Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 13, 2010

Incident Date:
Wednesday, July 13th, 2011


1:49pm       4100 Blk Mission St                        Theft
Officer Sugitan responded to a market at this location regarding a shoplifter that had been detained.  Upon arrival the officer was informed that a male had been seen placing several bags of frozen shrimp into a plastic bag he’d brought in to the store.  The male then exited past the cashier without paying and was detained by employees outside of the store.  The food items were returned to the store manager, who chose to then handle the matter internally.  No further police action was desired.   Report Number 110558549  

2:40pm        3300 Blk Mission St              Theft
Officer Sugitan responded on another call regarding a shoplifter that had been detained at a store at this location.  An employee recognized a male subject that entered the store. The male had a prior history of stealing items from the store.  As the employee continued to watch the suspect, he observed the male grab several jars of coffee and secrete them within his jacket. The male continued on to another aisle and placed several boxes of licorice into his jacket.  He then exited the store without paying for any of the items.  Store security had been alerted and detained the suspect without incident.  The stolen items were recovered and the suspect issued a citation regarding the theft.  Report Number 110561605

6:18pm     Unit Blk Brookdale Ave         Trespassing
Officers Dudley and Antonian responded to this location regarding a possible burglary in progress.  The victim had been contacted by a neighbor when the neighbor noticed strangers entering the apartment.  When the officers arrived on scene they saw a male peering from an upstairs bedroom window.  They detained two males that immediately tried to exit from the premises.  As officers walked into the apartment, they found the unit in disarray.  No items from the residence were located in their possession and officers could not determine whether a burglary had taken place. Both suspects insisted that they had entered the premises only to smoke marijuana.  Narcotics were found in their possession.  Both suspects were issued citations for trespassing as well as the drug violation. 
Report Number 110562283

10:00pm    Unit Blk Blythdale Ave           Robbery
Earlier in the shift, Ingleside Units had been advised regarding a pending robbery investigation being conducted by the Gang Task Force.  A suspect had been identified and was now wanted for questioning.  Numerous patrol units scoured the area until Officers Obot and Johnson successfully spotted the suspect seated within a parked vehicle.  As soon as backup arrived on scene, the suspect was taken into custody without incident and ultimately booked into jail on the robbery charges. Excellent teamwork, great arrest!   Report Number 110560970

Other incidents:          

12:42 am     300 Blk Delano Ave                 Threats
Officer Hom responded to this location regarding harassing phone calls being made to his residence.  Hom was informed by the victim that an ex-roommate was making the phone calls.  The victim explained that the roommate had moved out under volatile circumstances and was now having emotional issues.  He had moved out of state and was taking a variety of medications while undergoing treatment. The suspect began making bogus 911 calls and then moved on to threatening calls.  He was concerned about the erratic behavior and wanted the situation documented.  Follow-up investigation was unsuccessful in locating an exact location of the involved suspect.    Report Number 110563059

7:30am     200 Blk Valley St            Theft from a Vehicle
Victim reported that his father had locked and left his vehicle at this location.  He returned to find that an unknown suspect had entered the car and stolen his cell phone, set of keys as well as two SF Giants Jerseys.   Report Number 116088015

8:50am     Unit Blk Elk St                             Robbery
Officer Najarro responded to his location regarding a robbery.  The victim was located and told the officer that a male had attempted to rob her while she was waiting for a friend.  The male approached her and acted as if he had a gun, demanding that she give him her IPad.  The victim did not see a gun and ran from the area. She gave officers a suspect description but they were unsuccessful in locating him in the immediate area. The victim sustained no injuries and no items were turned over to the suspect.  Report Number 110560588

12:20pm       3100 Blk Mission St                    Theft
Officers Giannini and CPSA Busalacchi responded to this location regarding a theft.  The victim explained to officers that the known male suspect had returned a purchase that he made on-line.  As the suspect was exiting the store, he picked up a brand new set of pliers and fled from the store.  The victim wishes to press charges and will be able to positively identify the suspect if he saw him again.   Report Number 110561019

2:15pm    3300 Blk Mission St                  Theft
Officer Sugitan responded to a store at this location regarding a theft. An employee had heard loud noises coming from one of the aisle areas.  When checking the area, she saw an unknown male stuffing a large number of deodorants into his pockets.  The male then ran from the building, fleeing northbound up Mission Street.  There was no further suspect description and officers conducted an unsuccessful search of the area.   Report Number 110561376

3:42pm      Unit Blk Richland Ave             Vandalism
CPSA Wong and Officer Fung responded to this location regarding a vandalism.  They met with the owner of the residence and were informed that one of his trees had been illegally cut.  Victim said that he left the residence at noon and upon his return, found large tree branches in his driveway.  The victim said that nobody had permission to cut any trees on his property and feels that a neighbor may have been the culprit.  Ingleside Station Investigative Unit will be conducting further investigation regarding the matter.  Report Number 110561677

3:45pm    Unit Blk Tucker Ave                    Theft
The victim came to the station to report that his vehicle had been broken into.  PSA Flynn was told that the vehicle had been parked and secured in front of her residence.  Upon returning to the car she found the driver’s side door open and a radio missing.  She had no suspect information and did not bring the car in for fingerprinting.      Report Number 110561699

5:30pm     Geneva/Santos St                  Threats
Victim came to the station to report that an unknown male had threatened her at this location.  As the victim exited a store, a male approached her and made an inappropriate sexual comment.  When the victim began to walk away, the suspect made verbal threats while continuing to follow behind her.  Victim frequents the area and fears for her safety.  She had no further suspect information.  Report Number 110582017

5:50pm     600 Blk Brunswick St              Burglary
Officer Fung and CPSA Wong responded to this location regarding a burglary.  They met with the building manager on arrival and were shown to a back office area. The manager explained that earlier that day the building had been secured and all employees left.  When he returned, he discovered a rear window unlocked and entry had been made into the officer.  Unsuccessful entry into the filing cabinets had been attempted by an unknown suspect.  The manager had no suspect information but CSI was called to the scene in an effort to obtain latent fingerprints.  Further investigation to be conducted by the Station Investigation Team.    Report Number 110562095

6:30pm    Unit Blk Melrose Ave                 Theft
Victim came to the station to report that her vehicle had been broken in to.  She locked and left her vehicle at this location and when she returned, she realized that several items were missing.  She was unsure how entry had been made, but noted that the seat had been pulled forward by unknown suspect.  Several tools as well as misc paperwork had been removed from the glove compartment.  There was no suspect information and a fingerprint check of the vehicle was unsuccessful.  Report Number 110562170

11:00pm     100 Blk Foote Ave                   Theft
Victim reported that her secured vehicle had been broken into.  Entry had been made into the vehicle and stereo removed from the dash.  There was no suspect information.   Report Number 116088021                


10:00am                  100 Blk Judson St            Recovered Stolen Vehicle
  5:04pm                  1200 Blk Russia Ave        Stolen Vehicle
  5:26pm                  1300 Goettingen St.         Recovered Stolen Vehicle
  5:46pm                  700 Blk San Jose Ave      Recovered Stolen Vehicle
10:00pm                  500 Blk Paul Ave              Recovered License Plate