  3400 Blk Mission  Alcohol Consumption
Officers Johnson and Bernard were on patrol in the area when they noticed a male holding a brown paper bag with a can inside. As they contacted the subject they could see that the can was an open container of alcohol that he was illegally consuming.  The male was cited for the violation along with the controlled substance that was located in his possession.when a search was conducted.   Report Number 110715749     

5:35pm  Unit Blk Havelock      Warrant Arrest
Officers Leung and Kneuker were dispatched to a park in this area regarding a male that was being a nuisance and possibly exposing himself.  They located a male that matched his description and made contact. They were unable to locate any potential victims regarding his behavior but did discover that he had several active warrants out for his arrest.  He was taken into custody without incident after warrant confirmation and booked into the county jail.  Report Number 110716719

10:40pm Putnam/Crescent   Firearm Possession
Officers Peralta and Khmarskiy from Southern Station noticed a vehicle that was driving erratically while traveling on Highway 80.  In order to safely effect a traffic stop they waited until the vehicle pulled off of the highway and then stopped them at this location.  A computer query of the subjects within the vehicle quickly determined that the driver was on active felony probation.  The subjects began to act in a belligerent manner and Ingleside units were called in to assist.  A search of the vehicle discovered a loaded firearm that had been concealed within a backpack under the driver’s seat.  The driver was placed into custody for illegal possession of a loaded firearm as well as violating his probation.  Excellent Teamwork, great arrest!    Report Number 110711662   

Other incidents:        

12:40am  400 Blk Geneva    Vandalism           
Muni Security reported to dispatch that an exterior wall had been vandalized.  An unknown suspect had spray-painted graffiti of unknown origin onto the wall.  They had no witness nor suspect information.   Report Number 116113060

9:00am  Unit Blk Natick    Burglary
Officer Dilag responded to this residence regarding a burglary report.  He met with the victim who explained that a framed picture had been stolen from within her locked garage.  She locked and left her residence earlier that morning and came home to find her garage door standing open.  The picture had been within a box located inside of the garage.  She had no suspect information and was unsure how the suspect had been able to make entry.   Report Number 110716872

11:50am  400 Blk Joost   Threats
The victim came in to Ingleside Station to report that a known suspect had made death threats against him.  A videotape had been placed on a social network site online by the suspect and a copy of the video turned over as evidence.   CPSA Lee documented the incident and booked in all evidence.  Further investigation to be conducted by the Station Investigative Unit.   Report Number 110707978

12:30pm 800 Blk Peru  Marijuana Cultivation  
Several Ingleside units responded to this residence regarding a possible burglary.  A neighbor reported seeing a black sedan crash into the garage door and then enter the residence.  The owner of the house responded and said that he had been renting the house to two unknown males through a rental company.  Once inside the house, officers quickly observed that the residence was being used to cultivate a large amount of marijuana.  Officers were unable to locate the current tenants and confiscated all of the narcotics.  Further investigation to be conducted.   Report Number 110716292

12:30pm 1700 Blk Alemany      Burglary
 Officers Kneuker and Leong responded to this apartment regarding a theft.  The victim reported that her son’s bicycle had been locked and left in a common hallway area.  When her son returned to retrieve the bike, he realized the chain had been cut and the bike stolen.  There was no suspect information and it was unclear if illegal entry had been made in order to steal the bicycle.    Report Number 110717206

5:00pm  500 Blk Portola   Burglary   
Officer Aslam responded to this school regarding a burglary that occurred over the holiday weekend.      The building had been fully secured on Friday when all campus faculty left the premises.  Upon returning on today’s date, he discovered a window shattered and that entry had been made.  It appeared that the suspect had been able to gain roof access, climb down to shatter the window and then make entry.  Several expensive pieces of electronic equipment had been stolen from the office area.  A locked cabinet had been pried open in order to steal the items.  There was no suspect information and little evidence located at the scene.  Further investigation to be conducted by the Station Investigative Unit.   Report Number 110715175

6:00pm   Paris/France   Auto Boost
The victim came in to Ingleside Station to report that her vehicle had been broken into.  She had locked and left her car at this location and returned to find the rear window smashed.  Several personal items left within the car had been stolen.  There was no suspect information nor witnesses to the incident.   Report Number 110717018


7:16am   400 Blk Holly Park          Recovered Stolen Vehicle
7:31am   Unit Blk Duncan             Recovered Stolen Vehicle
7:45am   400 Blk 29th                     Stolen Vehicle
9:15am   San Jose/Sagamore      Hit & Run Collision
8:00am   Unit Blk Bosworth           Stolen Vehicle
3:47pm   1400 Blk Sunnydale       Recovered Stolen Vehicle
4:00pm    Unit Blk Gladstone        Stolen Vehicle
6:00pm   100 Blk Belvedere          Recovered Stolen Vehicle
9:00pm   Staples/Edna                  Hit & Run Collision
9:52pm   Crescent/Murray            Traffic Collision