Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 1, 2011

Incident Date:
Monday, August 1st, 2011


3:18pm      100 Blk Excelsior       Viol. Ct. Order
Officers Abucay, Blume and Gonzalez were on patrol when they responded to a call of a person in violation of a stay away court order.  They met with complainant who stated that she had a restraining order against an individual who was standing outside of the building.  The officers detained the subject and a record check revealed an active restraining order.  The suspect was taken into custody without incident.  Report Number 110614470

Other incidents:          

12:00pm   1400 Blk Noe               Fraud
Victim came to Ingleside station to report a fraud.  She told PSA Cato that she received her bank statement and noticed that someone had opened an account which she had not authorized.  Although she had suffered no financial loss at the time she wanted the incident documented should anything further occur.  Report Number 110614113

4:00pm      Geneva/Mission          Theft
Victim came to Ingleside station to report a theft.  He stated he was on a MUNI bus and when he exited the bus noticed that various items were missing from his backpack.  He was unable to provide any further information.  Officer Turner provided follow up information and ordered the surveillance video from MUNI dispatch.

5:00pm      400 Blk Athens           Burglary
Officer Araujo responded to the call of a burglary.  Complainant advised that he locked and secured the building when he left the evening before.  When he returned this morning he found various windows had been smashed and the offices ransacked.  He stated he was unsure if anything was missing at that time.  Officer Araujo advised the complainant that SFPD crime scene investigations would be responding to process the scene.  The complainant obtained a copy of the security video and the officer delivered it to Ingleside’s special investigation team.  Report Number 110613080

5:00pm      27th/Guerrero              Theft
Victim came to Ingleside station to report a theft from her vehicle.  She told PSA Cato that she parked and secured her vehicle and when she returned found the rear window had been smashed and various items taken.  She was unable to provide PSA Cato with any further information.   Report Number 110615252

6:00pm      100 Blk Anderson      Burglary
Officers Paras and Archilla were dispatched to the call of a burglary.  Complainant advised that he was renovating the home which he had left secured the evening before.  When he returned to the site on today’s date he noticed various items were missing.  The officers were unable to locate any sign of forced entry to the premise and were unsuccessful in locating any witnesses who might have witnessed the burglary.  Report Number 110614668

6:00pm      Unit Blk Ocean           Graffiti
Officer LaRocca responded to the call of a resident who wanted to report graffiti to the building she worked at.  She showed the officer several areas where the building had been vandalized and was unable to give any reason why anyone would want to graffiti the property.  Officer LaRocca took pictures of the graffiti which he booked into evidence at Ingleside station.  Report Number 110614668