Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 8 & 9, 2011

Incident Date:
Friday July 8th & Saturday July 9th, 2011


10:25am             Crescent & Nevada             Warrant
Officer Duffin was on patrol when he spotted a vehicle at a stop sign.  He noticed that the driver was holding his cell phone.  The driver noticed the officer looking at him and quickly dropped his hand and phone away from his ear.  The officers conducted a traffic stop and contacted the driver.  A records check revealed that the driver had never been issued a driver’s license and had an outstanding warrant.  The driver was taken into custody.  Report 110550589

2:12pm               3300 Blk Mission St             Theft
Officers Wilson and Murphy were dispatched to a report of a suspect stealing from a store.  The officers contacted the suspect, who was in possession of stolen goods.  The suspect had prior arrests for shoplifting.  The suspect was taken into custody.  Report 110550993

3:58pm               5700 Blk Mission St             Warrant
Officers Burke, Almaguer and McMilton were briefed regarding a felony warrant being issued on a suspect.  The officers responded to a location where they thought the suspect might be.  The officers located the suspect and took him into custody.  Report 110551292

5:10pm               5000 Blk Mission St             Narcotics
Officers Almaguer, McMilton and Burke were on patrol when they witnessed what they observed a suspect spit an object from his mouth into his hand.  The suspect examined the object intently.  Subjects involved in narcotics activity often exhibit this behavior.  The suspect was also in an area known for trafficking narcotics.  The officers contacted the suspect.  A records check revealed that the suspect had an outstanding warrant.  The suspect was also in possession of narcotics.  The suspect was taken into custody.  Report 110551474

8:07pm               Unit Blk Gladys St                Narcotics
Officers Archilla and Paras were on patrol when they decided to conduct a bar check of a local business.  The business is known for narcotic sales and other criminal activity.  While outside of the bar, the officers saw a vehicle drive by at a high rate of speed.  The vehicle was also straddling two lanes, instead of staying in one lane.  Officers Shugars, Barajas and Gonzalez responded to assist the officers in a traffic stop.  They officers contacted the driver, who did not have a driver’s license.  The driver was also in possession of narcotics paraphernalia often used for narcotic sales.  The driver was taken into custody.  Report 110551844 ***BEST ARREST OF THE DAY!!***

Other incidents:          

2:00am               3700 Blk Mission St              Battery
Officers Benavidez and Baldovino responded to a call of gun shots being fired.  Dispatch informed them and other responding officers that there might be a victim on the ground.  The officers located a victim on the ground who appeared highly intoxicated and some injuries on his face.  A witness told the officers that the victim had been beat up by three suspects.  The victim had not been shot.  Report 110552585

8:20am               300 Blk Addison St               Graffiti
Officers Shokair and Frisk were dispatched to a report of graffiti.  The officers located graffiti on several pieces of property.  Report 110550266

10:46am             1400 Blk Diamond St            Vandalism
Officer Ocreto responded to a report of vandalism to a vehicle.  The victim witnessed the suspect walk over to her vehicle and scratch it with a key.  The victim confronted the suspect, but he fled.  Report 110544667

11:00am             1400 Blk Noe St                    Theft
Officers Morgante and Martinez were dispatched to a report of a theft.  The victim had secured his bicycle outside of his residence but a suspect had taken it.  Report 110550664

7:00pm               Unit Blk 29th St                      Battery
Officers Archilla and Paras were dispatched to a report of a battery.  The victim was on her bicycle at a red light.  The light changed to green and she proceeded forward.  A vehicle pulled up behind her and a suspect yelled at her to get out of the way.  The suspect threw a hot dog at her and the vehicle fled.  Report 110549134

11:15pm             400 Blk Edinburgh St            Robbery
Officers Pai and Araujo responded to a report of a robbery.  The victim was walking while looking down at his cell phone, which he was holding in his hand.  One suspect approached on his left side and held a knife against his neck.  A second suspect stood on his right side.  The first suspect grabbed the victim’s cell phone out of his hand and fled.  Report 110547473


  8:44am                     Unit Blk Laidley St                           Recovered vehicle
12:30pm                    2800 Blk San Jose Ave                   Stolen vehicle