Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August 7, 2011

Incident Date:
Sunday, August 7th, 2011


7:35am      700 Blk Visitacion               Agg. Assault
Officers Turner and Pai responded to assist Inspector Hart on a possible arrest regarding a previous assault.  Various other Ingleside units also responded to assist.  The officers knocked at the door and were given permission to enter by a tenant who answered the door.  They located the wanted suspect inside the premises and he was taken into custody without incident.  An arrest search also located various weapons which had possibly been used in the previous assault.  Officers took custody of a loaded handgun as well as various Oxycodone tablets which they booked into evidence as well.   
Report Number 110630090

3:00pm      3300 Blk Mission                Shoplifting
Officer Goldsborough responded to the call of a theft.  Complainant advised that she observed a male enter the premises, place several items in his waistband and exit the store without making any attempt to pay for the items.  Complainant signed a citizen’s arrest for the theft and the suspect was cited and released.  Report Number 110631189

Other incidents:        

7:16pm      1600 Block Valencia           Theft
Officer Leong responded to the call of a theft.  Complainant and her daughter advised that they were doing their laundry when the mother set her cellular phone down and went to load another washing machine.  Victim then returned to the first washing machine and noticed her cellular phone was missing.  Victim’s daughter stated she saw a suspicious male walking around the Laundromat but he wasn’t doing any laundry.  She provided a description of the suspect and several officers searched the area to no avail.  Officer Leong was able to view security footage of the suspect which showed him taking the phone and exiting the premises.  Officer Leong requested the employee provide a copy of the footage as soon as he was able to do so.  Report Number 110629219

10:15pm   1200 Blk Geneva                 Burglary
Officers Fung and Lee and were dispatched to the call of a burglary.  Complainant advised that locked and secured the premises the evening before.  He returned this morning and found a door where several equipment was stored had been damaged.  Officers found no sign of forced entry to the premises and provided complainant with follow up information should he locate additional items missing.  Report Number  110631587

10:29pm    Unit Blk Tucker                  Theft
Officers Antonian and Dudley were dispatched to a possible burglary.  They met with complainant and her daughter who advised that they suddenly noticed several items in their home were missing.  There was no sign of any forced entry to the premises and complainants did not suspect anyone.   Report Number 110631991


3:35pm           Faxon/Ocean            Traffic Collision