Friday, September 2, 2011

September 1, 2011

Incident Date:
Thursday, September 1st, 2011


12:22pm             Unit Blk Leland Ave            Narcotics
Officer Ng and Tillan were on foot patrol when they contacted a suspect in an area known for crime, particularly narcotics.  The suspect had a strong smell of marijuana coming from his person.  The suspect also had physical signs of being under the influence of marijuana, such as bloodshed eyes.  The suspect told the officers that he had marijuana in his pocket.  The officers retrieved the substance, which they suspected to be marijuana. The suspect did not have a valid medical marijuana card.  The suspect was issued a citation for possession of marijuana.  Report 110702188

3:07pm               400 Blk Naples St              Narcotics
Officers Burke and McMilton, along with several other Ingleside officers, responded to a residence to serve a search warrant.  The residence contained a large amount of suspected marijuana plants, indicating it was being used as a house to grow marijuana.  Two suspects from the residence were taken into custody and booked on several narcotics violations.  Report 110703233  ***BEST ARREST OF THE DAY!!!***

Other incidents:        

1:10am               800 Blk Geneva Ave           Fire
CPSA Callaghan and Officer Trujillo responded to a report of a fire.  The victim was awakened by a witness who told her the trash cans in front of her house were on fire.  The trash can fires were already extinguished by the time the victim went outside.  Several witnesses saw the fire burning, and one of them put it out with a bucket of water.  No one was injured.  Report 110701453

5:00am               600 Blk Portola Dr              Theft
CPSA Der and Officer Giannini were dispatched to a report of a theft.  The suspect entered a parking lot and took several items belonging to the store that were put in a mailbox.  There was also a bale of cardboard taken.  Report 110701691

6:37am               4400 Blk Mission St            Burglary
CPSA’s Navarro and Der and Officer Giannini responded to a report of a burglary.  The front gate and door of a business had been forced open.  The owner arrived and discovered that several items had been taken from inside.  Report 110701328

8:00am               1900 Blk Diamond St           Vandalism
CPSA Lee and Officer Fung were dispatched to a report of vandalism.  The door knobs and locks to the victim’s residence had been damaged.  No one had gained entry into the residence.  Report 110701942

9:45am                1600 Blk Valencia St          Battery
Officer Villaruel responded to report of a protest involving several people.  Upon arrival, he discovered just one protestor who had been the victim of a battery.  The victim was sitting in a chair when a suspect threw an egg at him, striking him in the arm.  The victim did not see the suspect and did not know where the egg came from.  Report 110701663

10:00am             800 Blk Ellsworth                Theft
Officers Hart, Barajas and Duffin responded to a report of a theft.  The victim allowed the suspect to stay in her residence.  The victim realized that the suspect was wearing shoes that did not belong to him.  The victim asked the suspect to give her back the shoes but he refused.  The suspect left with the shoes on, and also stole another item from the victim.  Report 110699676

11:10am             Ripley & Alabama                Theft
Officer Rand responded to a report of theft from a vehicle.  The front driver’s side window of the victim’s vehicle was smashed.  A witness saw the suspect inside the vehicle but was not sure if he took anything.  Report 110107116

2:35pm                500 Blk Monterey Blvd       Theft
CPSA Lee and Officer Fung were dispatched to a report of a theft from a building. The victim met the suspect and invited him back to her residence.  The victim and suspect stayed up for a few hours before going to sleep.  The victim awoke in the morning to find several of her items missing from her home.  The suspect was gone.  Report 110702677

2:50pm                100 Blk London St              Phone Calls
PSA Heckenberg-Tognozzi took a report regarding harassing phone calls.  The victim said a suspect has repeatedly called and texted her in a harassing manner.  The victim knows the suspect.  Report 110701629

5:00pm                200 Blk Oneida St               Vandalism
A victim reported the moon roof on her vehicle had been damaged.  There was a hole with cracking surrounding it in the glass.  Report 116111337

5:50pm               Unit Blk Chancery Ln           Personation
PSA Flynn took a report regarding false personation.  The victim received a notice regarding a purchase that he owed money for.  The victim had never made the purchase and did not give anyone his permission to use his name for a purchase.  Report 110703318

7:22pm                5800 Blk Mission St            Threats
CPSA Der took a report regarding threats.  The victim said that while she was at work, a suspect that was unknown to her approached her.  The suspect yelled at the victim that he was going to kill her.  The suspect formed a gun with his hand and simulated pulling the trigger.  The victim fled.  Report 110702144

8:16pm                4700 Blk Mission St            Theft
PSA Flynn took a report regarding a theft.  The victim got into a minor collision with another vehicle.  The victim got out to exchange information with the other driver.  Four suspects exited the other vehicle and asked for the victim’s driver’s license and insurance information.  The victim handed one of the suspects his information.  The four suspects jumped back into their vehicle and fled with the victim’s information.  Report 110703948


  7:00am                     Sawyer & Visitacion            Vehicle accident (hit & run)
  7:30am                     500 Blk Persia Ave              Stolen vehicle