Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 4, 2011


Incident Date:
Sunday, September 4th, 2011


12:14am   3400 Blk Mission   Assault
Officer Almaguer and Officer Cassinelli initially responded to the area regarding a victim being followed by a suspect carrying a knife.  Upon arrival, they were flagged down by a witness on scene.  They were immediately pointed towards the corner where they found a critically injured male suffering from stab wounds.  Paramedics were called to the scene while the officers rendered aid and attempted to stop the flow of blood.  Various other Ingleside Units responded to the scene and assisted with the investigation.  Although working through a language barrier, officers were able to ascertain that the victim had been harassed while on a Muni Bus Line.  He exited the bus in an effort to diffuse the situation, but was followed and ultimately confronted and stabbed.  Officers were able to obtain a full suspect description and suddenly realized he had returned to the scene.  Witnesses pointed out the suspect as soon as he returned and officers took him into custody.  The suspect was transported back to Ingleside Station where the knife used was found secreted within his clothing.  He was booked into the county jail on the aggravated assault charges.  Report Number 110709582      ******* Best Arrest of the Day!*********

1:05am  3100 Blk Mission       Assault
Officers Baldovino and Otagura responded to a nightclub in the area regarding an assault suspect being detained by Security on scene.  Once on scene, they spoke with the Security Guard.  They were informed that two males had been arguing and were just about to get into a physical altercation.  Security stepped in to intervene when one of the guards suddenly felt several blows to the back of his head.  It was later determined that a female suspect had hit him with her high-heel shoes.  She was detained and the police immediately called in to assist.  The victim refused any medical assistance.  The Station Investigative Unit was called in to take over the investigation and the suspect was ultimately booked into the county jail on various assault charges.  Report Number 110709720

9:12am  4800 Blk Mission     Narcotics Arrest
Officers Bernard and Johnson responded to the area regarding two men stealing parts from a chained bicycle.  They located two males that matched the description and made contact.  One of the males was on active probation and had search and seizure as a condition of that probation.  A search of his person and possessions discovered illegal narcotics.  He was taken into custody without incident.  The narcotics were seized and booked into evidence.     Report Number 110710197

9:50am   500 Block Athens    Att. Arson
Officer Frisk and Officer Shokair responded to the residence regarding a man threatening to burn down the house.  The suspect had been having ongoing issues with family members and on this occasion, took a gasoline can into the garage and began pouring gas throughout the garage area. The suspect was detained on scene as soon as a lighter was safely removed from his hands.  Photographs of the scene were taken and booked into evidence and the Investigation turned over to Arson Inspector Levine.  The suspect was booked into the county jail.  Report Number 110710181

Other incidents:        

9:30am 500 Blk Sawyer  Court Order Violation              
Officer Araujo was dispatched to this location regarding a subject who had violated a court order.  The victim explained that he had returned to his residence and found a subject that had been served with court paperwork within the house.  The suspect fled prior to police arrival when told the police were being contacted.  The violation was documented after verification of the active court order.   Report Number 110707310

3:30pm   100 Blk Harvard    Auto Boost
The victim reported to dispatch that he had locked and left his vehicle at this location.  Upon returning to the car, he discovered that the front and rear windows had been shattered and all personal items within the car stolen.  He had no suspect nor witness information.   Report Number 116112501

4:00pm   500 Blk Naples   Vandalism
The victim reported that he had parked his vehicle in the driveway and left it secured. When he returned to the car, he discovered that an unknown subject had shattered the rear window. No entry appeared to have been made into the car.  Report Number 116112498

5:00pm  100 Blk Amber      Fraud   
Officer Padilla responded to this residence regarding a fraud.  The victim reported returning from a vacation and discovering notification from her bank that her account was overdrawn.  Several unauthorized transactions had been made from her account.  She had no suspect information but requested that the incident be documented.    Report Number 110711521

8:00pm  1600 Blk Alemany      Vandalism
The victim reported that the fence in front of her residence had been vandalized. Upon exiting the house that evening, she discovered a word spray painted on the outside of the fence.  She had no suspect information and did not know why anyone would vandalize her property.  Report Number 116112523

9:00pm     200 Blk Duncan       Vandalism        
PSA Reynolds was contacted at the station regarding a burglary.  A tenant within his apartment complex had called with concerns when they returned home and found their doorknob damaged. No entry had been made into the apartment and the door itself was not damaged.  He replaced the doorknob but wanted the incident documented.  There was no suspect information.  Report  Number 110710567

10:30pm   300 Blk London     Auto Boost
The victim reported locking and leaving her vehicle at this location.  When she returned to the car, she discovered that one of the windows had been broken and all personal items within the car stolen.  She had no suspect information.  Report Number 116113054

11:45pm    400 Blk Geneva    Vandalism
Muni Facility Security reported to dispatch that a power box located at the San Jose station had been vandalized.  They did not know what the graffiti meant and had no suspect information.  It did not appear to be gang-related.  Report Number 116112517


9:50am       Santa Rosa/San Jose       Hit & Run Collision
4:00pm       1500 Blk Valencia              Stolen Vehicle
7:00pm       300 Blk Virginia                   Recovered Stolen Vehicle
7:05pm       Alemany/Ottowa                 Hit & Run Collision