Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 5, 2011

Incident Date:
Monday, September 5th, 2011


5:47am   3300 Blk Mission       Shoplifting
Sgt. Miller responded to this commercial establishment regarding a suspect being detained by store security.  The Security Guard explained that they had been having a severe problem with shoplifters recently and when he saw the suspect enter the store, he kept a close eye on him.  The suspect went to the liquor aisle, picked out a bottle of champagne and concealed it within his jacket. The suspect made his way to the front entrance and was stopped just prior to exiting the premises.  Further investigation revealed that the suspect had a lengthy criminal history and previous arrests for theft.  He was booked in at Ingleside Station and then transported to the county jail.   Report Number 110712206     

10:28am  Crescent/Moultrie  Marijuana Arrest
Officer Hopkins effected a traffic stop on a vehicle that failed to stop for a posted stop sign.  Upon contacting the driver of the vehicle, he could detect the strong odor of marijuana emanating from within the vehicle.  The driver told the officer that he was currently out on bail due to a recent arrest for possession of narcotics. When asked if he had any marijuana within the vehicle, the male admitted that he did. A search of the vehicle discovered a large amount of marijuana and the suspect was taken into custody without incident.  The marijuana was seized and booked into evidence and the driver booked in on various narcotics related charges.  Report Number 110712507

Other incidents:        

11:20am    900 Blk Geneva       Theft            
Officer Wilson responded to this commercial establishment regarding an attempted shoplifting.  Store Security informed him that an unknown female had entered the store with a brown bag displaying the store emblem.  She began to place numerous items into the bag and ultimately walked towards the front entrance.  When security approached her and ordered her to stop, she dropped the bag and fled from the store.  She jumped into a black sedan waiting out front. The driver of the vehicle immediately drove from the area. Further investigation to be conducted by the Station Investigative Unit.   Report Number 110712698

12:18pm   900 Blk Geneva      Theft
Officer Wilson responded to the same location regarding another theft attempt. A male subject had put a large amount of unpaid items in his coat pocket and was approached by Store Security.  When the Security Guard realized that the subject appeared to be mentally challenged, he retrieved the items without incident and escorted the male out of the store. The store no longer wished for any further police intervention.    Report Number 110712814

1:45pm  Unit Blk Chenary       Theft
Officer Preston responded to this location regarding a person who had just broken into a parked vehicle.  He tracked down the reporting party who explained that she had seen an unknown male wrap something around his elbow and then shatter her neighbor’s car window. The suspect removed a bag from the vehicle and walked away from the car. She notified her neighbor about the theft.  She had not seen the suspect’s face and did not think she could identify him.  The victim arrived on scene and told the officer that a gym bag with personal items and clothing had been stolen from his car. An unsuccessful search was made of the area for the described suspect.  Report Number 110710692

2:00pm   300 Blk Bocana     Burglary  
Officers Habib and Pereira responded to this location regarding a commercial burglary.  The owner of the business told the officers that he had locked up the business prior to the weekend and returned to find a tarp hanging over one of the front windows.  Upon entering the business, he discovered broken glass on the floor and realized the window had been shattered.  A quick search of the interior discovered that an expensive computer and completed work product had been stolen.  CSI was contacted and responded to the scene to process the area for evidence.  Further investigation to be conducted.   Report Number 110713884

2:30pm  500 Blk Arlington    Burglary
Officer Preston responded to this residence regarding items missing from a locked garage.  The victim explained that she had locked and left her residence, the garage included, and returned to find several items missing from within the garage. She did not know how entry had been made and no forced entry was detected. She was unable to give Officer Preston any suspect nor potential witness information. There did not appear to be any usable evidence left behind at the scene.  Report Number 110713577

7:30pm  400 Blk Campbell      Vandalism        
The victim reported to dispatch that her vehicle had been vandalized. She had locked and left her vehicle and when she returned, realized that her window had been shattered. No items had been stolen from within the car.  There are no known suspects.  Report  Number 116113048

11:00pm  300 Blk Coleridge   Theft
Officer Lundy was contacted at Ingleside Station regarding a theft from a vehicle.  The victim reported having locked and left her vehicle at this location. Upon returning, she noticed that several items were now missing that had been left within the car.  There did not appear to be any forced entry and she had no idea how the unknown suspect got into her car.  She responded to the station to document the incident.  Report Number 110714569


12:15pm  5200 Blk Diamond Heights    Traffic Collision