Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 16, 2011

Incident Date:
Tuesday, August 16th, 2011


12:32am   5700 Blk Mission St      Licensing Violation
Ingleside Station Units conducted a routine beverage license check of bars in the district and discovered that this establishment had an expired license.  When officers spoke with employees on the premises, they were only able to provide an expired license that was displayed on the wall.  The business was issued a citation for the violation.    Report 110658218

10:46am   Edna/Judson Ave         Warrant Arrest
City College Campus Police effected a traffic stop on a driver that was observed driving the wrong way down a one way street.  When they contacted the driver of the vehicle, they discovered that he did not have a valid driver’s license and had an active warrant out for his arrest.  He was issued a citation for the vehicle code violations and taken into custody for the warrant.  Report 110656109

Other incidents:        

8:16am   2500 Blk Bayshore Blvd     Robbery
Officers Phillips and Jones responded to the area regarding an armed robbery.  Preliminary suspect descriptions were put out, however officers searching the immediate area were unsuccessful in their efforts. The victim reported that he was approached by the two suspects while standing in a parking lot area.  One suspect produced a small black handgun, put it to the victim’s torso and then reached into his pants pocket to remove his cash.  Both suspects then ran from the area on foot.  The victim was not injured during the incident.  Further investigation to be conducted.  Report 110655678

12:00pm    100 Blk Rice St              Fraud    
 CPSA Cato was contacted at the station regarding a financial scam. The victim reported that she had accepted an online add for employment and began receiving checks.  After two weeks, she was asked to send money orders to individuals from her own checking account.  Shortly after sending off the money orders, she discovered that the checks she had received were fraudulent.  She had no suspect description, address or phone number and could only give police the email information regarding the job announcement.  The checks were booked into evidence and the matter referred to Fraud.   Report 110657191

2:30pm  800 Blk Ellsworth St     Suspicious Occurrence
Numerous units responded to the area after dispatch received a call regarding a subject with a gun.  The caller had reported being involved in a physical altercation that escalated into the other party pulling out a gun.  Several subjects were detained at the scene, all of whom were uncooperative.  Officers were unable to obtain any further information and were unsuccessful in locating a gun.  All parties were released and the incident documented.  Report 110656842

3:00pm   400 Blk Campbell Ave        Theft
CPSA Der and Officer Fung responded to this location regarding a theft.  The victim reported that someone had illegally entered his backyard and had stolen a statue contained within a plexi-glass case.  He had no suspect information and there did not appear to be any usable evidence left at the scene.  Report 110656331

4:50pm   100 Blk Blythdale Ave      Burglary
Officers Dudley and Tigran responded to the residence regarding a burglary.  The victim locked and left her residence when she went to go pick up her son.  She also locked the front metal gate.  When she returned home, she discovered the metal gate open and the front door unlocked.  The metal bars covering her front windows were also damaged.  Upon entering the residence, she found the front rooms ransacked.  Several items had been stolen from the living room area along with a purse containing cash.  The unknown suspects had also gone to the upstairs bedrooms and ransacked those rooms, removing personal items.  The victim had no suspect information.  Photographs of the scene were taken and booked into evidence. Further investigation to be conducted by the Station Investigative Unit.  Report 110657323

7:43pm    300 Blk Congo St            Vandalism
Officers Chang and Park responded to the residence regarding a verbal altercation that escalated into a vandalism.  The victim reported that she had been arguing with the suspect. The suspect left the residence, walked past her car and continued out of the area.  The victim explained that she had just parked and left her vehicle and knew that there had been no damage.  As soon as the suspect passed the car, she approached and found the tire slashed.  Photographs of the slashed tire were taken and booked into evidence.  Report 110657630

7:55pm    100 Blk Staples Ave       Battery
Officer Blume was contacted at the station regarding a known subject that assaulted him.  The victim reported that the suspect had been a bully for some time, having several previous encounters.  On this occasion, the suspect saw him on the street and approached him.  The victim attempted to avoid eye contact, however the suspect grabbed him by the shirt and began to shake him while making threats.  The victim was able to get away and run into a nearby residence.  Further investigation to be conducted.  Report 110657805


  9:30am        Delano/Seneca Ave              Hit & Run Collision
10:00am        900 Blk Moscow St                Stolen Vehicle
  2:30pm        100 Blk Peabody St               Stolen Vehicle
10:00pm        Swelly/University St               Stolen Vehicle