Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 12, 2011

Incident Date:
Tuesday, July 12th, 2011


9:30am      Thor Ave/Chenery                Robbery
Officer Shawn Phillips assisted the Station Investigative Unit by putting together a photo-lineup of a potential robbery suspect.  Phillips was aware of two separate robberies in the general area where a known suspect had been identified.  The victim positively identified the suspect and he was ultimately booked into JJC. Excellent follow-up investigation!    Report Number 110490800   ***BEST ARREST OF THE DAY!!!***

Other incidents:          

6:58am     Unit Blk Addison St             Misc Investigation
Officer Morgante responded to a location regarding a potential violation of a stay-away order.  The officer met with the resident upon arrival and was informed that a female suspect had entered his residence illegally.  The victim reported that he had obtained a restraining order against his son’s former girlfriend, however he had not yet been able to serve her.  Upon returning to his residence, he found the suspect asleep on his couch.  The suspect was ultimately given verbal notice by the officer of the stay-away order and removed from the residence.   Report Number 110557610

10:55am    400 Block Huron Ave      Theft from a Vehicle
Victim walked into the station to report a theft from her vehicle.  She told the officer that she had locked and left her vehicle at this location.  Upon returning to the vehicle, she discovered that her driver’s side window had been shattered and several items removed from the car.  She had no suspect information.  Report Number 110545176

11:00am     500 Leland Ave               Dog Bite
Victim came to the station to file a report regarding a dog bite. She reported to Officer Lee that her son had brought home a pit-bull that belonged to one of his friends.  The friend had gone out of town and her son agreed to take care of the dog temporarily.  Victim told her son to take the dog out of the house, but he refused.  Several hours later her son left the residence, but left the dog within the house.  The victim went into the backyard area and was attacked by the dog. Victim did not seek any medical attention, but did photograph her injuries.  Animal Care and Control Officers were notified of this incident.  Report Number 110555727

1:50am       Unit Blk Alberta St     Theft from a Vehicle
 Victim came to Ingleside Station to make a report with Officer Lee. He told the officer that he had left his vehicle locked and parked in front of his residence.  He felt that the driver’s side window might have been left partially open.  Upon returning to the vehicle the next morning he discovered that the door had been forced open and the front seat slashed.  The unknown suspect had also damaged the dashboard by attempting to forcibly remove a DVD player.  The suspect was unable to remove the DVD player, but damaged it beyond recovery. A wallet that had been within the center console was stolen along with miscellaneous paperwork.  The victim declined to allow officers access to the vehicle in order to pull latent fingerprints.  There was no further suspect information. Report Number 110558163

4:30pm    300 Blk Alemany Blvd                Att. Burglary
Officer Altamirano and CPSA Soliman responded to this location regarding an attempted burglary. The victim told officers that he locked and left his apartment.  Upon returning to his apartment, he found his front door kicked in and damaged.  The deadbolt had been heavily damaged and the front door could no longer be closed. Victim further informed officers that this was the fifth time somebody had attempted to break into his apartment. The victim had no suspect information.  Officers gave the victim security information along with a referral card for the SF SAFE Project.   Report Number 110558997

4:45pm     1400 Blk Sunnydale Ave             Theft
Officers Tillan and Ng were flagged down at this location.  He wanted to report that his IPhone had been stolen.  Victim reported that he had been within his work building when approached by a homeless male.  He gave the suspect a sandwich and left him alone for several moments.  Upon returning, he noticed the male stuffing something into his pocket and quickly exiting the building.  The victim immediately realized that his IPhone had been stolen.  He gave officers a description of the suspect, but officers were unsuccessful in locating him in the area.   Report Number 110559020

7:21pm    100 Blk Blythdale Ave    Discharging a Firearm
Ingleside Units responded to the area when several gunshots were reported to be heard.  Upon arrival, Officer Peregoy located a vehicle that had what appeared to be fresh damage from bullet holes.  No suspects were seen fleeing the area as several other patrol units arrived.  Bullet casings were discovered on the ground near the damaged vehicle.  The casings were collected and photographs taken at the scene, all of which were booked into evidence.  A search for potential suspects in the immediate area were unsuccessful.  Report Number 110559337  


 8:30am                    50 Phelan Ave                Hit & Run Collision
 8:30am                    Lowell/Hanover St.         Stolen Vehicle
12:20pm                   Paul/San Bruno Ave      Hit & Run Collision
10:18pm                   400 Blk Holladay Ave    Recovered Stolen Vehicle