Saturday, September 3, 2011

September 2nd, 2011

Incident Date:
Friday, September 2nd, 2011


1:00am               2400 Folsom St                    Assault
Officers Benavidez and Contreras were dispatched to a report of a fight between roommates.  The suspect became angry with the victim and began yelling obscenities at her.  The suspect took a swing at the victim, but missed.  The victim locked herself in her bedroom and called 911.  The suspect started pounding on the door and kicking it. The suspect yelled threats towards the victim.  The suspect was taken into custody.  Report 110706839

1:00pm               400 Blk Raymond St            Assault
Officer Ocreto responded to a report of an assault.  The suspect was causing destruction and asked to report to speak to a counselor.  The suspect refused and pushed the victim so hard she nearly fell to the floor.  The suspect was cited.  Report 110705176

3:26pm               3000 Blk Mission St            Theft
Officer Murphy responded to a call regarding a fight.  The suspect was fighting with the victim regarding a theft.  The suspect had stolen several items from the store.  The suspect had an outstanding warrant and was intoxicated.  Report 110705609

7:15pm               Highland & Mission             Resisting
Officers Hom and Cassinelli were dispatched to a report of an assault.  The officers made contact with a group of suspects.  One suspect refused to follow orders and resisted one of the officers.  The suspect struggled with the officers in an attempt to break free from them.  This suspect was cited and released.  A second suspect lied about his identity and did not have any identification on him.   Further investigation revealed that the suspect was on probation and missing from a group home.  The second suspect was booked.  A third suspect was detained pending further investigation.  Report 110706243

7:31pm               3000 Mission St                   Assault
Officers Habib and Pereira responded to a report of an assault.  One suspect was taken into custody and transported to the station.  While at the station, the suspect became irate and tried to kick the officers.  The suspect spat on one of the officers from the back of the vehicle.  The suspect also kicked at the windows of the patrol car.  The officers determined the suspect needed medical attention due to her behavior.  Paramedics responded to the scene.  The suspect was physically and verbally abusive towards the paramedics and spat on the officer again. The suspect was transported to the hospital where she was cited for assault on a police officer.  Report 110706243

Other incidents:        

7:15am               Sussex & Conrad St            Theft
A victim reported that the rear hatch window of her vehicle had been smashed.  Items were taken from inside.  Report 116111638

7:20am               5500 Blk Diamond Hghts     Theft
A victim reported that his vehicle had been broken into and several items stolen from inside.  Report 116111644

8:55am               100 Blk Shawnee Ave          Theft
A victim reported that a suspect had taken the valve stem from his motorcycle tire, causing it to lose its air.  Report 116111622

5:00pm               100 Blk Laura St                   Battery
Officer Chang was dispatched to a report of a battery.  The suspect struck the victim in the arm during an argument. The victim did not want any further police action.  Report 110706453

6:59pm               900 Blk Geneva Ave             Robbery
Officers Chang and Park were dispatched to a report of a robbery. The victim was sitting outside of a restaurant when the suspect approached him.  The suspect grabbed the victim’s gold chain that he was wearing around his neck.  The victim grabbed the suspect and struggled over the necklace until the victim fell to the ground.  The suspect was able to gain control of the necklace when it broke, and he fled.  Report 110697272

11:00pm             100 Sickles Ave                    Theft
Officer LaRocca responded to a report of a theft.  The window on the victim’s vehicle had been smashed and the stereo stolen from inside.  Report 110701908


  8:20am                     Unit Blk Seneca Ave         Recovered stolen vehicle
10:27am                    1600 Blk Alabama              Recovered stolen vehicle
11:00am                    Unit Blk Danton St             Stolen vehicle
11:30am                    100 Blk Sussex St              Stolen vehicle