Thursday, September 1, 2011


Incident Date:
Wednesday, August 31st, 2011


6:49pm      Highland/Holly Circle         Resisting Arrest
Officers Hart and Duffin were patrolling the area of Holly Park when they observed a male holding a paper bag which, by the way the male suspect was holding it, the officers suspected the subject was attempting to conceal an alcoholic beverage from them. The officers approached suspect and could immediately smell a strong alcoholic odor emanating from his breath. The officers observed that he was unable to stand still, and had an unsteady gait. Since it is against the law in California to be intoxicated in a public place, and the officers felt the male was unable to care for himself the officers decided to take him into custody. The suspect did not want to cooperate with the officers and began pulling away from them. The officers told the suspect that he was under arrest. This just got the suspect angry and he began to flail his arms around and pushed the officer s away. During the brief scuffle the suspect suffered a small abrasion to his forehead when forced to the ground.  The officers requested an ambulance for the suspect at the scene. The officers took pictures of the suspect, booked them as evidence and booked the suspect at Ingleside station.  Report number 110700392

11:05pm   4900 Blk Mission                 Shoplifting
Officers Lundy and Dilag were dispatched to investigate a theft incident. The officers met with the reportee who advised them that he was working one of the registers in the business, when he observed a male subject walk out of the front door of the business with merchandise. The reportee told the officers that he did not see the suspect stop to pay at any of the open registers. The reportee detained the suspect and called the police. The reportee signed a citizen’s arrest for the suspect and the officers placed the suspect under arrest and then cited him for the violation. Report number 110701027

Other incidents:        

12:17am    100 Blk Garrison                 Shots Fired

Officers Lozano and McCall responded to the call of shots fired in the area of Garrison St. The officers met with the reportee who advised them that he observed what he described as muzzle flash from a gun. The reportee was unable to provide the officers with any more information. Officer Dominguez located spent shell casings nearby which he recovered and booked into evidence.  The Officers canvassed the area unsuccessfully for any further witnesses and possible suspects.  Report number 110701102

7:10am      3600 Blk San Bruno            Burglary
Civilian Police Services Aide  (CPSA) Der and Officer Giannini responded to a burglary in progress, with a suspect still in the area. The Victim told the officer that she was home alone when she heard the doorbell ring.  The victim answered the door only to find no one there. The doorbell rang again shortly thereafter. The victim went answered it and once again, no one there. This time the victim looked around and didn’t see anyone in the area so she closed the door again. The victim wanted to catch the person playing with the doorbell so she looked out the peephole and saw a male and decided to keep her eye on him.  Suddenly, the victim saw the male kick open the front gate. The victim began screaming which caused the suspect to run away. The victim called the police. The victim told the officers that she was uncertain if she could identify the suspect if she saw him again. The victim told the officers that she was not injured and that the suspect never got inside the house. The Officers canvassed the area unsuccessfully for witnesses or the suspect. The CPSA took pictures of the damages to the property and booked it for evidence.  Report Number 110698305

9:24am      200 Blk Andover            Vicious Dog
Officers Curry and Turner were dispatched to the call of a vicious dog. The reportee told dispatch that a neighbor’s dog had attacked members of her family no one was injured.  The officers arrived and spoke with the reportee who said he was outside when he observed a tan pit bull began barking and aggressively charging at him and his son.  The victim yelled at the dog to stop and the dog stopped and returned to the house next door (home).
The victim told the officers that there have been various issues with the neighbors and his dog in the past. The victim also believed the dog was not being properly taken care of. The owner of the home where the suspect and dog live arrived and began speaking with Officer Curry. The owner expressed concern of the tenants who resided in the rental property.  The officers requested that Animal Care and Control respond to the address as well because they were going to attempt to contact the owner of the dog.  While Officer Curry was speaking with the owner of the property the suspect came out of the residence with the dog.  Officer Curry instructed the suspect dog owner to place a leash on the dog. The suspect refused to obey the officer’s command.  The dog then began aggressively growling at the officer and charged the officer and the property owner.  In fear of his personal safety and that of innocent bystanders Officer Curry drew his department issued firearm and shot at the dog.  Officer Curry requested assistance over the radio and numerous units including officers, Sergeants and Lieutenants responded to the scene to assist.  The dog was located Animal Care and Control took custody of the wounded dog.

Officer Giannini and Civilian Police Services Aides  Der and Navarro responded, processed the scene for evidence and took various pictures which they booked into evidence at Ingleside Station.  Officer Deny with the SFPD Vicious and Dangerous Dog Unit responded and took over the investigation .this incident is still under investigation. The dog did not suffer life threatening injuries.   Report Number 110698684

1:45pm      900 Blk Ellsworth                Graffiti
Officers Phillips and Hopkins were on patrol in the Ellsworth Housing Projects when they noticed a vacant unit had been broken into through a rear window.  They entered the unit which was empty but noticed that the entire unit had been covered in graffiti.  The officers took pictures of the damage which they booked into evidence at Ingleside station.  They contacted the Housing Authority so that they could secure the unit.  Report Number 110693418

1:45pm      Unit Blk Phelan                    Theft
SFCCPD Officer Chang responded to the call of a theft.  The victim advised that he locked and secured his bicycle on a wooden fence and when he returned noticed the bicycle was missing.  He was unable to provide any further information and there were no cameras in the area for the officer to view.  Report Number 110696280

2:20pm      5400 Blk Diamond Hts       Shoplifting                   
Officer Lim was dispatched to the call regarding a theft.  He spoke with reportee who advised that he was inside his store when he noticed a male enter the store, take some items and place them in his pocket.  The suspect stood in line as if he was going to pay for the items and when confronted by another employee exited the store without paying for them.  The suspect threw the items in a garbage can and was confronted outside the store.  He provided the employees with his identification and took off running northbound.  The employees were unable to catch up with him and called the police.  Report Number 110696478

5:00pm      600 Blk Lisbon               Vandalism
Officers Chang and Pak were called to a vandalism case.  They spoke with reportee who stated that his neighbor’s vehicle had been towed a few days prior as it was blocking his driveway.  A few days later he saw his neighbor who asked him, "Where’s my car?"  The victim told him he didn’t know where his car was.  The following evening a neighbor advised the victim that his vehicle had been vandalized.  the victim found a caustic chemical had been streaked across the exterior of his vehicle.  Later that morning the victim found a second vehicle of his had been vandalized as well.  The victim didn’t see anyone cause the damage but believed it might be retaliation from this particular neighbor.  The officers took pictures of the damage to the vehicles for evidence and gave the reportee follow up information.  Report Number 110700461

8:50pm      Sanchez/Duncan             Att. Robbery
Officer Dominguez responded to a call of people fighting. He met with a male who stated he had just been robbed. He provided a description of the suspect’s and a vehicle used and the officer radioed it into dispatch.  Several other Ingleside units responded to assist with the search of the suspect. Victim told the officer that he was walking on Church Street when he noticed a few people sitting in a vehicle and another male standing behind the vehicle with the trunk open. As the victim walked by the vehicle he was jumped from behind and the suspects attempted to take his bag which he had on his back. The victim began to scream and refused to give up the bag.  The suspects jumped off of him, boarded the vehicle and fled the area toward Sanchez Street. Victim was not injured and refused medical assistance. Officers searched the area for the suspects and the vehicle to no avail. Report number 110700665


   1:00 am       Coleridge/Cortland              Stolen Vehicle
   8:31 am       300 Block Elsie                    Recovered Vehicle
   8:58 am       Mission/30th St                      Traffic Collision
 12:00 pm      100 Blk Cortland                  Stolen Vehicle
 12:40 pm      Mission/Foote                       Traffic Collision
   8:20 pm       Unit Blk Russia                    Stolen Vehicle