Thursday, August 18, 2011

August 17, 2011

Incident Date:
Wednesday, August 17th, 2011


2:40pm  HWY 101/Cesar Chavez     Firearms Arrest
Officer Preston located a vehicle stopped in a lane of traffic with hazard lights flashing.  As he pulled in behind the vehicle, two subjects ran out from the brush area, got into the vehicle and attempted to flee.  The vehicle was ultimately pulled over and an investigation of their suspicious behavior began.  Officer Preston discovered that the driver did not have a valid license and was also a wanted subject.  A search of the passenger discovered narcotics in her possession.  Both suspects were taken into custody.  A canine unit was called to the scene and a search of the vehicle located an illegal firearm. Further investigation was turned over to Gang Task Force Officers before both suspects were booked into the County Jail. Excellent job by all officers involved!   Report Number110659868

500 Blk Oxford St
.           Burglary
Numerous units responded to this residence regarding a home invasion.  Dispatch informed officers that a male had been caught within his garage and had then gotten into the residence.  After being discovered by the victim, a brief physical encounter occurred and the suspect fled out the back door.  Officers surrounded the area and found the suspect hiding in a construction site just behind the residence.  After positively identifying the suspect and locating stolen property in his possession, the suspect was taken into custody.  Another excellent arrest showing great teamwork amongst all officers involved!  The suspect was booked into jail on numerous felony charges.  Report Number 110660768

9:06pm     Phelan Loop                  D.U.I.
City College Police Officer Flood witnessed the driver of a vehicle make an illegal turn against a clearly posted street sign.  A traffic stop was effected and it was ultimately discovered that the driver was under the influence.  The driver was unable to adequately complete the field sobriety tests and was taken into custody.  The driver’s blood alcohol level was found to be well over the legal limit and he was booked into the County Jail.  Report Number 110660780

Other incidents:        

Leland/Schwerin St
.         Theft
Officers Trujillo and Turner were dispatched to this intersection regarding the theft of a cellular phone.  A suspect description was put out to officers and an unsuccessful search of the area was conducted while responding.  The victim was located and told officers that she had been standing at the bus stop when approached by the unknown male.  The suspect grabbed her phone out of her hand and ran from the area.  The victim was not hurt during the incident.  Report Number 110658371

Jarboe/Prentiss St
.       Auto Boost
The victim reported that she had locked and left her vehicle at this location and returned to find that it had been broken into.  The passenger window had been shattered and a GPS system stolen.  There was no suspect information.  Report Number 116103168

Moscow/Excelsior St
Officers Marino and Aslam responded to this location regarding a battery.  The victim explained to the officers that he and another friend had been walking to a convenience store in the area.  Two large males approached him and began to push him around.  His friend jumped in to help and a physical altercation took place amongst all parties.  When the suspects noticed that the victim was bleeding, they fled from the area on foot.  The victim did not want any medical attention and refused to further cooperate.  Report Number 110658735

4700 Blk Mission St
.       Threats
PSA Heckenberg-Tognozzi was contacted at the station regarding threats.  She reported that her husband had answered the phone at their place of business.  A known suspect was on the phone and asked to speak with her.  When her husband denied the request, the suspect made verbal threats to do bodily harm.  The victim felt the threats were credible and wanted the incident documented.    Report Number 110659125

12:00pm   600 Blk Leland Ave    Court Order Violation
Officer Ocreto was contacted regarding an inappropriate and suspicious message that the victim received via Facebook.  The message was sent by a known suspect and the victim wanted the matter investigated.  A copy of the message was placed with the case file and further investigation was referred to the appropriate Investigative Unit.  Report Number 110659727

300 Blk Trumbell St
.       Robbery
Officers Padilla and Sullivan were dispatched to this location regarding a robbery.  The victim reported that he had been walking his dog in the area when an unknown male suddenly came up behind him.  The suspect reached towards his neck and grabbed the pendant from off of his necklace.  The suspect pulled so hard that he knocked the victim over. The suspect ran away, getting into a white older model Toyota.  He fled the area eastbound, towards Alemany.  Further investigation to be completed by the Station Investigative Unit.  Report Number 110659517

8:30pm     Santos/
Brookdale Ave
Officer Hart responded to the area regarding a robbery that occurred on a Muni Bus.  The victim reported that she had been seated near the front of the bus and placed her IPod phone into her front sweatshirt pocket.  When the driver pulled the bus to a stop, an unknown male that had been seated near her, suddenly reached into her pocket and grabbed the IPod.  The suspect immediately exited the bus and ran off. The victim was not hurt during the incident.  Officers in the area made an unsuccessful attempt to locate the suspect.  Report Number 110660702


Prague/Rolph St
.                    Hit & Run Collision
Concord/Mission St
.               Traffic Collision
Plymouth/Montana St.
           Traffic Collision
Nevada/Tompkins St
.             Traffic Collision
1:23pm          2200 Blk San Jose Ave          Stolen Vehicle
Dolores/28th St
.                        Stolen Vehicle