Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 6, 2011

Incident Date:
July 6th, 2011


5:35 pm     600 blk Cambridge              DUI Arrest
Officers Blume and Sgt Riskin were on patrol when they were flagged down by a witness that told them there was a female driver that looked like she was falling asleep at the wheel.  The officers responded to the area and located a vehicle matching the description they were given.  The vehicle was stopped at the intersection and the female driver’s head appeared to be on the steering wheel.  The patrol car pulled in behind the vehicle and the driver began to slowly turn the corner, jumping a curb and stopping on the edge of a residential driveway.  Officers approached the driver and could immediately detect the strong odor of alcohol emanating from the within the vehicle.  Field Sobriety Tests were conducted on the driver and she was taken into custody for suspicion of driving under the influence.  Further investigation was conducted and an Intoxilyzer test revealed that the driver was, in fact, well over the legal limit.  The driver was booked in at the County Jail. Report number 110543023
Other incidents:        

9:45 am    Coso at Coleridge               Dog Bite
Victim responded to Ingleside Station in order to file a dog bite report.  Victim had taken his golden retriever out for a walk in the area.  The golden retriever was being walked on a leash down the sidewalk.  Victim noticed a younger male walking a leashed Pitbull coming towards him.  As the Pitbull passed his location, he suddenly swung around without warning and grabbed his dog by the neck.  Both men attempted to disengage the Pitbull from the Retriever’s neck, but without success.  After approximately three minutes, unidentified neighbors had responded to assist and successfully separated the dogs.  Victim took down the males’ information but did not call the police at the time.  The Golden Retriever ultimately developed an absess in the neck area where bitten and required surgery. Victim discovered that most of the information given to him by the male was false information.  Victim then came to the Police Station to report the incident and have further investigation conducted.  Report number  110542116

12:00 pm   400 blk Huron                    Burglary
Officers Park and Chang responded to a location regarding a citizen standby.  This location was familiar to the responding officers due to previous calls of trespassing.  The owner of the residence had just come back in to town in order to inspect his property.  At that time, he realized that the "trespassers" that had been found within the residence had removed a washer and dryer as well as a large mirror.  He had also found damage within the residence.  He had no further suspect information and found the residence empty upon his return.    Report number  110542746

10:50 pm    5600 blk Mission             Aggravated Assault
Officers Seavey and Jones responded to a location regarding a battery.  Upon arrival, they met with a female victim who told them that she had gotten into a physical altercation with another woman.  The victim had bruising and swelling to her face and an ambulance was called to the scene.  The victim explained that she had been with her boyfriend when she noticed a received text message on his phone. The message was from his other girlfriend and it was regarding a time and place to meet later that evening.  Victim then got into a heated verbal altercation which caused the boyfriend to leave.  She followed him around the corner and saw his other girlfriend waiting for him.  Victim began yelling at the other girlfriend and was then attacked.  Suspect punched the Victim on and around the face several times and then fled from the area. Victim did not know the name of the suspect and could only give a physical description.  She informed officers that a similar incident had occurred in Oakland approximately two months ago.  A police report was filed at that time.  Photographs were taken at the scene and booked into evidence.    Report number  110543835

10:55 pm    Anderson at Eugenia      Robbery
Officers Ferronato and Benavidez responded to that location regarding a robbery. Victim told officers that she had been robbed at gunpoint.  Victim explained that she had just parked her car when approached by an unknown male.  As she opened the driver’s side door, the male stood next to the door and pointed a black handgun towards her.  He demanded her purse and told her that he would shoot her if she failed to comply.  Victim handed her purse over at which time he slammed her door closed and ran off.  A second unknown male had been standing directly in front of her vehicle acting as a "lookout".  Victim’s loss was several pieces of electronic equipment, cash, credit card and checkbook along with various personal sundries.  The victim sustained no injuries and did not feel she could identify either suspect if she saw them again.  It was later discovered by officers that the victim’s credit card had, in fact, been used at a local gas station shortly after the robbery occurred.  Further investigation is ongoing with the Station Investigative Unit       Report number  110543772


1:53 am    Mission/Bosworth     Traffic Collision
9:06 am    Seneca/Alemany       Traffic Collision
2:15 pm    300 blk Precita          Recovered Stolen Veh
4:20 pm    500 blk Chenery        Recovered Stolen Veh