Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 22, 2011

Incident Date:
Monday, August 22nd, 2011


2:00am      Mt. Vernon/Howth               Fare Evasion
Officers Morse and  Kneuker responded to a dispute between a taxi driver and his passenger.  Reportee advised that he was in the Castro area of San Francisco when he boarded a cab with some friends.  He noticed the GPS on the cab wasn’t working and believed the cab driver didn’t know where he was going.  He told the cab driver to stop the cab and that he wasn’t going to pay the fare because he felt the cab driver was being dishonest.  The cab driver insisted that he pay the fee and signed a citizen’s arrest when reportee refused to do so.  The reportee was cited for the fare evasion. 
Report Number 110672575

4:09am      1400 Blk Sunnydale            Evading
Sgt. Escobar was on patrol assigned to violence reduction in the Sunnydale Housing area when he observed a blue vehicle westbound on Sunnydale fail to come to a complete stop at an arterial stop sign.  The vehicle turned in his direction and accelerated.  The sergeant followed the vehicle which continued to drive at a high rate of speed and fail to stop at several additional stop signs.  Several other Ingleside units responded to the area and began to pursue the vehicle with Sgt. Escobar monitoring the pursuit.  The vehicle finally came to a stop near Argonaut Street and a male exited the vehicle and began running.  The officers radioed that the individual was fleeing and various officers joined in a foot pursuit.  Officers Campos was able to catch up to the suspect and he was taken into custody and booked at Ingleside Station.  Report Number 110672650

9:35am      Unit Blk Phelan                    Lic. Suspended
SFCCPD Officer Edwards was on uniformed patrol when he observed a blue vehicle park in a designated disabled parking spot.  The officer approached the male driver and asked to see his registration card associated with the disabled placard he was displaying in the vehicle.  The driver of the vehicle stated the placard and vehicle belonged to his aunt and that his aunt was at home.  The officer asked the suspect for his driver’s license and he told the officer he didn’t have it with him.   He provided the officer with this student identification card.  A record check revealed the suspect’s license was suspended.  He was cited for driving on a suspended license and misuse of the disabled placard.  The vehicle was towed to Auto Return.  Report Number 110673034

6:06pm      1100 Blk Sunnydale            Warrant Arrest
Officers Apodaca and Gabriel were on patrol when they observed a known individual standing in front of the Heritage Homes complex.  The officers were familiar with this individual from numerous prior contacts with him.  A record check revealed him to have an outstanding warrant which was confirmed by the warrant bureau.  The suspect was taken into custody without incident.  Report Number 100725253

9:35am      Unit Blk Phelan                    Battery
Officers Khan and Carrasco responded to a fight regarding an off duty officer.  Dispatch broadcast a description of the suspect and the officers detained a male matching the description close by.  Other officers responded to the area for assistance.  The officers met with reportee who advised that he was at home when he heard someone rummaging through his garbage.  He went downstairs and asked the suspect to stop searching in the garbage cans and leave the area.  The suspect refused to do so and pushed victim away.  A struggle ensued and the victim yelled upstairs to his wife to call the police.  Suspect then fled the area.  Sgt. Jusino brought the victim to the area where the officers had the suspect detained and the victim positively identified the suspect as the individual who had pushed him.  The suspect was unable to provide proper identification and he was transported to Ingleside station.  The victim signed a citizen’s arrest and the suspect was booked for the battery with a process for proper identification.  Report Number 110674913

Other incidents:        

8:00am      1800 Blk Sunnydale           Vandalism
Officers Gabriel and Apodaca responded to the call of a broken window.  Victim advised he left his home at 0800 hours and when he returned found the rear window to the residence broken.  He was unable to provide any further information.  The officers took pictures of the broken window and booked them into evidence.  Report Number 110674634

11:55am     Unit Blk Phelan                 Theft
SFCCPD Officer Hakes responded to a theft call.  The victim advised that she placed her items in a locker which she secured with a padlock.  She returned and found the padlock inside of the locker and items missing.  She was unable to provide the officer with any further information.  Report Number 110673642

12:00pm     Unit Blk Phelan                 Theft
SFCCPD Officer Sanchez responded to the call of a theft.  The victim stated she locked and secured items in a cabinet in her office and when she returned found items missing.  She was unable to provide any other information.  Report Number 110672882

1:00pm      300 Blk Madison                 Vandalism
CPSA Lee and Officer Morgante were dispatched to the call of a vandalism.  They spoke with reportee who advised that she parked and secured her vehicle and when she returned found numerous scratches on the trunk and side of the vehicle.  The officers took pictures of the damage which they booked into evidence at Ingleside station.  Report Number 110673056

1:00pm      300 Blk Congdon                 Burglary
Officers Habib and Chan responded to a burglary.  They spoke with the victim who advised her brother locked and secured the home when he left the evening prior.  The victim said she returned this afternoon and found a side window to the home smashed and various items missing.  There was no other sign of forced entry to the home.  The officers took pictures of the damage for evidence and provided the victim with follow up information.  Report Number 110674753

4:30pm     100 Blk Persia                      Att. Robbery        
Officers Habib and Chan were dispatched to the call of a shooting.  Various other units responded to the scene for assistance.  Upon their arrival they located a victim who appeared to have a gun shot wound to the head.  The officers immediately summoned an ambulance to treat the victim for his injuries.  Officer Gabriel was able to speak with the victim who gave a detailed description of the suspects and various officers canvassed the area.  The victim advised that he was standing by his vehicle when various males approached him and asked him to give up his chain.  The victim refused and felt threatened so he grabbed a wrench from inside his vehicle for protection.  One of the suspects fled the area and the other attempted to snatch the victim’s chain from his neck.  They began struggling with each other when the suspect pulled out a handgun, pushed the handgun toward the victim’s head and fired a shot at him.  The suspect then fled the area.  The victim stated he could recognize the first suspect if he saw him again.  The officers began a crime scene log and secured the scene.

The ambulance responded and stabilized the victim.  Officer Habib took pictures of the victim’s injuries which were later booked at Ingleside station.  Officers Daggett and Hurwitz then dispatched they had a possible suspect who matched the description detained close by.  Before transporting the victim to the hospital they drove by where the suspect was detained but the victim stated the person detained was not the suspect who had shot him.  Officers continued to search for the suspects to no avail.  Report Number 110674333

8:35pm     400 Blk Chenery                  Fraud
Officer Castillo responded to a fraud.  The victim advised her that when he checked his credit card statement he discovered various unauthorized charges.  He was unable to provide any further information and stated the bank requested he file a report and cancel the credit card.  Report Number 110674769


8:20am           Teresita/Rio               Traffic Collision
2:17pm           500 Blk San Jose     Recovered Auto
6:00pm           500 Blk 30th St.         Stolen Auto
10:41pm        800 Blk Peralta          Recovered Auto
11:00pm        100 Blk Lawrence     Stolen Auto