Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August 6, 2011

Incident Date:
Saturday, August 6th, 2011


10:13pm Geneva/San Jose Ave    Rec Stolen Vehicle
Officers Chang and Park were on patrol in the area when they discovered a vehicle on the roadway that was stolen.  They attempted to effect a traffic stop before the driver was able to enter onto the freeway, but the driver fled from the officers as soon as they turned on their emergency lights and siren.  A lengthy pursuit took place that ultimately involved officers from both Bayview and Ingleside Station.  The driver of the suspect vehicle lost control and crashed when attempting to make an evasive maneuver.  With the teamwork of several patrol units, three male suspects were chased down and taken into custody.  Excellent job by all officers involved!    Report Number 110629269

8:52pm   Kingston/Mission St          Burglary
Officers Houscarriague and Almaguer witnessed a male that appeared to be canvassing an open vehicle in the area.  After approaching the vehicle and walking away several times, the male suddenly reached into the open window and stole an IPad from the front seat.  The male fled the area on foot and was quickly tracked down by the two officers.  The stolen item was recovered and the suspect booked into the county jail on the theft charges.   Report Number 110629413

Other incidents:          

4:00pm   3900 Blk Mission St     Credit Card Fraud
CPSA Wong met with the victim regarding an identity theft.  He said that he had been viewing his bank statement online when he realized that several unauthorized transactions were reflected.  The charges had been made out of the area and in locations that he had never visited.  The victim had contacted his credit card company and cancelled the charges, but needed the incident documented.  Report Number 110628001

7:55pm   Santos/Brookdale Ave      Purse Snatch
Officers Johnson, Obot and Barajas were dispatched to the area regarding a purse snatch that occurred on the Muni Bus. The victim reported that she had been robbed by three male suspects while seated on the bus. All three suspects got onto the bus, two of whom walked to the rear and sat near her.  As the bus came to a stop at the next designated stop, one of the males grabbed her purse.  The third suspect held the muni door open and all three fled from the bus. The victim was unharmed during the theft.  Follow-up investigation to be conducted by the Station Investigative Unit.  Report Number 110629316

9:47pm  Santos/Velasco Ave        Robbery
Officers Dilag and Lundy were dispatched to this location regarding a robbery.  Upon arrival the victim was visibly shaken and appeared to have a fractured wrist.  Paramedics were immediately called to the scene.  The victim explained to the officers that she had been waiting for the bus at the bus shelter and was approached by three males.  One of the males grabbed her purse and she tried to hang on. The purse was fiercely twisted out of her hand, wrenching her wrist. One of the other suspect’s punched her in the back and all three fled on foot.  The victim was transported to the hospital for further evaluation.   Report number 110624479

10:10pm   4600 Blk Mission         Vandalism
Officers Dilag and Lundy responded to the Laundromat regarding a vandalism.  The victim reported that she had heard banging noises coming from the rear, then heard a door slam.  She went to find out what was going on and discovered a broken window.  She had no suspect information to give to the police.  Report Number 110629695

10:45pm Prentiss/Powhatten      Kidnapping/Robbery  
Officer Jones was dispatched to the area regarding a kidnapping.  The victim was found covered in a blanket with visible injuries.  Paramedics were immediately called to the scene.  Officer Jones was told that she had been outside of her residence talking on her cell phone when approached by an unknown male.  The suspect asked to use her phone, which she allowed.  While he was speaking on her phone, another unknown male arrived at their location.  The phone was returned to her but the first suspect suddenly punched her in the face, grabbed her and forcibly shoved her into the second suspect’s vehicle. The victim was driven around for several moments, the suspects demanding she turn over all cash in her possession.  When they reached the Prentiss Street area, she was shoved back out of the vehicle.  The victim felt as is she had been set up and did not know either suspect involved.  Follow-up investigation to be conducted by the Station Investigative Unit. Report Number 110629639

11:30pm   Geneva/Santos St             Robbery
Officers Lundy and Dilag were dispatched to this location regarding a battery.  They met with several victims who reported that they were attacked at a party they had attended.  The males reported that they had been at a party at this location and were approached by several other males.  The second group of males suddenly attacked them without provocation. One of the victims had his SF Giants baseball cap stolen.  Two of the victims were transported to the Hospital for further medical evaluation due to injuries sustained.  Follow-up investigation continues. Number 110629736

  2:16am        Mission/Precita                         Collision                                   
10:30am      400 Blk Silver                            Stolen Vehicle
  8:17pm      Geneva/Howth St.                     H&R Collision
  8:30pm      1100 Blk Mansell                       Rec Stolen Veh
  8:30pm      Ogden/Folsom St.                    H&R Collision
10:41pm      Bayshore/Blanken Ave            Collision