Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 15, 2011

Incident Date:
Monday, August 15th, 2011


5:52pm   1500 Blk Sunnydale Ave     Warrant Arrest 
Officers Kneuker and Pederson responded to this location regarding a suspicious occurrence.  Upon arrival, the parties on scene were uncooperative and did not appear to live in the residence.  One of the subjects was found to be on active Parole and also had an outstanding warrant for his arrest.  He was taken into custody without incident.  Report 110652442

12:29pm   5100 Blk Mission St          Fraud
Officers Goldsborough and Hornstein responded to this commercial establishment regarding a male that was attempting to cash a fraudulent check.  When officers arrived on scene they were told that the male had attempted to cash a check, but had no identification in his possession.  The owner of the check was contacted and told police that he had not given anyone permission to cash the check. His personal information had been illegally obtained when his house was burglarized.  The suspect was taken into custody and booked in at Ingleside Station.   Report 110653337

11:25pm   400 Blk Geneva Ave        Probation Violation
Officers Chan and Habib effected a traffic stop on a vehicle that cut off traffic when making an illegal left-hand turn.  Several males were within the vehicle when it was pulled over, all of whom immediately began to fidget and act in a suspicious manner.  One of the subjects within the vehicle was on probation and was not supposed to be in contact with the other occupants.  The probation officer was contacted and the suspect taken into custody for the violation.  Report Number 110655236

Other incidents:        

3:00am    3200 Blk Mission St         Battery
Officer Androvich was contacted at the station regarding a battery that occurred in front of this location.  The victim explained that he works for a private security company and had removed two subjects from the establishment after customer complaints.  Later on in the evening, he was talking to a friend in front of the same location and noticed the two suspects approaching him.  The next thing he knew, he was hit with a blunt object on the back of his head. Both of the males fled on foot.  The victim did not want any medical attention, but wanted the incident documented.    Report 110655258

6:45am   500 Blk Hearst Ave          Burglary  
Officers Chan and Park responded to this residence regarding a burglary report. The victim explained to the officers that he had locked and left his residence and came home to find his back door kicked in.  He did not find anybody within the house and no items appeared to have been stolen.  Photographs of the scene were taken and booked into evidence.  The victim had no suspect information and officers were unable to make contact with any neighbors.  Further investigation to be conducted by the Station Investigative Unit.  Report 110654147

10:40am    50 Phelan Ave              Theft
Community College Officer Hakes took a report regarding a stolen cellular phone.  One of the employees told him that she had conducted a workshop for the students and had placed her bag on a chair next to where she was speaking.  Several students approached her after the lecture, blocking her view of the bag.  When the lecture hall emptied out, she discovered that the phone had been stolen.  She had no suspect information and the phone had already been shut off.  Report 110653058

12:56pm    5000 Blk Mission St.      Vandalism
CPSA Lee and Officer Fung responded to the gas station regarding some vandalism to the property.  A male subject had come to pump gas and prepaid the clerk.  He apparently changed his mind and went back inside to ask for his money back. He returned to his vehicle and drove off the premises with the pump still in the gas tank, damaging both the pump and gas tank.  Photographs and other evidence were collected on scene.  Further investigation to be conducted.  Report Number 110653757

6:00pm     300 Blk Monterey Blvd      Burglary
CPSA Lee and Officer Fung responded to the residence regarding a burglary.  The victim reported that he had secured his bicycle to a fixed post next to his garage.  When he returned home, he discovered that the bike had been stolen.  He had no witness or suspect information.  Report Number 110653860

6:45pm     Unit Blk Brookdale Ave        Threats
Officers Trail and Peregoy responded to this location regarding some threatening phone calls.  The victim explained to the officers that an unknown male had been making threatening calls to his residence.  At first he threatened to harm family members, then the male made racially insensitive comments.  The male called back a third time, making threats towards the victim’s young daughter.  They do not know who is making the calls, but felt that the threats were credible and feared for their safety.  Further investigation to be conducted by the Station Investigative Unit.  Report Number 110654705

8:00pm    100 Blk Day St               Burglary
CPSA Navarro and Officer Giannini responded to this location regarding a burglary.  The victim reported that somebody had entered her garage area and stolen two bicycles.  She realized that she had left the garage door open overnight and felt that entry had been made during that time. One of the bikes had been secured to a stationary post, the other had been standing against the wall.  She had no suspect information nor potential witnesses.  Report Number 110652765

10:15pm   Unit Blk Natick St         Burglary
CPSA Navarro and Officer Giannini responded to a call of a burglary.  The victim reported that someone had pushed through some mesh covering a front door and had been able to gain entry into a gated area of the residence.  No items were stolen or appeared missing and there was no suspect information.  Photos were taken of the scene and booked into evidence.  Report Number 110652680


3:25pm           50 Phelan                                    Traffic Collision
4:48pm           Unit Blk Marston Ave                 Rec. Stolen Vehicle
7:20pm           Esmerelda/Bradford St.            Traffic Collision