Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 20,2011


Incident Date:
Wednesday, July 20th, 2011


3:09pm    Unit Blk Maynard St              Robbery
Numerous Ingleside Units responded when dispatch put out a broadcast regarding a robbery that had just occurred.  Two young males had robbed a male victim by hitting him in the head and then removing jewelry that he was wearing.  The victim and his wife had just gotten off of the muni bus and were walking towards their residence. The two suspects came up behind them, pulled the male victim down on to the ground and ripped a gold necklace from his neck.  A bracelet on his right wrist was then removed.  Victim’s wife began to yell for help and was slapped across the face and pushed to the ground. Both suspects then fled the area.

A witness reported seeing the suspects get into a vehicle and drive from the area.  Officers spotted the vehicle traveling towards the highway and noted that the two males in the front seat of the vehicle matched the suspect’s description.  A traffic stop was effected and the suspects detained for further investigation.  Both suspects were positively identified by the victims and taken back to Ingleside Station.  Gang Task Force Inspectors were called to assist with the investigation and both suspects were ultimately booked into the County Jail on the Robbery charges.  Excellent teamwork by all!    Report Number 110580815

10:34pm  700 Blk Chenery St      Poss of Stolen Vehicle
Officers Hurwitz and Daggett were patrolling this area in search of two suspects from an earlier heinous crime.  While traveling westbound on Chenery Street they noticed a suspicious vehicle that was stopped in a lane of traffic, blocking oncoming cars. The two passengers were speaking with a large group of males who were standing nearby on the sidewalk.  A computer check of the vehicle’s registration discovered that the license plate displayed had been reported stolen. 

The officers effected a traffic stop on the vehicle and called other units for assistance.  Further investigation discovered that the stolen license plate had been placed on a vehicle that had been stolen from the Burlingame area. Further queries also discovered that the driver had no license and had previously been arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle.  The second suspect was on active parole as well as felony probation out of SF Superior Court.  Both suspects were taken into custody without incident while further investigation was conducted.   Several stolen items, along with narcotics paraphernalia were located and seized for evidence.  Both suspects were booked into the county jail on numerous felony charges. Great investigation, excellent arrest!   Report Number 110581653

Other incidents:          

2:43am    200 Blk Trumbell St             Vandalism
Officers Barajas and Hom responded to this area regarding a broken window to a vehicle.  The victim explained that he had parked his vehicle in front of his house.  Several hours later, he looked outside and saw a male on a bicycle stopped right next to his vehicle.  The male raised an unknown object and struck the driver’s side window, shattering the glass.  Victim ran outside, however the male had already fled the area on his bike.  He had no further suspect information.  Report Number 110582225

5:05am      300 Blk College Ave              Theft
Officer Broderick was asked to respond to this residence regarding multiple thefts of plants in the Bernal Heights area.  The officer met with the reporting party and was told of several thefts of succulent plants from their front yard area.  The neighborhood had been victimized so frequently that a website regarding the thefts had been started. A picture of a possible suspect was placed with the report and further investigation will be conducted.   Report Number 110559149

7:25am      1700 Blk Sunnydale Ave       Vandalism
Officers Morrow and Naval were sent to the residence regarding a broken window.  The victim had been contacted by a neighbor when the neighbor came home and discovered the front window shattered.  The victim referred officers to a possible suspect; however there were no witnesses to the incident.   Report Number 110579664

10:22pm     600 Blk Chenery St             Battery
Officer Gomez responded to a store at this location regarding a fight between the store clerk and a belligerent customer.  The clerk told the officer that two young males had entered the store and became enraged when told what the price of some candy was.  The two males began to swear at the clerk in a threatening manner, finally paying for the items.  While paying the clerk, they pushed a small stack of paper bags on to the floor.  The clerk grabbed the one male and tried to stop him from leaving the store.  A brief scuffle ensued in which two wine bottles were damaged. The police were then called to the store.  Both of the males had fled the store prior to police arrival.  The clerk complained of some pain to his cheek area and chest, but refused medical assistance.  A report regarding the incident was taken by Officer Gomez, no further police action was desired.  Report Number 11081976

11:59pm     3600 Blk Mission St           Vandalism
CPSA Wong and Officer Fung met with the victim at this location regarding a vandalism.  The victim reported to officers that she shared a kitchen area with several tenants in her building.  Earlier in the day she had seen several kitchen appliances that she owned in working condition.  Upon returning to the kitchen, she discovered that her blender, toaster and refrigerator had been damaged and outlet chords cut.  She had no idea which tenant may have done this and stated she was having no problems with anyone.  Report Number 110581136


 7:50am                      500 Blk Delta St                      Stolen Vehicle
 9:00am                      Moultrie/Ogden Ave                Collision 
10:02am                    Alemany/Farragut Ave             Collision
 1:50pm                     Alemany/Seneca Ave              Collision
 7:00pm                     700 Blk Chenery St                  Stolen Vehicle
 9:00pm                     Ocean/San Jose Ave               Collision
 9:27pm                     Dolores/30th St                          Collision
11:00pm                    Geneva/Bannock St                Collision