Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Incident Date:
Sunday, August 21st, 2011


3:43am      Randall/Arlington                Graffiti
Officer Kneuker responded to a graffiti call. While responding to the scene he observed a subject who matched the description of the suspect which had been broadcast by dispatch. The officer detained the subject who was later positively identified as the person who had vandalized the side of a building with red paint. The witness pointed out the damaged area and the spray cans were found in a grassy area near the damage. The officer took pictures which he booked into evidence along with the spray cans. The witness signed a citizen’s arrest and the suspect was arrested and then cited for the vandalism. Report Number 110670256

1:15pm      5200 Blk Diamond Hts       Battery
Officer Martinez was dispatched to a battery. He met with SFPD Patrol Special Adamson who had a male suspect detained. The victim advised the officer that she had been arguing with the suspect when suddenly he hit her in the face. The victim also told the officer that the suspect insulted her.  The victim yelled for help and was assisted by the Patrol Special. The victim pointed the suspect out and the Patrol Special detained him.  The victim refused medical assistance, and insisted she wanted the suspect arrested.  She signed a citizen’s arrest for the suspect so the suspect was arrested and then cited for the battery.  Report Number 110670999

7:44pm      1400 Blk Sunnydale      Suspended License
Officers Antonian and Dudley were on patrol when they effected a traffic stop on a vehicle which had made a sudden turn without signaling.  They made contact with the driver of the vehicle who told them that he did not have his license on him.  A record check of the driver revealed a suspended license.  There were two passengers in the vehicle that were asked to step out. The officers asked the two subjects for identification and since they had not been searched, the officers asked them if they had any contraband on them. One of the subjects told the officers that he had marijuana in his pocket.  Because of the lack of identification the officers were unable to make positive identification on either of the suspects which prompted the officers to transport the subjects to the station for further investigation and the vehicle was towed.  At Ingleside Station the officers were able to identify the two passengers. Both subjects had no pending warrants, so they were cited for the marijuana violation and released. Report Number 110671862

Other incidents:        

4:17am      4600 Blk Mission                Att. Robbery
Officers Lundy and Dilag responded to investigate a robbery.  The victim explained to the officers that he was sitting in his vehicle when a male approached him and asked him for a cigarette and money.  The victim told the suspect that he didn’t have any money.  The victim then said that suddenly several other male suspects approached the vehicle, pulled him out and began punching him repeatedly and they threw him to the pavement.  The suspects then fled on Mission Street.  Several witnesses provided information to the officers which resulted in a detailed description of the suspects. An ambulance was summoned to the scene for the victim. The victim told the officers he could recognize the suspects if he saw them again.  Ingleside Officers canvassed the area for the suspects and clues but were unsuccessful. The injuries to the victim were non- life threatening.  Report Number 110670262

12:30pm     1900 Blk San Jose            Theft
Officer Thompson was sent to investigate a theft case.  The victim told the officers that he was working in the store when the suspect came in and ordered a sandwich.  The victim placed his cellular phone on the counter and turned his back to retrieve some merchandise.  When the victim turned around, he noticed the suspect was not there and his cellular phone was missing.  since the store has surveillance the video was ordered by Officer.  Report Number 110671157

3:30pm      5000 Blk Mission                Counterfeit
Officers Reynolds and Altamirano responded to a fraud case. They met with the reportee who told them a male suspect had provided him with currency to pay for some items.  The reportee placed the money in the machine and it returned as an invalid form of currency. The victim moved toward the telephone to call the police that was when the suspect fled the store. The officers requested the video surveillance.   As with all counterfeit money the Secret Service was notified and the fake bill was booked into evidence.  Report Number 110671351

5:00pm      100 Blk Oxford                     Fraud
Officer Morse was dispatched to investigate a fraud incident. The victim stated that he had lost his wallet some time ago. The victim told the officer that when he checked his bank account he noticed that there numerous unauthorized transactions had been made to his account.  The victim could not provide the officer with any further information.  Report Number 110670046

5:23pm     Coleridge/Eugenia               Theft        
Officers Yuen and Paras responded to a reported auto boost case. The reportee told the officers that  he was inside his house when he heard the noise of a window shattering outside.  He immediately looked out of his window and noticed a male suspect reaching into a blue vehicle and removing items. The suspect then boarded a silver vehicle and fled the area. The officers were able to locate the owner of the vehicle who advised them that he parked and secured his vehicle earlier today and that there was no damage at that time.  The victim told the officers that there were several items missing.  The Officers offered to process the vehicle for fingerprint evidence but victim refused. The officers searched the area for the suspect and vehicle with negative results.  Report Number 110671549


12:23am        2100 Blk Bayshore              Recovered Vehicle
11:41am        Ocean/Miramar                    Traffic accident
10:30pm        Silver/Congdon                    Hit and Run accident