Friday, August 5, 2011

August 4, 2011

Incident Date:
Thursday August 4th, 2011


10:00pm   Unit Blk Alpha St         Drunk In Public
Officers Pederson and Kneuker responded to this location when a neighbor reported that an unknown female was attempting to break into a house.  When the officers arrived on scene, they discovered a female that was banging on the front door demanding entry.  It was quickly discernible that the female was highly intoxicated and barely able to stand on her own.  She was ultimately taken into custody and transported from the scene.   Report Number 110623879

Other incidents:          

12:00am    100 Blk Guttenberg St       Burglary
CPSA Wong and Officer Fung took a report regarding a burglary.  The victim explained to them that the residence broken into was not his primary residence and had been secured and undamaged the last time he saw it.  When he arrived tonight, he found the front door pried open and a door to the upstairs area forced open.  A large mirror and full mattress had been removed from the house.  The victim also reported that an unlocked vehicle within the garage area had been entered and parts stolen.  He had no suspect information.  Report Number 110622655

7:30am  500 Blk Sawyer St   Suspicious Occurrence
The victim came to the station to document a suspicious incident with CPSA Flynn.  She explained that one of her neighbors parked his car so that it was blocking her driveway.  He had done this on previous occasions and decided to have the vehicle towed.  The male came knocking on her front door and was extremely hostile and agitated that she had the vehicle towed.  She asked that the incident be documented in case the matter continued to escalate.  Report Number 110622768

10:45am    Unit Blk Lapham Wy        Burglary
CPSA Soliman and Officer Altamirano responded to this residence regarding a possible break-in.  The victims reported that they locked and left the house to run some errands.  When they returned, they discovered a back gate unlatched.  Later in the day they realized that one of the kitchen windows that had been closed was now open and damaged.  There did not seem to be any items missing from within the house and they had no suspect information.   Report Number 110623346

4:30pm    50 Phelan Ave       Theft from Building
Sgt. Russo of the City College Police Department took a report regarding the theft of some personal items from the Rosenberg Library.  The victim told him that she had her wallet, credit cards, passport and numerous other items of identification stolen.  She had no suspect information.  Report Number 110578428

7:50pm    Geneva/Prague St              Theft
CPSA Flynn was contacted at the station regarding a theft.  The victim told him that he had been riding on the Muni Bus and had been talking on his cell phone.  An unknown male snatched the cell phone from out of his hand and immediately ran off the bus.  The suspect had two friends that fled from the bus with him.  The victim did not think he could identify the suspect and had already deactivated the phone.  Report Number 110623697

  2:30pm          500 Blk Raymond     Stolen Vehicle
10:39pm                Geneva/Tara St                  Collision