Thursday, August 25, 2011

August 23, 2011

Incident Date:
Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011


12:16pm   Mansell/Dublin           Unlicensed Driver
Officers Saqib and Marino were on patrol when they observed a vehicle westbound on Mansell with its rear stop lamps not working.  They affected a traffic stop and made contact with the driver who spoke minimal English.  Officer Trujillo, a certified Spanish translator, responded to the scene and assisted with a translation.  The driver was unable to provide any form of identification and told Officer Trujillo that he did not have a driver’s license.  The vehicle was towed and the driver was booked for processing of identification.  Report Number 110676050

1:28pm      3300 Blk Mission       Shoplifting
Officers Curry and Sanchez responded to the call of a theft.  They spoke with reportee who advised that he observed a woman enter the store, grab items, hide them on her person, and exit the store without making any attempt to pay for the items.  Reportee detained the suspect outside of the store and called the police.  He signed a citizen’s arrest and the suspect was cited for the theft.  Report Number 110676470

Other incidents:        

0:20am      Delano/Niagara         Vandalism
CPSA Lee and Officer Trujillo were on patrol when they were flagged down by a victim who wanted to report damage to his vehicle.  The victim told the officers that he parked and secured his vehicle and when he returned found it had been spray painted in purple.  The victim had circuit cameras installed outside of his home and he was able to show the officers the video.  He was, however, unable to provide them with a copy of the video showing the suspects at the time.  The officers took pictures of the damage and booked them into evidence at Ingleside station.  Report Number 110675870

9:39am     Unit Blk Canyon          Narcotics
Officers Turner and Araujo were dispatched to the call of the possible illegal growing of marijuana.  They met with reportee who advised he was renting the home and in the process of evicting the tenants.  Reportee stated he posted eviction notices and entered the premises today and found two individuals sleeping there who were not on the lease.  The individuals left willingly and the reportee found various marijuana plants inside the home.  He then called the police.  The officers responded, collected the plants and notified the SFPD’s Narcotics Division.  They were advised to collect the evidence and deliver it to the property division at the Hall of Justice.  The officers did as instructed and took pictures of the evidence which they booked into evidence at Ingleside Station.  Report Number 110675717

11:55am     4400 Blk Mission      Robbery
Officer Sugitan was sent to a robbery call.  The victim told him she was walking on Mission Street when an unknown male confronted her.  She became intimidated and began walking in another direction.  The suspect lunged at her and grabbed her necklace and ripped it off of her causing her to fall to the ground.  The victim screamed for help and the suspect fled the area.  Various witnesses spoke with the officer and provided a detailed description of the suspect.  The victim advised she was not injured and refused medical assistance.  Officers canvassed the area in search of the suspect to no avail.  Report Number 110676000

4:00pm      Unit Blk Benton         Burglary
CPSA Der and Officer Pai were dispatched to a burglary.  The victim advised that his neighbors had observed one of his past tenants had entered the property and removed various plants.  When the neighbors confronted the suspect regarding the incident he dropped the plants and left the area.  The officers were unable to make contact with the neighbors found no signed of forced entry and determined the suspect entered the premises through an unsecured side door.  Report Number 110675808

7:00pm     Mission/Silver            Att. Robbery        
The victim responded to Ingleside station and stated he was standing at the bus stop when five males approached him and told him to give them his money.  When the victim refused the males began punching him repeatedly and one of them hit him in the head with a bottle which shattered.  Victim said he fell to the ground and lost consciousness.  The victim said he then went to the hospital for medical assistance.  He had visible injuries which PSA Callaghan took pictures of and booked them into evidence.  The victim provided limited information on the suspects and said there were no witnesses to the incident.  Report Number 110671282

10:51pm   900 Blk Geneva          Vandalism
Officers Dilag and Dominguez responded to the call of a broken window.  They located the owner of the establishment who responded to the scene and showed the officers surveillance video of a suspect pushing a shopping cart and subsequently breaking the window with his elbow.  Victim was unable to provide the officers with a copy of the video at the time and told the officers he didn’t believe anything was missing from his business.  Report Number 110677848


9:190am        Unit Blk Laidley                    Recovered Auto
11:45am        Harrington/Mission              H&R
3:00pm           Eugenia/Andover                H&R
5:30pm           Tara/Mt. Vernon                   H&R
6:40pm           2900 Blk Alemany               Stolen Auto
7:41pm           700 Blk Portola                    Traffic Collision
8:10pm           100 Blk Avalon                     Stolen Auto