Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 11, 2011

Incident Date:
Monday, July 11th, 2011


1:02pm        900 Blk Mission St                Robbery
Ingleside Patrol cars responded to the area regarding a possible gang fight and detained several males.  Officers Lim and Chew met with two victims upon arrival on scene.  One victim was bleeding profusely from the head and an ambulance was immediately called to render aid.  The two brothers told officers that they were walking down Mission Street and realized that two males were suddenly very close behind them.  They moved to the side to let the males pass them. Instead, one of the suspects walked up to the first victim and asked him what gang he "claimed".  The victim told him that he did not "claim" anyone. They were then told to remove any items within their pockets and hand them over. Victim realized he was about to be robbed and tried to push the suspect away and flee.  Both victims were then attacked by the two suspects. Suspect #1 used a padlock to hit V#1 in the head and neck area.  Suspects stopped fighting after the victims had sustained several blows and began walking away from the area.  One of the involved suspects had been detained by officers and  was taken into custody. He was booked in at YGC.  V#1 was transported to the hospital for further medical attention.  SFPD Gang Task Force was called in to conduct follow-up investigation.    Report Number 110555993

3:27pm    Unit Blk Brookdale Ave         Narcotics Sales
Officers Hurwitz, Daggett, Tam and Padilla made contact with a subject that they knew to be on active Parole.  The female was seen standing next to a parked vehicle at that location and officers began to speak with her.  Upon conducting a search of the subject, a large amount of narcotics was found secreted within her clothing.  Officers took the subject into custody and continued their investigation.  A search of the subject’s residence was ultimately conducted and more narcotics were located, along with paraphernalia pertaining to the sales and purchase of narcotics. The suspect, along with her roommate and co-conspirator, were booked in at the County Jail!   Report Number 110556606  ***BEST ARREST OF THE DAY!!!***

Other incidents:          

11:00am   300 Blk Crescent Ave   Harassing Phone Calls
Victim came to the station to report that a male suspect was sending her inappropriate sexual text messages.  She told suspect to stop sending her text messages and then began receiving threatening messages on her voice mail.  She could tell that the voice on the phone was the suspect and felt extremely uncomfortable. She wanted the incident documented with the police.   Report Number 110555664

1:00pm         300 Block O’Farrell               Fraud
Victim resides in the Ingleside and came to the station to report the fraudulent use of a credit card.  The victim told Officer Thompson that one of his credit card numbers had been fraudulently obtained and used at a local hotel. A large room service bill had also been placed on the credit card. There was no suspect information.  Report Number 110545176

1:10pm         400 Blk Raymond St              Burglary
Officer Fung and CPSA Wong responded to the report of a non-residential burglary at that location.  An unknown suspect had smashed out a window in order to gain entry into the building and had fled with a substantial amount of cash. The crime scene unit was called to the scene for further investigation. There is no suspect information at this time.  Report Number 110556054

1:25pm       Hahn/Sunnydale                  Vandalism
Officers Hopkins and Uang were flagged down by a victim who wanted to report a vandalism to her vehicle.  Victim had three separate vehicles locked and secured within the parking lot of his complex.  Upon returning to the vehicles he discovered that the tires to all three vehicles had been punctured.  He had no suspect information.  Report Number 110556098

4:25pm       Unit Blk Chilton St              Burglary
Officer Fung and CPSA Wong responded to this location regarding a residential burglary.  Victim reported that she had secured the front door to her residence that morning and gone to work. Upon returning to the house, she discovered several items missing and items rummaged through. Victim said that another door to the residence may have been left open.  There was no suspect information.   Report Number 110556612

4:30pm        50 Phelan Avenue                       Theft
SF City College Police took a theft report.  A male student came in to report the theft of a backpack from the men’s locker room. Several stolen items were recovered in a nearby locker, however all the cash within the backpack had been removed. The victim had no suspect information.  Report Number 110540358

10:36pm     Geneva/Moscow St                     Robbery
Officer  Lundy and Dilag responded to this location regarding a robbery in progress.  The victims reported that they had been within the park when approached by two males.  The males asked them what they were doing and then went on to ask them what they had in their possession.  One victim fled from the area when one suspect pulled out a knife.  While pointing the knife at the remaining victim, suspect reached into victim’s coat pocket and removed a cellular phone.  Both suspects than ran from the area.  The second victim felt that he could identify the suspects if he sees them again.  Several patrol units who had responded to the scene were unsuccessful in locating the suspects involved.   Report Number 110557278  


  8:00am                     500 Naples St                 Stolen License Plate Tabs
11:50am                     Unit Blk Mullins St.         Recovered Stolen Veh
11:50pm                     San Jose/Randall St     Hit & Run Collision