Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 19, 2011

Incident Date:

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011


10:55 am      50 Phelan                           Warrant Arrest
SFCCPD Officers Chang and Boyko were on foot patrol when they noticed a subject that attracted their attention with his actions. The officers decided to stop and identify the subject. The subject gave the officers an incredible story as to why he was there. The officers conducted a warrant check and discovered that the subject had a $4000 plus warrant and 10 other warrants. The subject was arrested and booked. Report Number 110577191

11:30 am     100 blk Santos                   Dog Attack
Officer Lim spoke to the victim of a dog bite. The Victim told the officer that she walking by this home when the dog (a small breed) ran off the property and bit her on the leg. The ambulance was called and responded to an evaluation. The victim was taken to SF General and the owner of the dog was arrested and then cited for the violation. Report Number 110577282

12:00 pm   500 blk Velasco         Aggravated Assault
Inspector Bailey from the Ingleside S.I.T. team put information that she had developed from one of her cases. The information was announced city wide, and within a short time an officer in the Taraval district stopped the car of the suspect and had him in custody. The suspect was arrested for the threat and the assault. Report Number 110553129

1:50 pm     600 blk Hearst            Burglary
Officers Lim and Chew were sent to investigate a burglary case. The victim told the officer that she got home and once inside she noticed that her home was in disarray. The victim told the officers that she went to her room and was confronted by a suspect. The suspect forced his way past the victim and ran to the front door with the victim in pursuit.

The suspect made it to the street and did not want to attract attention, so he started to walk hurriedly. The victim also got outside and began to yell in an attempt to draw attention and get help.  The victim was heard and one of her neighbors began to chase the suspect soon to be joined by a second!

Both neighbors were able to catch up to the suspect as he was trying to get into a white truck that he had left parked one block away from the house he was burglarizing. The neighbors struggled with the suspect while the victim called 911. Ingleside officers were able to locate the suspect and the two neighbors that during the struggle to subdue the suspect wound up in some bushes.

The officers were able to locate the suspect and both neighbors sitting on him. The suspect was taken into custody, positively identified by the victim and witnesses.  In the truck the officers found all the items the suspect had removed from the victim’s home. The officers also discovered that the truck the suspect was driving was stolen. A burglary suspect is in custody because the Ingleside community worked together and in doing so help the police capture this felon. Report Number 110577884. This is the **** “Best Arrest of the Day”      

Other incidents:

11:00 am      50 Phelan                           Theft /Building
CCSFPD Officer Hakes was told by the victim of a theft that she had left her property in an unsecured locker only to discover her books were missing upon her return.  The officer notified the campus book store in the event the book is returned. Report Number 110577555

1:30pm       500 Blk Moscow St.             Burglary
Officers Pederson and Kneuker were sent to this location regarding a prowler.  The victim explained to officers that he had been within his residence playing video games when he heard the doorbell ring. Two subjects unfamiliar to him were at the front gate so he did not allow entry onto his property. He went back into his residence, however the subjects continued to ring the doorbell for several moments.  He suddenly heard someone trying to gain entry through the locked room door.  Thinking it was a family member, he went to the door and opened it.  Upon opening up the door, he realized that the two strangers from earlier had gained entry into his locked garage and were trying to get in to the house.  The two suspects were shocked to see the victim open the door and fled from the area on foot.

The victim had no idea how entry had been made, explaining to officers that the front gate and garage had both been locked.   He further stated that he would not recognize the suspects if he saw them again.  Further investigation to be conducted by the Station Investigative Unit.  Report Number 110578638

1:38pm       200 Blk Judson St.              Forged Checks
The victim responded to Ingleside Station to report a check fraud.  She explained that she had been contacted by her bank when several unauthorized checks had been cashed against her account.  She believes that the checks had been stolen, but had no potential suspect information.  All follow-up investigation will be conducted by the banks fraud investigative unit.  Report Number 110578490

6:58pm       Athens/Excelsior Ave          Robbery
Officers Padilla and Tam were dispatched to this location regarding a robbery.  They met with the victim upon arrival and were told that he had been approached from behind by two males when walking down Athens street.  The first unknown male ordered him to hand over his money.  The suspect then lifted up his shirt and displayed a handgun.  He pulled out the handgun and placed it firmly against the victim’s temple.  The victim refused to hand over his personal belongings, pushed the gun away from his head and fled from the suspect on foot.

The victim heard the sound of two clicks and felt that the suspect had attempted to fire the weapon.  When he turned around, he could see the suspect attempting to maneuver the gun.  The victim did not want any medical attention and said that no items had been stolen.  A detailed description of both suspects was put out to all patrol units, however they were unsuccessful in locating them in the immediate area.  Report Number 110578951

11:55pm       300 Blk London St              Robbery
Officer Hermosura responded to this location regarding a robbery.  Officers discovered that the victim had been taking a night walk around her neighborhood.  As she got closer to her residence, she realized that she was being followed by two males.  She hurried towards her residence and tried to enter and lock the front gate. One of the suspects reached in towards the victim and tried to grab her bag. He did this while holding the gate open.  The victim then saw what she thought was a weapon in the suspect’s hand.  She was then struck two times on the top of her head and began to scream for help.  At that point, both suspects fled from the area.

The victim did not lose consciousness but an ambulance was called to the scene for further medical evaluation.  Numerous patrol units responded to the area but were unsuccessful in locating the suspects. Further investigation to be conducted.  Report Number 110579006

Vehicle Incidents: 

  5:50 am        300 blk Plymouth                 Stolen Auto
  1:03 pm        100 blk Newton                    Recovered Auto
  2:00 pm        600 blk Hearst                      Recovered Auto