Wednesday, July 6, 2011

7/3/11 & 7/4/11

Incident Date:
July 3rd & 4th, 2011

Arrests: 7/3/11

12:00 pm  300 blk Hearst            Theft/Person
Officer Frisk was sent to investigate a possible robbery case. The officer responded to the area, as other officers responded. Officers Smethurst and Abucay were in the area and were talking to a subject. Ingleside units located the victim and officer Frisk responded and interviewed her. The victim told the officer that a known suspect came to her house and they were involved in a verbal disagreement over the victims’ cell phone. The suspect told the victim that she spent too much time on the phone and ignored everyone. The victim put the phone in her pocket and the suspect reached in and took it. The suspect ran away from the victim and ran into Officers Smethurst and Abucay. The suspect was located and taken into custody. Report number 110534395

4:19 pm    Geneva/Athens          Warrant Arrest
A $5000 misdemeanor theft warrant was served by officers Lim and Chew by arresting the suspect.

4:54 pm     3300 blk Mission        Theft
Officer Guzman was sent to investigate a theft from a merchant. The victim told rte officer that he observed the suspect walk into the store and go to the isle where they sold canned goods and start putting cans in his pocket. The victim followed the suspect that walked past all the registers and made no attempt to pay. The suspect was detained and the police called. Since the suspect had prior theft convictions, he was charged with a felony. Report number 110535014

Other incidents:          

3:30 pm     100 blk Britton            Burglary
Officers Apodaca and Gabriel were sent to investigate a burglary incident. The victim told the officers that he left his home in the morning for work, only to discover that the rear door of the home was damaged and the inside ransacked. The victim told the officers that there was electronics and jewelry taken. Even though the home was burglarized, the officers did not find any physical evidence so they did not contact CSI. Report number 110534884

11:22 pm 300 blk Silver              Theft from Auto
Officer Pedersen prepared a report regarding an attempted theft from auto. The victim told the officer that an unknown suspect shattered the front passenger window. There were no items removed from the vehicle and there were no finger prints left at the scene. Report number 1105353729


  1:44 pm       Naples/Avalon                      Traffic Accident
   9:30 pm        Brunswick/Allison                Traffic Accident

Arrests: 7/4/11

11:25 am   100 blk Highland            Aggravated Assault
Officers Thompson and Altamirano were sent to investigate a person with a knife. The officers located the victim and were told that the incident started when the victim was hammering a nail on the wall. The suspect, that lives next door came out angry and began yelling at the victim. The suspect went back inside; and came out with a knife.  The suspect then fled the area. The officers searched the area but did not locate the suspect. The officers started to make their way back to the station when they were notified by dispatch that the suspect was back. The officers responded to arrest the suspect and when they saw the suspect, the suspect also saw them. The suspect began to run away from the officers while the officers ordered the suspect to stop. The suspect was finally chased down and taken into custody and arrested. The suspect was found to have drugs in her possession. The suspect was ultimately booked at the station for the assault and possession. No one was injured in this incident. Report number 110536589. This is the "Best Arrest of the Day"

5:06 pm     Bayshore/Arleta         Recovered Stolen Auto
Officers Hurwitz and Daggett were patrolling when they saw a subject running across the street looking back. The officers believed that a robbery had just occurred gave chase to the subject. Once the officer caught up to the suspect the suspect realized it was the police and began to run away again. The officers had to chase the suspect over fences and into a garage. The suspect had disappeared! The suspects’ brother came out and spoke to the officers and told them that his brother hung out at the corner with the guy in the red car. The officers went to speak to the "guy" in the red car. The officers spoke to the subject and were told the car he was working on was his. Sgt Heidohrn conducted a computer check and discovered that the car was reported stolen. the suspect was arrested and the owner of the car contacted. The officers received information from the originals suspect family that he had returned home and they wanted him out. When the officers arrived the suspects brother had him pinned on the ground waiting for the officers to arrive and take him into custody. Everyone was taken into custody and booked. Report number 110537305

Other incidents:        

2:53 am     Unit blk Blythdale                Fire Report
Officers Polovina and Pedersen were sent to assist the SFFD with a fire. The officers learned that the fire was in a vacant unit and that it was considered an arson. No one was injured. Report number 110535973

3:00 am     Crescent/Folsom                 Robbery
Sgt Jusino was sent to investigate a robbery case. The victim said that he observed three suspects that looked suspicious. The victim told the officer that because of the time (3:00am) he was nervous. The victim decided to cross the street. The suspects crossed the street! Then the victim saw the suspects running towards him so he began to run in an attempt to get away from them. The suspects caught up with the victim and knocked him to the ground at knife point. The suspects took the victims property while beating him. The victim was transported to SF General Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The suspects were not located. Report number 110536006

8:30 pm     200 blk Schwerin                 Vandalism        
Officers Polovina and Pedersen were sent to investigate a shots fired call. the victim took the officers to his car where he showed them two dents. The victim told the officers that as they were driving they heard two shots and then it was followed by a bang on the car. The officers inspected the dents and determined that it was not a bullet that struck the car. The officers took a report for vandalism.  Report number 110853265

10:50 pm 500 blk Campbell                Vandalism        
Officers Pedersen and Polovina were sent to investigate a vandalism call. the victim told the officers that a person that was lighting fireworks in the street and that one of them ricocheted and hit her window and broke it. Report number110537775                              


  6:45 pm       Bocana/Cortland                              Traffic Accident
 10:29 pm       San Bruno/Harkness                      Traffic Accident