Friday, July 15, 2011

July 14, 2011

Incident Date:
Thursday, July 14th, 2011


2:41pm   Bayshore/Lois Lane            Public Intoxication
Officers Tillan and Ng were assigned to the Visitacion Valley Neighborhood Patrol.  As they were traveling on Bayshore Boulevard, they noticed a male that was staggering in the roadway.  Upon making contact with the subject they quickly determined that he had been drinking and was no longer able to care for himself.  He was detained for public intoxication and ultimately transported to SFGH for further medical evaluation.  Report Number 110564706  

4:57pm    500 Raymond St                  Dog Bite
Officers Sugitan and Sullivan responded regarding a dog bite.  The victim was being treated by Paramedics upon their arrival and told the officers that she had been bitten by a leashed dog when walking her dog down the sidewalk.  The dog that bit her had been leashed appropriately and was current with all shots.  The dog owner was cited at the scene and the matter referred to Animal Care and Control for further investigation.  Report Number 110565027

11:31pm   50 Phelan Ave                    False Tabs 
CCSF Officer Burlyga was on campus patrol when he spotted a vehicle displaying the wrong registration tab on the rear license plate.  The driver was detained and admitted to the officer that she had used her mother’s tab and had placed it illegally on her vehicle’s license plate. Her vehicle’s registration had expired.  The officer also discovered that the driver’s license was suspended.  The driver was given a citation and court date for both offenses and released from the scene.  Report Number 110562766

Other incidents:          

6:00 am    200 Blk Bemis St              Vandalism
The victim reported to dispatch that she locked and left her vehicle at this location.  Upon returning to the vehicle, she discovered that the antenna had been broken and the front windshield damaged by an unknown object.  There was no suspect information.   Report Number 116088247

7:00am     400 Blk 28th St                 Theft from Vehicle
The victim reported to dispatch that she locked and left her vehicle at this location.  Upon returning to the car, she discovered that her passenger-side rear window had been smashed.  A bag full of exercise clothing and backpack were stolen from within the vehicle.  She had no suspect information.    Report Number 116088269

9:56am     Unit Blk Raymond Ave       Burglary
CPSA Busalacchi and Officer Giannini responded to a Community Center at that location regarding a burglary.  Officers met with one of the employees who told them that she had been the last person to lock and leave the building.  Upon entering that day, she found the front door locked but a foyer door partially open.  She then heard footsteps running upstairs above her and then heard a rear door slam.  She went up the stairs and discovered that two rooms had been ransacked and graffiti left on the walls.  Nothing appeared to have been stolen or damaged and she had no suspect information.  Officers searched the immediate area but were unsuccessful in locating potential suspects.  Evidence was collected and booked in at the station.    Report Number 110563617

11:07am     50 Phelan Ave                        Theft
An Art Instructor from CCSF reported to Officer Hakes that a theft from an art display had occurred.  A glass art display directly across from her art room had been forced open and one of the student’s contour drawings removed.  There was no suspect information.  Report Number 110560964

2:45pm      400 Blk Raymond Ave             Burglary
Officer Ocreto was contacted by school administrators regarding an office that had been burglarized.  The Officer responded to that location and met with the reporting party.  He was told that the building in which an afterschool program is run had been broken into and ransacked.  Several desks had been rummaged through, windows broken and several company items stolen. He discovered that a laptop computer, digital camera, waterproof camera as well as misc. cash had been taken.  No one had permission to remove any of the items and he had no suspect information.  CSI was asked to respond and attempt to collect usable physical evidence.  Further investigation will be conducted.   Report Number 110560475

3:00pm        50 Phelan Ave                       Theft
The victim came to Ingleside Station to report a stolen wallet.  Officer Coles was informed that he had left his wallet within a classroom and had, briefly, gone to another location.  Upon returning to the classroom, he discovered that the wallet was missing.  His wallet contained various forms of ID along with credit cards. There was no suspect information.   Report Number 110564363

3:53pm   600 Blk Campbell St        Burglary Attempt
Officers Sullivan and Sugitan responded to the residence regarding a burglar alarm activation.  Upon responding to the residence they found the front door wide open with an outer security gate still closed. Additional units responded to the scene but no suspects were located within the residence.  Officers did discover a living room window that had been forced open.  The owner of the residence responded but there was no suspect information nor possible evidence left at the scene. It appeared that the suspect fled the area upon activation of the alarm.  Report Number 110564643

4:00pm    Mission/Geneva Ave            Pickpocket
The victim came to the station to report that his wallet had been stolen while riding a Muni bus.  He explained to PSA Flynn that he had gotten on to the bus earlier that day and stood towards the rear.  The bus was extremely crowded and two males bumped into him several times.  He thought nothing of their actions until exiting the bus and realizing that his wallet was missing.  The victim did not have good suspect descriptions nor could he recognize them if he saw them again.   Report Number 110564621

11:00pm    700 Blk Foerster St             Burglary
The victim contacted dispatch to report that her vehicle had been broken into.  She had locked and left her vehicle at this location and upon her return, discovered several items had been stolen.  A TV/DVD had been removed from the front seat and a GPS taken from within the glove compartment.  She did not know how entry had been made and had no suspect information.    Report Number 116088253


3:00pm                      Pioche/Oxford St.            Stolen Vehicle
3:08pm                     700 London St.                Recovered  Stolen Vehicle