Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 30, 2011

Incident Date:
Tuesday, August 30th, 2011


4:54pm   Unit Blk Blythdale         Burglary
Officers Peregoy and Trail were on patrol in the Sunnydale Housing Development when they were dispatched to a Burglary in progress.  They, along with several other units, responded to the area.  As officers arrived on scene a perimeter was set up along the block while other officers went to the rear area of the units.  The officers walking to the rear suddenly saw a male they recognized from previous contacts run from the rear door of the apartment.  A second male ran from the same doorway and attempted to flee.  After a brief foot pursuit, both suspects were stopped and detained.  Upon returning to the residence where the suspects had fled from, officers discovered that forced entry had been made and the house burglarized. The owner of the residence returned home while police were on-scene and pointed out several items that were now missing.  The entire apartment had been ransacked.  Both suspects were transported back to Ingleside Station for further investigation.  CSI responded to the scene to process the residence for any usable evidence.  Both suspects were issued citations with a court date for the burglary violation along with trespassing and resisting arrest.  Report Number 110696848      ******* Best Arrest of the Day!*********

5:11pm  800 Blk Rutland      Warrant
Officers Apodaca and Gabriel were on patrol when they noticed a white Lexus failing to display a front license plate.  They made a u-turn in order to pull over the Lexus and the driver suddenly pulled the car to a stop and exited.  The officers made contact with the subject and ultimately discovered that he had two active warrants out for his arrest. After confirming both warrants, he was taken into custody and booked in at the County Jail.  Report Number 110691359

9:30pm   600 Blk Morse   Threats/Battery
Officers responded to the area regarding a battery.  A suspect description was put out and a male matching the description was located and detained several blocks away from the incident. The victim was contacted at the residence and explained that she and the suspect had gotten into a heated verbal altercation.  The situation turned into a physical assault and when the suspect was told that the police were being called, he fled from the scene.  Paramedics were called to the scene due to a head injury sustained by the victim.  The victim positively identified the suspect and agreed to sign a citizen’s arrest in order for the officers to take him into custody.  Threats were later made towards the victim and the suspect was transported back to Ingleside Station and booked in at the County Jail.   Report Number 110697783

10:37pm Cesar Chavez/Bryant Unlicensed Driver
Officer Lundy was on patrol in the area when he observed the driver of a Toyota Tercel illegally drive over a set of cones placed in a location in order to block off traffic.  A traffic stop was effected and the male driver contacted. Upon contacting the driver, the officer discovered that the driver did not have a valid license.  A computer query conducted of the vehicle’s registration information also discovered that a fraudulent tab was being displayed and the registration had expired in 2008.  The driver was issued a citation for the vehicle code violations and the vehicle impounded.  Report Number 110694701

11:45pm   600 Blk San Jose   Threats
Officers Dominguez and Conceicao responded to this location regarding criminal threats that had been made towards the victims.  The victims explained that they had been walking down the street when approached by a male suspect that was known to them.  They could see that the male was yelling aggressively and appeared hostile.  He began screaming hate-crime related threats towards them which both victims felt were credible threats.  A third party in the area grabbed the suspect when he began to aggressively close in on the two victims.  The suspect was identified and taken into custody when located at his residence.  Further investigation was conducted at Ingleside Station and the suspect booked into the County Jail.  Report Number 110698060

Other incidents:        

2:00am   4500 Blk Mission       Burglary   
Officers Naval and Lim were dispatched to this commercial building regarding a burglary.  They met with the store manager upon arrival who explained that he realized he had been burglarized when returning to work this morning.  A video surveillance camera was not working properly so he went to the back area to check the system.  At that point he noticed that a locked door to a storage room was open.  Several boxes containing different types of liquor had been stolen.  He then ran up to his office area and discovered the office had also been broken into. An unknown amount of cash kept in his locked drawer had been stolen.  The suspect also removed the upstairs surveillance camera prior to exiting the premises.  The manager had no suspect information but did believe this incident was related to an earlier incident. Photographs of the scene were taken and booked into evidence.  Further investigation to be conducted by the Station Investigative Unit. Report Number 11693123

8:00am   100 Blk Anderson        Fraud
CPSA Reynolds and Officer Altamirano were dispatched to the residence regarding a fraud.  The victim reported that she was contacted by a supposed collection agency.  The victim knew that she had no financial deficits and told the caller he had the wrong person.  Approximately a month later, she was contacted by a second collection agency regarding a specific account that was in arrears.  The account had an incorrect social security number attached to it.  She became alarmed and contacted all of her banking institutions.  After placing a fraud alert on all of her accounts, she contacted the police to document the incident.  She had no suspect information.   Report Number 110696042

9:04am   Unit Blk Santos     Robbery
Officers Curry and Sanchez responded to this location regarding a robbery that had just occurred. The uninjured victim was waiting for the officers on scene . He explained that he had been waiting at the bus stop when he saw two males walking towards him.  One of the suspects asked him what he had in his pockets and then grabbed him by his sweatshirt.  The victim was able to push away the suspect and began running back towards his house.  He threw down his duffle bag so that he could run faster and get away from the suspects.  He turned and saw the suspects grab his bag and flee in the opposite direction.  He did not know either suspect and had never seen them before in the area.  Officers scoured the area for the suspects but were unsuccessful in locating anyone matching the descriptions given.  Report Number 110695254

11:00am  100 Blk Anderson   False Personation
Officer Fung and CPSA Lee responded to the residence regarding a fraud.  The victim reported being tricked into wiring a large amount of cash into an unknown suspect’s account.  The suspect had identified himself to be a law enforcement officer, stating that a family member out of the country was in trouble.  After receiving another call requesting more money, the victim realized she had been the victim of a scam.  She immediately contacted the police in order to document the incident.  Report Number 110697175

11:02am    4600 Blk Mission    Shoplifting
CPSA Lee and Officer Fung responded to this retail store regarding a theft.  The assistant manager explained that a known female had entered the store and asked to look at one of the Madden 2012 video games.  She then asked to look at one of the strategy guides that was kept behind the counter.  He got called away to help another customer and turned around when he realized she was leaving the building.  He returned to the counter area and realized she had stolen the strategy guide.  He approached her and saw the item secreted in a child baby seat she was carrying and told her he was calling the police.  She fled from the building and he called the police.  Further investigation to be conducted.  Report Number 110695715

11:40am   50 Phelan           Theft         
Community College Police Sgt Russo took a report regarding a theft from a vehicle.  The victim reported parking the car on campus and playing in a soccer game. She returned to find her vehicle broken into and several items missing.  There was no suspect information.  Report  Number 110694002

3:00pm  San Jose/Randall   Vandalism
CPSA Lee and Officer Fung responded to this location regarding a vandalism to a vehicle.  The victim reported that while driving down San Jose Avenue, an unknown suspect threw a rock at her windshield.  She noticed two males in the vicinity but she could not identify either.  Her windshield and vehicle sustained damage from the rock.  Photos of the damage were taken and booked into evidence.  A search of the area for the described suspects was unsuccessful.  Report Number 110696490

4:00pm    500 Blk Munich      Robbery
Officer Sugitan responded to this location regarding a robbery. The victim explained that he had been walking home from school when approached by two unknown males.  They initially asked him for the time, which he told them by checking his cellular phone.  He continued walking and was suddenly surrounded by the suspects.  They made threats to harm him and demanded his wallet and cell phone.  Fearing for his safety, he handed over the items.  He also felt that one of the suspects was holding a knife or similar implement in his pocket.  Both suspects fled on foot towards McClaren Park.  The victim sustained no injuries during the incident.  Officers were unsuccessful in locating the suspects within the park.    Report Number 110696804

4:30pm   2100 Blk Sunnydale     Arson
Officer Chan responded to the area regarding a large grass fire.  SFFD was already on-scene and reported that the fire was under control but of suspicious origin.  A witness had reported seeing a suspicious male unfamiliar to him doing something underneath the baseball bleachers.  The next thing he knew, he heard sirens and saw the male fleeing from the area. The SFFD Arson Investigator will conduct follow-up investigation.  Report Number 110696882

4:40pm   500 Blk Madrid        Theft
PSA Zabarte was contacted at the station regarding a theft from a vehicle.  The victim locked and left his vehicle and returned to find that it had been broken into.  He was unsure how entry had been made, but found the center console damaged and his car radio stolen.  He had no suspect information.  Report Number 110693496

5:00pm   300 Blk Leland        Dog Bite
Officers Goldsborough and Hornstein responded to the residence regarding a dog bite.  The victim was being treated by Paramedics when they arrived. She reported that she had been walking eastbound down the sidewalk near her house.  A woman with her grandchild began walking in her direction.  She had three leashed dogs that she was also walking.  As the woman passed her, one of the dogs growled and then bit her right leg.  She was unsure which one of the three dogs actually bit her.  The owner of the dog was contacted and all pertinent information obtained.  The victim did not wish to have the owner cited but wanted the incident documented. Report Number 110697012

6:59pm     900 Blk Geneva      Robbery
Officers Chang and Park responded to this commercial establishment regarding a strong-armed robbery.  A vehicle description was given in which the suspects fled and officers flooded the area. The victim told Officer Chang that he had been seated in the outside dining area of the restaurant when approached by the unknown male. The male asked for a cigarette which the victim indicated he did not have.  The suspect then entered the restaurant for several minutes before re-approaching the victim in the dining area.  The suspect suddenly reached across the table and grabbed the victim’s gold necklace.  The victim unsuccessfully attempted to hang on to the necklace.  The suspect fled on foot and was seen by witnesses getting into a white Ford SUV and driven from the area.  Witnesses also managed to obtain the license plate of the vehicle before it fled. The victim was uninjured and refused any medical assistance.  Further investigation to be conducted by the Station Investigative Unit.  Report Number 11697272

8:45pm    100 Blk Tara        Theft
PSA Zabarte was contacted at the station regarding a theft from a vehicle.  The victim reported locking and leaving her vehicle and discovering it had been broken into that evening. She was unsure how entry had been made and found no visible damage to the car.  Several personal items had been stolen.  She had no suspect information.  Report Number 110695577


  6:10am      900 Blk Rutland              Recovered Stolen Vehicle
10:00am      400 Blk Cayuga              Stolen Vehicle
11:00am      Phelan/Ocean                 Hit & Run Collision