Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 3, 2011

Incident Date:
Wednesday August 3rd, 2011


 8:20am   Unit Blk Pasadena Crt       Threats/Battery
Officer Larocca was dispatched to the residence regarding an assault that took place.  He met with the victim upon arrival.  The victim explained that he had obtained a restraining order against a subject living in the residence.  When he woke up this morning, he realized that the male had entered the residence and violated the stay-away order. He confronted the male and was attacked. Prior to leaving the house, the suspect threatened the victim’s life.  Officers located the suspect at another location and took him into custody.  Report Number 110618557

1:30pm     3300 Blk Mission St       Shoplifting
Officer Wilson responded to this commercial establishment regarding a petty theft.  He met with the Loss Prevention Officer and was told that a male suspect had entered the store and began acting suspiciously.  While keeping a visual on the individual, he watched as the suspect picked up several store items and secreted them into his pants.  The male exited the store without making any effort to pay for the items and was detained upon reaching the parking lot.   The suspect had no prior convictions and was issued a citation for the theft.   Report Number 110597387

3:00pm     Unit Blk Duncan St           Burglary
Multiple Ingleside Units as well as several units from Mission Station responded to the area when advised of a burglary in progress.  The male suspect involved had smashed a front window to the residence and entered the living room area wearing only a hospital gown.  The resident of the house was holding her newborn child and stepped on to her back porch to scream for help.  Officers set up a perimeter of the area and called the police department’s canine units to assist.  The suspect had actually fled from the residence prior to police arriving on scene and was ultimately located within another residence that he had broken into.  This arrest of a fleeing felon necessitated teamwork, complex coordination of multiple units as well as quality interviews in a harried atmosphere.  Excellent Job by all involved!!  Report Number 110619696       *******Best Arrest of the Day******

6:30pm   100 Blk Argonaut Ave     Concealed Firearm
Housing Officers Obot, Trail, Peregoy and Johnson were dispatched to this location regarding a man with a gun.  The area they were dispatched to is known to be afflicted with numerous robberies, burglaries, narcotics use and sales as well as firearm arrests.  The officers located several subjects within a darkened back parking lot area.  All of the subjects immediately attempted to walk away from the officers but were detained.  After speaking with the detained subjects, they discovered two other males in a back walk-way area.  One of the suspects was holding a firearm when located and taken into custody immediately.  The firearm was seized as evidence and the suspect booked in at the county jail.  Excellent Job!  Report Number 110620358

7:45pm   Mission/Sickles St     Battery/Robbery
After conducting a productive investigation, Sgt. Chan apprehended a suspect that had been involved in two separate crimes occurring in the City and County of San Francisco. He was able to solve an assault  case that took place in the Ingleside District as well as a robbery that occurred in the Northern District.   Report Number 110610014

Other incidents:          

7:00am      100 Blk Raymond Av         Burglary
Officer Apodaca and Officer Gabriel responded to this area regarding a burglary.  The victim reported locking and leaving his residence.  When he returned he discovered that his front gate had been broken and the front door was slightly ajar.  He entered the house and noticed several personal items displaced and the rooms ransacked.  Several items had been stolen from within the house.  Victim had no suspect information.  Photos of the residence were taken and booked into evidence.  Report Number 110620386

11:50am    1100 Blk Brussels St         Theft
Officer Larocca was dispatched to this location due to a burglary.  The resident explained that he had left the residence and returned to find his play-station gone.  His roommate had been filming a video for class and had allowed several students into the house.  He felt that one of the students involved in the filming had found the play-station.  The victim had no other information and asked that the police follow-up on this theft.  Report Number 110619254

10:00am    200 Blk Elsie                 Fraud
Officer Thompson responded to this residence regarding a fraud.  The victim told the officer that she had received a call from an unknown male regarding a debt that she had accrued. Her name had been used out of state to obtain a loan that she had not approved.  She requested documentation of the incident.   Report Number 110619674

6:05pm      Geneva/Prague St           Vandalism
Officers Nibungco and Pereira responded to this location regarding some malicious mischief.  A muni bus driver told the officers that he witnessed several young males vandalizing his bus.  They were pulling apart the weather stripping from the windows, causing them to fall and shatter.  He was unable to provide detailed descriptions and could only state that they fled on foot down Geneva Avenue.  He needed the incident documented by the police.  Report Number 110620239

8:50pm      1400 Blk Ocean Ave         Dog Bite
Officers Hom and Cassinelli responded to this location to talk to the victim about a dog bite.  The victim explained that he had parked his car on a nearby corner and began to walk across the street.  A light brown Chihuahua began barking and ran towards him.  The dog bit him on the ankle, but did not break the skin.  The owner of the dog was contacted and advised of proper protocol for a dog bite incident.  A copy of the police report was forwarded to DPH as well as Animal Care and Control for any further action.    Report Number 110620580

8:40pm    100 Blk Blythdale Ave    Residential Burglary
Officers Apodaca and Gabriel responded to this residence regarding a burglary.  The victim had locked and left the premises and returned to find one of the rear windows open. The interior had been ransacked and her cellular phone and ATM Card stolen.  The victim had no suspect leads but did point out some potential evidence left by the opened window.   The Crime Scene unit was contacted to respond to the scene. Further investigation to be conducted.  Report Number 110620659

9:200pm   San Jose/Geneva Ave      Battery
Officers responded regarding a physical altercation between several males.  Upon arrival they met with the victim who reported that the incident began when he was stopped for a red light.  A male approached his car and screamed at him to move from the muni tracks so that the light rail vehicle could pass.  The victim was blocked in by other vehicles and was unable to move his car, which infuriated the male and his friends. A confrontation between several subjects then began and was broken up when the police arrived.  All participants were uncooperative and none of the parties desired further police action.   Report Number 110617985

12:05am             Rhine/Flournoy St                     Hit & Run
12:20am             100 Blk Velasco St                   Recovered Stolen Vehicle
12:25am             400 Blk Raymond Ave              Collision
  9:07am             Diamond/Monterey Blvd           Hit & Run
11:35am             Mission/Seneca St                    Collision
  2:12pm             500 Blk Carter St                       Recovered Stolen Vehicle
  6:09pm             800 Blk Alemany Blvd               Recovered Stolen Vehicle
  8:00pm            100 Blk Alemany Blvd                Recovered Stolen Vehicle