Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 18, 2011

Incident Date:
Monday, July 18th, 2011


1:52am  900 Blk Persia Ave              Traffic Arrest
Officers Kneuker and Pederson responded to the scene of a traffic collision.  After a brief investigation of the incident, it was determined that the driver at fault had failed to properly stop for a posted stop sign.  He was issued a citation at the scene and a collision investigation was completed.   Report  Number 110576416

3:54pm  Sunnydale/Sawyer St         Firearm Possession
Officers Trail and Peregoy were patrolling in the public housing area of Sunnydale when they responded to a call regarding a person with a gun.  Upon arrival at the location, they immediately noticed a group of familiar subjects that were all in dark clothing and all acting suspiciously.  The suspects had their hooded sweatshirts pulled up over their heads and moved behind parked cars.  As Officers attempted to discreetly surveil the area, one suspect noticed their arrival on scene.  All suspects attempted to run from the officers, ducking in and out of the parked cars.  Officers could also see the subjects throwing objects out of their hands as they fled.  With the assistance of numerous other Ingleside Units, all suspects were ultimately taken into custody and two firearms recovered.  Great Job!  Report Number 110572555

Other incidents:          

8:20am     600 Blk Precita Ave              Burglary
CPSA Solliman and Officer Altamirano responded to this location regarding a burglary.  The victim explained that this was a house currently under construction. The premises had been secured with padlocks behind a chain linked gate.  Upon returning to the site, he discovered the chain link gate cut open and the premises burglarized. The jobsite toolbox had been stolen along with other items from within the residence.  There was no physical evidence found at the scene and no suspect information.   Report  Number 110575402

9:15am     Unit Blk Santos Ave            Burglary
Officer Larocca responded regarding a burglary from this residence.  The victim locked and left her house and upon returning, discovered her laptop computer missing from the bedroom.  There were no signs of forced entry and there was no suspect information.    Report Number  110573967

12:17pm   Unit  Blk Cortland Ave        Vandalism
CPSA Solliman was contacted at the station regarding a vehicle vandalism.  The victim had parked his vehicle at this location and returned to find the rear window smashed.  A note had been left on the windshield with witness information.  An anonymous witness informed the victim that a male suspect, driving a dark sedan, had smashed the vehicle’s window out with a bat.  The suspect got into the dark sedan and fled from the area.  There was no further suspect information.  Report  Number 110574501

9:03am    1000 Blk Cayuga Ave           Burglary
Sgt. Miller responded to a school at this location regarding a burglary.  The school principal reported that over the weekend, illegal entry had been made into the building and forced entry made into two different offices.  Both rooms were vandalized and ransacked, however it is unclear at this time if anything was stolen. There was no suspect information and the school’s alarm system did not appear to activate at the time of the break-in.  Further investigation will be conducted by the Station Investigative Unit.  Report  Number 110573995

10:11am    500 Blk Precita Ave       Suspected Arson
Officers Johnson and Bernard responded to the area regarding a suspicious fire.  They met with the Arson Inspector on scene who informed them that they had responded to a small fire set inside of a garbage can.  A witness on-scene had seen a male from the area smoking a cigarette and acting suspicious.  The male threw the cigarette into the garbage container and fled the area. The Arson Inspector will complete further investigation.  Report Number  110570892

11:00am      Unit Blk Byron Crt.              Theft
The victim came to Ingleside Station to report the theft of a pair of earrings.  She explained to Officer Kabanuk that she shares a house with approximately ten other roommates, including the bathroom area.  She left a pair of earrings in the bathroom and upon returning, discovered they had been removed.  She had no suspect information but wanted to report the theft.  Report  Number 110574517

4:34pm   300 Blk Elliot St                      Battery
Officers Chew and Lim met with the victim regarding a battery incident.  Victim explained that she and her daughter had been outside her residence feeding some pidgeons.  An unknown male approached her and told her to stop feeding the pidgeons.  The male told her that the birds had begun to nest on his roof.  The male pushed victims arm and ultimately slapped her across the face.  The suspect fled the area in an unknown direction.  Victim refused any medical attention and could give no further suspect information.  Report Number 110575173

7:06pm   Unit Blk Blythdale Ave          Battery
Officers Blume and Gonzalez responded to this location regarding a battery.  Victim reported that he had been walking to his residence when confronted in front of his home. A male suspect punched him in the right arm.  Victim had never seen the suspect before and does not know why he was punched.   Report Number  110575690


6:30am                      200 Blk Harold Ave                    Hit and Run Collision
7:30am                      San Jose/Sgt Young Lane       Collision  
9:00am                      Munich/Naylor St                        Stolen Vehicle